I {{heart}} Sock Dreams

Now that October is here, I will be cold until  May. Needless to say, that makes me a knee sock girl. Knee socks are my first defense against the cold, but it’s very important that they are cute in addition to their practicality. I’m not going to wear just any old socks…I’m also wool sensitive, so I need to wear cotton, bamboo, other similar fibers, or wool socks with a cotton barrier.

That’s why I  I {{heart}} Sock Dreams. Cute socks in every color, every size, all kinds of fibers and styles you will not find anywhere else. It’s like a candy store for us sock enthusiasts!

I just bought a few pairs (a few of which you can see below) and was so happy with them, I will buying more for sure!



  1. Wow, this site is great. My brother loves crazy and mismatched socks, which can be difficult to find for guys. I’ll definitely be doing my Xmas shopping for him at Sock Dreams this year! Thanks for the post!!

  2. Haha oh my gosh this just made me get SO excited. I am so cold right now sitting in my kitchen (I even have my dog on my lap) that these socks look SO tempting!

  3. Love these! Too bad I’m not a fan of wearing socks though. I’ll be staying barefoot as long as I possibly can! 😉

  4. All of those socks are amazing! I really like the photo of the Neopolitan stripe socks in the ice cream bowl. Thanks of rthe referral to Sock Dreams. =]

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