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fronthedeskof.jpg Kelly Rand, director of Hello Craft & a writer for both Crafting a Green World &, is back with another post for her regular series on the Guest Blog called From the Desk of Kelly Rand. Recent post include this one & this one

I have a fixation with watching people create. I could spend hours watching someone draw, paint, knit, embroider; it doesn’t really matter. It is amazing just to sit there and see a work of art come alive in front of your eyes. It is truly magical.

Going to see a band play also holds this spell over me. I love it when small bands are awed by an audience and when you can tell they truly love making and playing music. And it is
another great way to get your indie fixx.

Did you know that many shows are promoted by small indie poster makers? It’s where craft and music come together to create what’s called the indie rock poster in an awesome combination that’s just as fulfilling as peanut butter and jelly.

Many posters are designed and then screened in small batches by hand. You’ll find posters advertising your local band at a local venue to a well known band trying to retain some of their roots. Designers and printers of the rock poster make up another facet of the handmade community. Here is just a taste of the indie rock poster:

Bad People Good Things is helmed by John Foster a well known author, speaker and designer, and winner of numerous design awards.


Just like many rock poster creators, Greg Pizzoli of Doctor Pizzoli, makes so much more than just rock posters, but his posters are pretty fly. You can even watch a video of Pizzoli taking about his work.


Dynamite Printworks gives good process photos and says exactly how many colors/screens were needed per poster.


These posters from El Jefe Design are beautifully clean and show tight compositions.


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