Guest Blog: Inspirations – Thanksgiving

By guest contributor Diahn Ott

I peeked around the corner of my calendar today, and do you know what I saw? Thanksgiving! Yep. Almost here. Where has the month gone?Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday, but I’m often discouraged by how it is completely overlooked in our society today. It seemed that the stores in which I shop went from Back-to-School to Christmas, with a slight stoop to acknowledge Halloween. I swear I saw Christmas trees in September this year.

But humble Thanksgiving, with its lack of gift-giving and adornment-purchasing gets lost in the rumble of the season, doesn’t it? Such a simple idea – look around at what you have, give thanks for it, hug your family and eat a turkey. Too boring for the modern American, I suppose, but it remains the holiday with the most memories for me.

I looked over at Etsy for signs that I’m not alone in my adoration of the modest harvest table, and I wasn’t surprised to see plenty of Thanksgiving goodies on display. Indie folk really are the best, you know…


left to right…

  1. JenSanCandle
  2. FerntreeStudio
  3. CosmicFirefly
  4. ThreeSheepStudio
  5. Fairyfolk
  6. jewelofthelion

About the contributor: Diahn Ott is an eclectic, self-taught artist, working primarily in water-based media such as gouache, watercolor and acrylics. She loves combining paints with ink, images with words, and natural with industrial elements. What separates Diahn from other artists is her ability to locate, and accentuate, the beauty in the ordinary by manipulating layered elements with the purity of line work. Her work can be viewed on her blog, Ottwork and purchased at her recently opened Etsy shop, Ottwork Studios.