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I am a fan of the show Mad Men…who isn’t right? And even more than the show itself (or Don Draper) I am in love with the styling of the show. It’s just beautiful! I especially love the fashions and thought I’d put together some posts on how you can get that Mad Men look. Each day this week, I will be featuring vintage shops and vintage goods to help you pull of that Mad Men look, whether you are a Betty, Joan or Peggy. Make sure to participate in my little poll below to share which character you most identify with fashion wise.

Today’s shop is Dear Golden Vintage and they have tons of vintage styles from the 50s & 60s. I’ve put together a little montage of some of my favorites.

So, which Mad Men femme are you?


  1. i *wish* i were more joan, but my body isn’t having it, i am a bit jane and a bit trudy…with a little peggy thrown in i think. i love this whole “which mad men gal are you game!!”

    thank you for this fantastic feature!

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