My mini-vacation – you didn’t even know I was away!

You probably didn’t know it, but I’ve been on vacation since Sunday and only got back late last night. I scheduled a few posts to run in my absence and Mr. Indie Fixx and I hopped in the car and headed down to Nag’s Head on the Outer Banks in NC for a few days. We stayed in a giant house that was right on the beach with my siblings and stepfather and we had an awesome time! It was nice to unwind and spend some time with my guy and my family. Now it’s back to work…but 1st here are some pics in case you are interested.

** More posts to come later, including my recap of Crafty Bastards in DC. Will catch up with email soon too, I promise.

*** The Feed Your Soul downloads will resume next week, btw.


Not quite the first peek of the sun over the horizon, but early enough for me. It was amazing to be able to walk down to the beach every morning first thing as soon as waking up.

A view of the houses along the beach at Nag’s Head.

The stairs to ‘our’ house.

View of the back of the house coming across the dock over the dunes.


Me and Mr. Indie Fixx in front of one of the memorials at the Wright Brothers National Memorial Park at Kitty Hawk. Not far from where we stayed….about 5 miles.


Jockey’s Ridge is a state park and features the largest system of sand dunes on the Eat Coast. It’s hard to see how huge these dunes are, but you can see how small the people are in this pic. You can see how narrow the barrier islands are at the top here and can see water when you look to both the right and left. Stunning view…too bad it started pouring just as we climbed to the top!


  1. The largest sand dunes on the East Coast?! Ooh, I wanna go.

    I love sand dunes. I can go to two different small parks that have sand dunes within 30 to 40 minutes from my home.

  2. That looks so awesome! I want to go there- it’s in NC?? I’ve never been to the coast there, only to the mountains. I had no idea! I love the photo with the ocean and the little chimneys and the CLOUDS that go on forever!

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