Getting a laugh out of the recession, because what else are you going to do?

You know, sometimes it’s important to remember that you just have to laugh about the the things you cannot control and these Merry Recession Cards are just the thing to help us all get a chuckle out the horribleness that has been The Recession.

Win your own set of Merry Recession CardsJust leave a comment on this post with your favorite card design. I will choose one random commenter to win a complete set and this giveaway will end November 17th at 11:59 pm EST.



  1. awww, so cute and so true.
    at least it’s starting to ease.
    (cue dumb quotation marks, politicians never have a clue what they are talking about.)

    i think now i’m afraid i’ll walk under a bridge on a pathway by a river, and the snowman will emerge from the shadows, all raggly and say
    “got some change?”

    it’s strange how you made the snowman trying to keep himself warm and cooking over a fire, when really a fire would melt him?
    ok now i’m getting too logical.

    love the cards,

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