Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Sofia & Raquel Masri

You know that old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? Well, it sure is true about mother daughter artists Raquel Masri & Sofia Masri. Both ladies are ceramicists—Sofia creates jewelry pieces and her mom, Raquel, makes tiles, buttons, and home décor pieces.

I’ve been aware of Sofia’s jewelry for a while now, but only recently discovered her talented mum and after doing so decided it would be really interesting to interview them both for my Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx interview series.


Work by Sofia Masri

1. What’s your story? What do create and sell and how did you get your start?

Sofia: I had been making gemstone jewelry and my mom, Raquel, had been making mosaic pieces for a couple of years when we took a ceramics class. Soon after, I began making porcelain jewelry and Mom decided to create tiles, buttons, and home décor pieces. We both have art and design backgrounds and had worked with many media in the past so this felt like a natural progression for us. Since we signed up for the class as a way to spend time together, neither one of us thought that it would lead to two businesses. But here we are!


Work by Sofia Masri

2. What’s the best part about working with family? And is there a downside?

Sofia: Aside from having a shared interest, the best part is that we know we can count on each other for help when we really need it. Mom has helped me at many shows, we help each other glaze when we’re on a deadline and consult one another when we have creative dilemmas. I wouldn’t really say that there’s a downside, but working with a loved one inevitably leads to a few tense moments here and there. We bounce back quickly, though!

Raquel: I love working with Sofia, she is not only my daughter but also my best friend. Since I am not computer savvy, I can always count on her to help when I have questions and to give me encouragement to move forward. I want to be like her when I grow up! Sometimes we argue about whose turn it is to fire the kiln, but there is always a way to work it out.


Work by Raquel Masri

3. What’s your creative process like?

Sofia: I usually begin with a mental picture of a piece, occasionally even just a feeling I’m trying to convey. Then I put it on paper. Sketching is an important part of the process for me, I think I have enough sketches to produce ten different collections at any given time! I translate the design into clay, fire the pieces, glaze them, and fire them again. I usually don’t choose a glaze color until I’m ready to brush it on. I know that if I chose one ahead of time, I’d just end up changing my mind anyway. After the pieces come out of the kiln, I’ll pair them with matching beads and findings and assemble them.

Raquel: When I sit down to work I usually don’t have a plan or sketches. The ideas just come as I work and they kind of grow and evolve. In general, I like the end result. I also get my ideas when I’m lying in bed at night, I keep a notepad on my nightstand so I can work on them the next day. Unlike Sofia, I’m extremely indecisive about color. It takes me a long time to choose which piece gets which glaze.


Work by Sofia Masri

4. What are your creative inspiration?

Sofia: I draw a lot of inspiration from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. I’ve spent a lot of hours in antique stores these past 15 years, it’s almost a magnetic attraction.

Raquel: I get inspiration from nature and vintage objects that have been passed down to me from family members. For color, I love to browse the latest trends at fabric stores.


Work by Raquel Masri

5. What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at?

Sofia: I read Vogue and Australian Vogue Living. I know I’m not alone when I say that I still miss Domino. Some of my daily blog reads include design*sponge, Desire to Inspire, Oh Joy!, and of course Indie Fixx. When I have a little extra cash, I like to give it to antique stores, Etsy sellers, and sometimes Anthropologie in return for some beautiful merchandise.

Raquel: I read Metropolitan Home. I don’t get to read many blogs but when I do, I go to Apartment Therapy. My favorite store is Anthropologie, I love it (it runs in the family)! I’ve found some treasures at the neighborhood thrift shops, which I visit often. And, of course, I am an Etsy regular.


Work by Sofia Masri

6. What have you recently been reading, watching and listening to?

Sofia: I like historical fiction and collect antique classics, but I’m not reading any books at the moment. I’m watching season three of Mad Men, my Pushing Daisies DVDs (still sad it was canceled), and I’d watch Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, The Prestige, The Age of Innocence and Amélie every day if I had the time.

Raquel: I recently read Out of Captivity by Marc Gonsalves, Keith Stansell, and Tom Howes. It’s an unbelievable story about three Americans who survived five years as hostages in the Colombian jungle. I’ve also been looking through The Find by Stan Williams and Charles King. It’s a great source for decorating with thrift shop items as well with flea market objects. I rarely watch TV except for Lost. I watched once and I was hooked! Can’t wait for the new season to start.


Work by Raquel Masri

7. What’s new? Any products or projects you’d like to share?

Sofia: Right now, I’m working on some geometric, more streamlined jewelry. I love the intricate details of my current work, but my eyes have been craving something a little different. I’m also working on a small one-of-a-kind holiday collection featuring my porcelain pieces mixed with antique and vintage jewelry components, ribbon, fabric, and beads.

Raquel: I want to experiment making pieces that combine fused glass and porcelain.


Work by Sofia Masri


Work by Sofia Masri


Work by Raquel Masri


Work by Raquel Masri


  1. I just adore Sofia’s work – hers is one of the shops I frequent regularly.

    I love the way you grouped sofia and raquel’s work together, Jen. Tells such an interesting story.

    Finally, if I would have had yo guess sofia’s fav movies, I think I could have gotten pretty close! Love how her sense of style is so consistent!!

  2. I am so in love with everything that Sofia and Raquel create! And adore my very own Sofia Masri pendant, which I picked up at Renegade in SF this summer – became total fan girl when I saw Sofia’s booth. 🙂 Great interview!

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