She’s Crafty: Coffee Can Storage Containers


I have been needing some containers for my craft table to store my rulers, scissors, paint brushes and other tall stuff in. I decided to make my own for She’s Crafty using stuff I already had—some Trader Joe’s coffee cans and some wrapping paper from Jessica Pilar.


They were super easy to make. I just measured the height and circumference of the can and used a rotary cutter and self healing mat to cut the paper to size. I then used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the can and decorated them with some ribbon and little pompoms I had lying around. They look pretty awesome on my craft table!


I just love the bold designs of the wrapping paper from Jessica Pilar. Jessica is a graphic designer turned pattern designer and she creates the loveliest patterns on tote bags, cards, pillows, tees as well as on wrapping paper. You can see more on her website and in her Etsy Shop.



  1. I have a ton of fabric samples and I save tin cans of all sizes. I measure the can, cut the fabric and hot glue it on. I use them as holders for pencils, pens, scissors, q-tips etc…

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