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12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 - Mireio Designs - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Dec 2, 2009 in 12 days of Indie Holiday Shopping, Contests, Handmade Holidays, Home Decor, Home Decor & Wares | 115 comments

12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – Mireio Designs



There are four down and eight more to go in the 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping countdown and giveaway extravaganza. Before I get to today’s shop I want to remind you that there’s still a little time to enter the Yorktown Road giveaway. The  Supermaggie, gogovivi & Favor Jewelry giveaways have all ended though—I’m still waiting to hear back from the winner’s for those and will update you as soon as I do. So, what’s next?

Today’s 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping featured shop is Mireio Designs, which is a great place to get all sorts of lovely re-purposed vintage goodies for the home. I’m especially loving the holiday & winter themed items like the Sweater Votive Candle, Balsam filled Acorn Sachets, Lavender filled Holiday Fabric Sachets and this Vanilla Sandlewood Candle…all goods to make the home smell divine for the holidays.

See a few more of my favorites from Mireio Designs below and learn how you can enter to win a $60 gift certificate as well!

To win: Leave a comment below with your favorites for yourself or your giftees from Mireio Designs. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry, i.e. if you find 3 favorites, then leave 3 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning

I will choose one random commenter to win a gift certificate valued at $60. This contest ends December 3rd at 11:59 pm EST.

The entry period for this contest has ended, please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.  




  1. Fine Art Photography Postcards. I like the rounded corners.

  2. The scented candles are lovely.

  3. I love the citrine leaves buckwheat and lavender pillow!! I love buckwheat pillows :)

  4. also loving the apothecary blue vintage fabric bundle!!

  5. the acorn sachets are adorable!

  6. Acorn sachets are perfect for mom!

  7. I adore the sweater votive for me and my lovely friend Heather.

  8. mmm love the vanilla mint soy candle!!! I’d love to light it up and watch some christmas movies!

  9. The autumn roses pillow is GORGEOUS!!!

  10. The citrine pillow looks wonderful! I LOVE buckwheat pillows!

  11. the acorn sachets are so cute!

  12. the pink vintage fabrics are beautiful. they would make a nice quilt.

  13. mmm the citrine leaves buckwheat pillow would be splendid to own.

  14. oh…and the gothic butterfly pillow is pretty…

  15. I love the lavender sachets!!

  16. I also love the citrine pillow!

  17. And I’m in love with the vintage fabric selection. I can’t stop thinking of the things I can create with those beauties!

  18. I love the gothic butterfly pillow which is lovely on it’s own but with lavender, even better :)

  19. I would love the lavender-filled Le Jardin pillow. The scent of lavender is so calming.

  20. The Scandanavian Roses pillow is very sweet too.

  21. I wouldn’t mind the Autumn Roses pillow either. (might just have to break down and buy a pillow before the contest is over).

  22. The acorn sachets would make great gifts for a number of people I know.

  23. so much pretty stuff! I love the
    Autumn Roses pillow though. That’s my favorite :)

  24. My mom would love the Le Jardin pillow and if she didn’t, I’d have no problem taking it.

  25. I love the vintage fabric bundles!

  26. Blackberry Amber…YUM!! And the faux bois – very cool.

  27. Vintage holly leaves salt and pepper shakers are beautiful.

  28. Those little acorns are adorable!

  29. I also like the vintage santa wrapping paper!

  30. And the le jardin pillow. So pretty!

  31. the le jardin pillow is too cute! and i love lavender!

  32. the scandinavian roses pillow is great too!

  33. ok, last one, the gothic butterflies pillow is adorable too!!

  34. There are so many things to love here. First – the acorn sachets are simply precious!

  35. I love the pillows with vintage fabrics – this one might be my favorite: Winter Roses — Mireio Spa and Travel Pillow — Robins Egg Blue

  36. And the vintage fabric bundles – Apothecary blues! Wow, I love this store!

  37. Ok, I gotta be selfish first, that blackberry amber candle is definitely coming home to ME if I win the giveaway, I can’t even imagine how awesome that smells!

  38. The winter roses pillow would go to my momma :)

  39. the vanilla sandlewood would come to me too hehe

  40. I love the citrine leaves pillow!

  41. I also like the vanilla mint soy candle…sounds good enough to eat!

  42. first thing that caught my eye beacuse of the teal & yellow was the Mireio Spa and Travel Pillow..beautiful!

  43. Those acorn bundles are just the cutest!

  44. The acorn sachets are so cute!

  45. and the le Jardin pillow? To die for!

  46. That blue bundle of fabric fits right in with my bedroom!

  47. The vintage wrapping paper is just to special.

  48. I am also dying to smell the vanilla mint candles!

  49. I love the The Pajama Pillow — Ultra Comfy Flannel in Winter Blues.

  50. The acorns are toooo cute!

  51. Gothic Butterfly Pillow — Buckwheat Hulls and Lavender…very relaxing scent & a great print…

  52. Winter Roses — Mireio Spa and Travel Pillow — Robins Egg Blue…a great gift for a traveller…

  53. I like the spa and travel pillow in the ferns and butterfly fabric. It reminds me of these gold butterflies my mom gave me to hang on my wall.

