Tasty Bits: R.L. Sweets


When Samantha from R. L. Sweets Candy offered to send me sea salt caramels to sample for Tasty Bits I thought, “Oh no, what’s that going to taste like? I bet she is one of those people who salts her watermelon too.” Then my samples came.  I tentatively tried them, but once I had once in my mouth all my apprehension was gone. They were delicious! The caramel itself was divine, all buttery and smooth & what not. But, it was the sea salt that was the star. There is just the tiniest bit of salt in the caramel, but it heightens the sweet goodness of the caramel in a way that just may be better then sex…ok, not that good, but pretty damn close. I am definitely placing an order for myself as a treat and would love these as a gift for my birthday, Xmas, Valentine’s Day, Flag Day & National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Available in  a 12 oz size for $8 or 1.5 lbs for $15. There’s also a 12 oz sampler box, which contains Original Tahitian Vanilla
the Sea Salt &  Milk Chocolate Covered. That’s the one I’m getting.

I just may have to try watermelon with salt now too…



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