November’s Feed Your Soul: the free art project Monday download week 3


I know there have been positive economic signs and there has even been some talk that the US and other countries may actually not be in a recession anymore…that doesn’t mean everything is alright though.  Unemployment in the US in over 10%, the highest level since 1983, and what many don’t know is that artists are disproportionally represented in the unemployed and underemployed.  In fact a research study by the National Endowment for the Arts found that:  artists are unemployed at twice the rate of professional workers, unemployment rates for artists have risen more rapidly than for U.S. workers as a whole  & that the job market for artists is unlikely to improve until long after the U.S. economy starts to recover.

Why should this be significant to you?  Well, I know you’ve been enjoying the Feed Your Soul: the free art project downloads and I want you to remember that part of the reason I started this project was to promote artists (both specific, but in general)  and to bring awareness to the fact that we need to support them where we can. So, enjoy the free art downloads, but make sure to also do some art (as well as indie made good) shopping & support creative workers. You can start by visiting the participating artists in the Feed Your Soul project, but buying from any artist/crafter/designer (for yourself or as a gift) will make a difference in that artist’s life. Not to mention you will have a wonderful treasure that will be more meaningful than some random thing you pick up at the mall.

Now, off my high horse and on to the latest free art download.


Rachel Austin – Rachel Austin’s map paintings are created using maps & layers of transparent paint & ink on wood panels. Rachel is inspired by crisp moments of beauty and tries to capture them in this series. Rachel Austin is a full time artist living in Portland, Oregon. You can see her work at her website and in her Etsy Shop.

Download Rachel Austin’s Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!


  1. I love her work! Absolutely gorgeous and ethereal … amazing!
    I love the birds .. and the maps ..oh, everything!

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