  54. my sis would love the gothic butterfly pillow. I like the colors of the fabric.

  55. Just love the Le Jardin Pillow with Lavender fill. Beautiful items!

  56. The santa wrapping paper really catches my eye. I love the vintage santa and i’d probably use it for an art project cause it’s too cool to watch someone rip off a present. the other wrapping paper in the set is ok but i love the two santa designs!

  57. I think the inkwell bedside candle would be so lovely in the romance scent.

  58. How cute are the Acorn Sachets — Balsam Filled. Perfect for the holidays!

  59. I like the acorn sachets…

  60. and the vintage sandalwood candle!

  61. I like the Spa Pillow in Ferns & butterflies.

  62. I like the Vanilla Mint Soy candle.

  63. I like the Winter Roses pillow.

  64. I love the His and Her napkin rings. Napkin rings are the jewelry for the table, the finishing touch. We have a collection. With just two of us at home now, these would be perfect!

  65. The vintage tin – pale mint and wildflowers – is adorable. I think it would be just the thing for my friend Sandy. Her cottage kitchen would be a great home for it.

  66. The little acorns are so cute. We have tons of real acorns that fall every year. Crunch, crunch. These would be a great reminder when we leave our oak tree forest.

  67. Another thing I love about Mireio Designs is the photos! Beautiful!

  68. I really like the acorn sachets. So cute. New Spring… ooohhhhh

  69. Totally genius idea to have a flannel pillow (I made one for my hubby before he became my hubby-to match his pj’s). but filled with a scent sachet – wild!!!

  70. I totally love the holly S and P shakers. What a cool idea.

  71. The fabrics…. ooooohhh I love the apothecary blues… so totally project-inspiring.

  72. The rose postcards are super cool, too. I love sending mail… so fun!!

  73. I love the Le Jardin Pillows, especially the “Buckwheat Hulls and Lavender Fill–Elodie”. I can never have too many pillows. :) Lovely!

  74. I like the “Autumn Roses — A Vintage Textile Pillow — Spa and Travel” too!

  75. I’m also like the fabric bundles in apothecary blue…what could I make for someone I love?

  76. And since not everyone likes blue, the pink fabric bundles are amazing too. I have a lot of neices!

  77. I’d like the gothic butterfly and winter roses pillows for myself

  78. I am in love with the autumn roses pillow!

  79. My siser-in-law would go gaga for the vanilla sandlewood candle with silver leaves… think i’ll go ahead and get it for her

  80. I love candles and can never have too many. The Blackberry Amber sounds delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!


  81. I would love some lavender sachets for my dresser drawers. :)

  82. Never get enough of Lavender Sachets, it really works!

  83. Vintage Bona China Plate Oyster Shell to fill with Lavender Sachets in my bedroom. My friends would love one too!

  84. Vintage Tin Pale Mint & Wildflowers, I can picture it in my living room.

  85. Vintage Bona China Plate Oyster Shell is just perfect for Christmas Stockings, nice!

  86. Vintage Textiles & Linen Pillow Scandanivian Roses, looks really romantic. Would keep one for myself and give some to my sisters.

  87. The winter roses pillow is lovely and calming.

  88. The acorn sachets in balsam are so cute, and it would be nice for me to smell like something besides lavender for a bit.

  89. Blackberry Amber Candle Vintage Faux Bois Sweet Earthly – Now that sounds so soothing, would love to get one.

  90. Winter Holiday Set of 3 Vintage Votives for my dining table. Nice evening meals with family.

  91. Le Jardin Pillow Buckwheat Hulls & Lavender Fill Elodie is so stylish and I would place it beside my bed.

  92. Decorative Pillows are so nice and the scent is beneficial. Would love Citrine Leaves Buckwhea & Lavender

  93. the La Jardin Pillow is beautiful.

  94. the acorn sachets are adorable!

  95. the vanilla mint candle sounds like it would smell delicious!

  96. Love the acorn sachets!

  97. The sweater candles are adorable!

  98. I love the china oyster shell plate. So pretty.

  99. The winter holiday set of 3 vintage votives looks great. Would love to see them in my window!

  100. Who wouldn’t want a flannel pillow!! My kids are always carrying their pillows around. They would go crazy for this.

  101. i like the blackberry amber candle!

  102. and the vintage fabric bundle is begging me to make something

  103. Is that sweater votive cute or what… I love it.

  104. Ok, I have another favorite…it’s the Mireio Spa and Travel Pillow — Moss Green Linen and Umbrellas – that is adorable and so perfectly colorful~!

  105. Hah! I love the sweater votive.

  106. the set of three votives is soooo cute!

  107. i love all the lavender sachets!

  108. the holly Leaves Salt and Pepper Shakers are so beautiful!

  109. I love the inkwell bedside candle!

  110. there are some amazing vintage fabric bundles to choose from!

  111. The “Citrine Leaves” pillow will surely induce and inspire more peaceful slumber!

  112. I would love to cuddle up to The Pajama Pillow while lounging on the couch

  113. Would also love to wrap some presents with that lovely vintage wrapping paper!

  114. The La Mer handpoured soy candle is beautiful. I love that shade of blue

  115. Ooo. Also the autumn roses vintage textile pillow.

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