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12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 - Slaughterhead - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Dec 3, 2009 in 12 days of Indie Holiday Shopping, Accessories, Contests, Stuff for Guys | 162 comments

12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – Slaughterhead



Slaughterhead is today’s 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping featured shop. Slaughterhead makes fun & functional wallets and pouches for both guys and girls from animal-friendly vinyl lined with re-purposed fabrics. I must confess that I own a Super Jumbo Slaughterhead Wallet and it is one of most prized possessions…it’s both visually appealing and very practical, which is just perfect for me.

Whether are you are gift buying for girls, guys or both, a Slaughterhead wallet or pouch would make a great gift choice. Besides the super jumbo, there’s the regular jumbo,  the 5 or 7 pocket bifold wallets (a great choice for guys) & the whatnot pouches (perfectly sized for  a clutch) to choose from.

Which one is perfect for you or for your giftees?  Leave a comment below for your chance to win a winner’s choice wallet or pouch up to $72.

To win: Leave a comment below with your favorites for yourself or your gift recipients from Slaughterhead. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry, i.e. if you find 3 favorites, then leave 3 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning

I will choose one random commenter to win a a winner’s choice wallet or pouch up to $72. This contest ends December 4th at 11:59 pm EST.

The entry period for this contest has ended, please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.  



  1. I love the biofold

  2. Red Sportstripe Jumbo might fit in my handbag perfectly.

  3. Orange Plaid is very cheerful.

  4. I love the brown windows 7 pocket bi-fold. I think I could finally convince my fiance to switch wallets if I gave him that!

  5. I also love the orange plaid whatnot pouch! so cute

  6. The charcoal plaid super jumbo.

  7. and the rounded top on the charcoal plaid jumbo is a nice detail.

  8. I like the Tan Trees Medium Whatnot pouch.

  9. I like Textured Vertical Blind Super wallet.

  10. Holy cow! The Textured Vertical Blind Super wallet is absolutely amazing!!

  11. The Charcoal Terrain 5 bifold wallet would be perfect for my husband. He needs something stylish that can stand a littler wear and tear.

  12. Lastly, I adore the Turquoise Windows Medium whatnot pouch. I’d put my knitting needles and findings in there so it’s all in one place when I knit on my morning commute. Great vendor!!

  13. i love the red mini blind super

  14. Textured Vertical Blind Super would be a great way for me to finally get my purse organized.

  15. the orange plaid small is perfect for my sister in law!

  16. it is so hard to pick a favorite! the Turquoise Windows Super is also adorable.

  17. finally, the brown freeway 5 is great for my husband.

  18. I really love the red miniblind super wallet. 2 of my favorite colors.. red and orange!

  19. Love the Orange Plaid 7!

  20. Also love Red Battle 7! oops the orange plaid isn’t #7

  21. I love the turquoise windows jumbo. Really eye-catching!

  22. I also really like the bi-fold wallet with the grey stripes – my daughter would go for that.

  23. Red Loop and Navy Intesection 5 are two others I like. Thanks for intoducing us to Slaughterhead!

  24. I love the Brown Piecemeal super!

  25. The Charcoal Plaid Jumbo is so cute too.

  26. I like the whatnot pouches and the purple reverse loop is the pattern that calls me.

  27. The Turquoise Windows Super uses such pretty colors and is useful too!

  28. I really like the tan trees billfold :) Its like having a bit of nature in your pocket

  29. And of course the small tan trees pouch, can’t leave that one out

  30. Loving the tan trees wallet, very cute :)

  31. the textured vertical blind super is my overall favourite, lots of pockets to keep all my things :)

  32. I also like the orange plaid small pouch, thats just cute

  33. I love the turquoise windows wallet. that is really pretty.
    Anna S. (that is probably what I would choose for myself, anyway.)

  34. The red loop pouch is very cute too. I would use that as a small clutch since I wear a lot of red.
    Anna S.

  35. i LOVE the charcoal plaid super!!!

  36. and the charcoal plaid jumbo!

  37. and the tan trees small would definitely be a lifesaver in my gigantic purse…

  38. Holy had me at hello… Love the super in purple waves.

  39. The orange plaid whatnot is cute.

  40. I loooove the brown windows 7 pocket bifold, and I’m sure my husband would, too. 😀

  41. And I’m pretty sure my purse needs a turqouise windows super jumbo wallet inside it…

  42. I love the brown freeway five pocket bifold, and I think it’d be perfect for my dad, who is nearly impossible to shop for.

