Decadence is so Gloi


I was recently lucky enough to try some samples of Haus of Gloi bath & body goods. Their motto is ‘ethereal bathing goods’ and boy they aren’t kidding. The Honey Tree Sugar Creme Emulsifying Scrub is especially heavenly and luscious.  It’s a great exfoliant and smells just divine. I used mine every day just so I could smell it!

I also tried some Haus of Gloi soaps. Made using the cold-process (no soap bases) with natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut milk, clay, essential oils, herbs and skin-safe colorants they were perfectly okay for my sensitive skin. I really like the unique offerings as well. Like absinthe, which is made with soft mint, lemon balm & wormwood. And satyr, made with blood orange, black vanilla & charcoal.

I am what Mr. Indie Fixx calls a soap snob and Gloi soaps definitely pass the soap snob test.  I will be buying some for sure.


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