Need a Sugar Fixx? How About Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Coffee Cake w/ Walnuts?


One of the things that I loved about Craft: magazine were the periodic recipe contributions complete with illustrations by Élena Nazzaro from French Toast Girl. Élena is a widely published illustrator and watercolorist. By day, she’s the art director for and the resident chef for her husband and three bambinos.

My favorite recipe contribution from Elena was for Cinnamon Swirl Cake (which appeared in Volume 10)…but I like to call it Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Coffee Cake w/ Walnuts. Sounds fancier that way. It’s very easy to make and is one of those recipes that you can switch up very easily…I’ve also used berries to make a Berryliscious Coffee Cake. One note about the recipe though, I usually use 1/2 cup of sugar for the dough instead of 1 cup. I prefer less sweet sweets.

The super awesome folks over at Craft: very kindly sent me a pdf of the recipe so you can recreate this amazing deliciousness for yourself. As you know, Craft: magazine is no more, but you can buy back issues here, including Volume 10 in which this recipe appears.  Of course, the Craftzine Blog is still around (hallelujah!) and on it you will find features for all kinds of great recipes and other fun food related stuff.

Download the recipe HERE.



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