  43. The turquoise windows medium whatnot bag is lovely and I think my sister in law would like it a lot!

  44. And I have a dear friend who would simply adore the Purple Waves super jumbo wallet. She adores purple!

  45. ooh I would get the charcoal plaid super for my dad. very stylish and functional.

  46. I like the modern stripes on the Red Mini Blind Super jumbo wallet… I’d have a hard time giving it away… 😀

  47. for my self I would get the red battle wallet

  48. The Red Battle 7 pocket bifold is one I wouldn’t have to convince my little brother to use!

  49. brown windows medium whatnot pouch is too cute!

  50. the red mini blind super wallet is a lovely shade of red- my fav :)

  51. love the purple waves super wallet. it might actually fit all my stuff!

  52. I love the tan trees! I’m a nature girl, so it’s just perfect!

  53. I also love the red swirl medium. Everyone needs a little flash of red!

  54. Purple Waves Super please!

  55. Turquoise Windows Super is also lovely!

  56. I love the color scheme of the Brown Piecemeal Super as well.

  57. I love the textured verticle blinds one. These are so cute.

  58. *i meant vertical.

    I also love the brown windows 7 wallet.

  59. Tan Trees small whatnot pouch…love it.

  60. The brown freeway wallet would be perfect for my boyfriend.

  61. I also really like the red battle 7.

  62. I would love to use the “Charcoal Plaid Super” as a clutch!

  63. I love the wallet with the window cutouts…it reminds me of a city building!

  64. very cute love love love purple wave!!

  65. Also Charcoal Plaid!!

  66. Navy trees would make a great gift for my friend!!

  67. Brown Windows Medium Whatnot pouch would be perfect for my mom this year.

  68. The Charcoal Terrain Bifold wallet is going to my husband this year.

  69. The Red Mini Blind Super Wallet is MINE!

  70. I like the Purple Waves Supper!

  71. I love the Brown Freeway 5! It’s compact and fun!

  72. The purple reverse loop whatnot pouch is too cute.

  73. Also love the Charcoal Terrain bifold wallet.

  74. Loving orange and brown – my fav is the brown piecemeal large wallet.

  75. I love the Turquoise Windows Super $72.

  76. i’m loving the charcoal plaid jumbo wallet & i’d love to buy the brown freeway for my beau!

  77. The purple Super Waves would match my purse and it would be so useful.

  78. The Red Sportstripe is co calssic. I’d love to win this.

  79. Brown Windows Medium Pouch…great for my ipod gear…

  80. Purple Waves Super Large Wallet…love purple it is one of my favorite colors…

  81. Turquoise Windows Medium Pouch…a beautiful combination of colors on this one…

  82. Since I loved them all, my second choice would be the Red Sportstripe Jumbo Wallet!

  83. I like the Textured Vertical Blind Super.

  84. I also like the Charcoal Plaid Jumbo.

  85. I further like the Charcoal Plaid Super.

  86. I think my daughter would love the orange plaid! Its bright and cheerful like her!

  87. i love the one with a circle…..love it.

  88. These are gorgeous! I love the Charcoal Plaid Super

  89. The Brown Freeway 5 would be perfect for my hubby!

  90. Found another!! I could really use the Purple Reverse Loop Medium. love the colour and functionality

  91. love love love the purple!!!

  92. and the one with trees for my granola-daughter :)

  93. So, I think I would like to hold a Tan Trees’ Whatnot Pouch. That would be sweet! =D

  94. waaah! this is my favorite you’ve posted so far. I’ll probably get the Navy Intersection bifold for my bf since he lost his last wallet.

  95. I love love LOVE all the textured blinds ones!! They’re all going on my christmas list.

  96. For me the Brown Windows Medium- These are all gorgeous!

  97. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the charcoal plain jumbo wallet! That’s beautiful!

  98. For my daughter the Red Loop Medium would be a perfect fit! Great Designs.

  99. the tan trees small whatnot pouch is by FAR my favorite though, i’m such a tree-hugger so it’s fitting.

  100. I can never choose just one!

  101. The Tan Trees Medium pouch is awesome! so cute and represents nature and is very useful for traveling.

  102. The Textured Vertical Blind Super wallet has such a unique and earthy look to it!

  103. Red is a great color and so is the Red Battle 7 wallet! especially for those of us with many credit cards ;o)

  104. Hi,

    Thanks for introducing me to Slauterhead designs. I would love to be the happy winner of a “Purple Waves Super” wallet. Fingers crossed:)! Thanks

  105. Crossing fingers to win “Brown Piecemeal Super”! Thanks for introducing us to Slaughterhead designs. Cheers; Hajni

  106. Hi,

    Please, please I wwould love a ” Red Mini Blind Super” wallet. Thanks!

