Guest Blog: Inspirations – “Wait. How did I get here?”


By Guest Blogger Sandy Prisbell

Firstly, I want to thank Jen for the opportunity to share my inspirations as a designer with the Indie Fixx community! I will be sharing some of my inspirations a couple of times a month and for my first bimonthly post, I thought this would be the perfect way to get to know my perspective. I am originally from New Jersey, then upstate NY for college, next NYC…then down to the Gulf Coast of Florida…and finally I find myself in Los Angeles. The west coast was where I always saw myself ending up, and after 28 years, I had finally made it.

I love to travel though, and every move I made was an exciting one. Getting to know communities in different parts of the country is really interesting. Something I find inspiring are contrasts. When I travel, whether it was from Manhattan to the furthest point in Northern Maine for a hippie Phish festival… or from a view of the beautiful Hollywood hills in 70 degree weather to the crisp cold of an early Autumn morning in one of the Vermont islands in Lake Champlain.. There’s this amazing renewing feeling of all the senses that I think is so important to creativity. I love stepping out of my normal day to day…even if it’s just to say, “Wait. How did I get here?”

About the contributor: Sandy is an apparel designer, textile artist, jewelry designer and poker player living in LA. She sells on Etsy and love cats. Dig Under Rocks is her line of handcrafted modern bohemian jewelry and she incorporates her love of textiles, vintage and fashion into her jewelry. Her Dig Under Rocks’ blog showcases projects, inspirations, indie artists and the handmade community. Learn even more at

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  1. Great post! I can so relate, and we’ve been to many of the same places. I, too, grew up in NJ, moved to Manhattan, then moved to Vermont, then to L.A., back to the east coast, and now in Ohio. So I’ve had lots of moving, too and have lots of pictures in my library of all my travels 🙂

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