LAMA: Latin America in the Modern Age Giveaway!


I just love LAMA. It is seriously one of my favorite indie boutiques to browse. LAMA, which stands for Latin American in the Modern Age, is run by Christine Martinez whose goal is to help shoppers discover that Latin America is more than salsa and fiestas, coffee beans and bananas, sombreros and panama hats. Work from both artists & designers from Latin America as well as from American artists inspired by Latin design is featured. From jewelry to home decor, art to textiles, ceramics to paper goods, Christine curates her shop with a practiced eye for choosing just the loveliest & most perfect things.Β 

If you are a regular reader, you know I’ve featured LAMA before on Indie Fixx…as well as Christine’s home, which shows off her own amazing personal style.

You are in luck today for sure, since you could win a $50 gift certificate for LAMA.

How to win!

All you have to do is visit LAMA, choose your favorite pieces and leave a comment on this post with them. You may share each of your faves, but please leave a separate comment for each one…that will also increase your chances of winning! One random commenter will be chosen to win and this giveaway will end Monday, September 7th at 11:59 pm EST (Labor Day for US folks).


  1. I don’t know if I can live without the Scalloped Oil Cloth Apron… So you better choose me as the winner! πŸ™‚

  2. my faves: Mexican Laundry Basket (striped), knit alpaca throw (wine),teacup with cherries, calu vine bowl, quetzal grain sack pillow. oh man, this is a great shop!

  3. I adore LAMA as well. Such a beautiful shop. I love the polka dot apron and would send it to a friend who just lost her grandma. She needs a pick me up!

  4. I like the blue credit card/business card case. Of course, I give out my credit card more often than business cards!

  5. The Moon Bird necklace makes me smile just to look at- then the added lines make, in their rustic print-mmmmm.yes.- I have a strange premonition that wearing that necklace will let me enjoy the sensation of flying far far away whenever my mind so feels inclined…

  6. Okay:The Andalusia Pink Piture looks like a little piece of heaven— and only because I imagine heaven to be covered in soft floating clouds in exactly that shade of perfect! I know exactly where I would put it- for show and use.

  7. Oooh, and the three adorable little ceramic pots (Tiny Drop, Tiny Fruit Pot, and Tiny Egg Pot) would be perfect for holding kitchen spices and would function as cute decor as well!

  8. I definitely adore Hank the caterpillar (excellent idea!) for my little niece who just started school and the flower trays for myself, they are so mod!

  9. Or maybe it is the Fairy Calu Tumbler … I don’t know! Honestly there is too much fantastically wonderful stuff at LAMA! I could easily spend my paycheck there and then some!!!

  10. I have been looking for a cute laptop case – and I found one at LAMA! The Pink Toile case is super cute and just perfect!

  11. I spent some time in South America last year, and looooved all the crafty fun things. Buenos Aires was a city full of amazing style!

    That scalloped oil cloth apron is deadly!

  12. The Pinata party invite is super cute too. People call me Pinata all the time and it’d be hilarious to send them an invite with one right on the front.

  13. I’m in college and I’ve been looking for a laptop case for a long time, and the Toile Laptop Case is absolutely adorable…not to mention it’s Mexican oil cloth and I tend to spill things all the time. =)

  14. I really like the To the Moon necklace, which is out of stock. But the Pretty Flowers necklace is also lovely!

  15. lovin the softy bear pillow… and doily hearts pillow as well as the recycled picnic basket. :)super cute and stylish.

  16. Everything at lama is gorgeous but my favourite item is the teapot with a cold it’s so cute and original. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway. Helen

  17. OoOoo LAMA gift cert!!! I’ve been dreaming about the teapot with a cold for months now…would love to win the gift cert to go towards it. It’s the cutest teapot I’ve EVER seen :).

  18. I certainly like the little anipal tote bags. I wish I could get one for each of my sisters. I would buy the little owl tote for myself.

    Great giveaway!

  19. ok ok ok but the “soltera” ring would be SO perfect for my confirmed-bachlorette prima! If I don’t win it I’ll have to buy it.

  20. …although, tea cup with cherries is a very clost second to ‘cutest thing ever’! So adorable! What a sweet little surprise!

  21. I just started following your blog last week and boy am I glad I found you. πŸ™‚ Inspiring AND great links.
    My favorite piece is the ‘Floral Cow Bank’. So funky. I’ve got a great spot for it too…

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