  107. I love the use of vintage sheets inside! The charcoal plaid super is probably my favorite with the circus sheets inside :)

  108. Next in line is the small red loop whatnot. That would be perfect for my ID and other cards.

  109. And, thirdly, I like the orange plaid medium whatnot. Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. Oh I can’t resist another… the navy intersection 5 pocket bifold wallet. I especially love the inside :)

  111. oh…the charcoal jumbo wallet is awesome.

  112. my bag desperately needs a whatnot pouch. desperately!

  113. hmmmm….and the bright red wallets a sweet.

  114. the brown freeway bifold wallet would be perfect for my husband. it’s simple yet interesting!

  115. I love the jumbo wallets for myself, especially the turquoise window super. it’s beautiful and would really keep my stuff organized.

  116. My sister would love the red loop medium whatnot pouch. Great design!

  117. Small, tan fold-over with embrodiery on the front. Love that

  118. I really like the Red Loop Medium What not

  119. I really like the Purple Reverse Loop Medium What Not as well:) Thanks for the great giveaway

  120. I really like the Purple Waves Super wallet.

  121. the Textured Vertical Blind Super is a really cute wallet

  122. The Red Sportstripe Jumbo wallet would be a lovely Christmas gift for myself or my sister!

  123. The trees billfold is cute – love it

  124. I like the Red Sportstripe Jumbo wallet

  125. Turquoise Windows Super!!! lovely

  126. Uh-oh can’t decide. I also love the Red Mini Blind Super.

  127. My daughter has been carrying her milk money to school in a “wallet” she made out of a cereal box. She would *love* the Purple Reverse Loop Small wallet.

  128. The bigger the better like the Red Mini Blind Super that would go great with my purse.

  129. Purple seems to be the choice of many and I loved the Purple Waves Super.

  130. The Brown Piecemeal Super makes me think of some of the clothes my mother wore in the late sixties. So it would make a nice Christmas gift.

  131. I would like Charcoal Plaid Jumbo for the winter months. Looks nice.

  132. Fixtured Vertical Blind Super to give to my friend – a nice Christmas gift.

  133. The Red Sportstripe Jumbo with the round corner flap, for the Aries in me.

  134. I would take many Turquoise Windoes Super – One for myself and others to give as Christmas gifts.

  135. Charcoal Plaid Super is possibly big enough to hold many items, even my novel.

  136. I love purple wave super! Such a pretty color.

  137. The brown freeway 5 bifold is fantastic.

  138. Also love the brown windows small whatnot pouch. So cute.

  139. All the tan trees items are great, the medium whatnot pouch as well.

  140. But the jumbo charcoal wallet is my fave.

  141. Brown Piecemeal Super. What can I say, I adore stripes!

  142. I also love the Textured Vertical Blind Super. The colours are gorgeous

  143. Tan Trees Medium. It’s too cute!

  144. Red Battle 7 and Navy Trees 7. I love the contrast in colours!

  145. Love the Large Brown Piecemeal Super!

  146. I also like the charcoal plaid super.

  147. And I Love Love the tan Trees!

  148. I like the Textured Windows Small whatnot pouch.

  149. Love the Brown Piecemeal Super.

  150. And I really like the Purple Waves Super – my favorite color!

  151. I have been a slaughterhead supporter from the get-go! Awesome quality and well worth the price! They WILL NOT come apart. I’ve had some of her pieces for YEARS.

    My favorite for me are the whatnot pouches. They are great for anything from makeup to business cards… and hiding your green stash. 😉

  152. Love to get that Turquoise Window Superwallet for my BFF.

  153. Would love to get the Red Battle 7 bifold for my hubbster!

  154. love, love, love the purple wallet!

  155. that turquoise window pane wallet is adorable!

  156. aww, the charcoal plaid is really beautiful, too.

  157. i love the Tan Trees wallett

  158. love the charcoal plaid!

  159. Red Battle 7. Love the red and the colors in the back. Like a rainbow.

  160. Purple Waves Super is super indeed. Just beautiful.

  161. Brown Freeway 5 cause i like to cross the street, with the different folkheads that i meet

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