Fresh Etsy Pixx: Fabuluster


By guest contributor Amy Anderson

In this edition of Fresh Etsy Pixx, I spoke to Brent and Jess Williams of Fabuluster, an Etsy shop out of Topsham, Maine. They came up with an amazing way to make a wedding day or important event even more special. Their custom fingerprint rings and other metalwork are truly works to remember.


1. What do you create and how did you get started?

We create limited edition and one of a kind custom jewelry. We got our start at Maine College of Art where our passions led us to metalsmithing and each other.


2. Why do you sell on Etsy? Do you sell elsewhere as well?

We like Etsy because the buyers are so educated on handmade items. It’s not a hard sell. They are there looking for good handmade stuff. We have our own web site and we have a gallery in Portland, Maine that represents us. We prefer Internet sales.

3. Where do you get the ideas for your pieces?

 We get our ideas from our life. Right now, we are very into our family and love to create pieces that have special meaning. We look around us to find inspiration.

4. Where do you go or what do you do when you need inspiration?

 We take a day off and just have some fun and relax. Brent, the self-proclaimed “idea man” never has a shortage for ideas.


5. Where do you see your work going in the future?

We would like to reach a broader market with what we have now. We also hope to have a few new lines in the upcoming weeks that also include wedding vows with the fingerprints. We will always be looking for the next idea.

6. Describe your artistic style in three words.

Heirloom, simple, modern.


About the contributor: Amy Anderson is one of  the Indie Fixx interns this summer and is also a student at Northwestern University. Amy has wanted to be a journalist since she was just 5 years old and she is also into the indie design and crafting scenes as well. In addition to writing the occasional post, she also helps me coordinate Feed Your Soul: the free art project.