A Peek Inside: indie home tours with Constança Cabral of Saidos Da Concha


I was so delighted when Lisbon blogger and crafter Constança Cabral (or Concha) agreed to open up her home for A Peek Inside: indie home tours. I’ve long been a reader of Concha’s Blog and I just knew that her home would be totally lovely and I wasn’t wrong. I’ve also longed desired to visit Portugal and her blog confirms that I definitely need to make that happen at some point in my life.

So, onto my interview and Concha’s home.  After reading, make sure to visit her Etsy Shop where she always comes up with the most amazing prints for her totally adorable accessories.


1. How would you describe your designing style?

White is my background, my canvas. It’s so peaceful and I love how it makes other colours pop. I’m all for a limited colour scheme, but not too matchy-matchy. My style is very organic: I just keep adding layers to my home: a handmade cushion here, some prints there.


2. Tell us about your home. Is it an apartment or house. Is it newer or a refurbished older home? Did you completely redo it or just add some new paint?

My home is an apartment from 1972 which was is pretty bad shape when we bought it. We had it completely redone before we moved in. You can see how it was before here.


3. You seem to like red and blue a lot. Was that deliberate or did it just ‘happen’?

I guess it just happened. This is my first home but I’ve been reading books and magazines on interior decoration since I was a little girl. So I suppose I had all these ideas inside my head, and when I had an opportunity to put them into practice, this is what happened.


4. Share a favorite treasure and tell us the story behind it.

The white cupboard in my sewing room/dining room/office. Originally it lived in my grandfather’s entryway, full of coats and hats; then my father inherited it and placed it in my bedroom when I was still single and living at my father’s; some months ago, my husband and I painted it white and put it in our home. The back of the cupboard is so large that it didn’t fit our car, so we had to carry it on foot from my father’s home to ours! Don’t worry, it’s just 1 km…


5. What was your favorite project in decorating and designing your house? What would you do differently?

I must say it has been painting everything white. The flat looks so much bigger and cleaner with white walls, white doors and white furniture! The thing I would change would be the floors: we really couldn’t afford hard wood floors, but if I had the money… oh, I wouldn’t think twice!


6. What’s your favorite room and why?

I love the spare room that triples as sewing room, dining room and office. I spend my days over there, sewing and writing my blog. It holds all my fabrics and sewing supplies… all my treasures really!




  1. Gorgeous home. Thank you so much for letting everyone have a look at it. I love the plates on the wall and the dress form….every creative house needs one.

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