Guest Blog: Form, Function & Color from Linda of Aster and Sage

I first discovered Aster and Sage on Supermarket, so it’s only fitting that Linda Yesline from Aster and Sage shares some of her Supermarket pixx with you today on the guest blog – Jen.

By guest contributor Linda Yesline

I design and produce contemporary handcrafted accessory bags and jewelry. My products are snugly nestled at the intersection of craft and modernist design, and my mantra is Form, Function and Color! With that in mind, I’m going to give you a whirlwind tour of my favorite stuff on Supermarket. Ready to rock ‘n roll? Here we go…


I’m loving this Hong Kong Print by Andy Pratt Design. I dig how the design is all lines and rectangles, and the color scheme is mostly pinks, yellows and oranges. It’s quirky, and it’s silly and serious all at once.  I think the best part is that there’s a lot going on. My eye keeps traveling up those stairs–I wonder what’s at the landing?


Ooh, hoo! I’m salivating over the Lifesaver bowl by John Pomp Glass. The grouping of all four together is just delicious. I love that the bowls are curved and vertical and the colorful horizontal stripes make a great juxtaposition. I don’t just want these bowls, I *need* them!


Segue to the minimal…Live What You Love by Hijirik Studio. The words put life in perspective for me. It reminds me that I’m not limited to looking at great art and design; I’ve got to make some for myself. Eat delicious food, wear comfy clothes that make you feel like you’re cute and sassy [if you want to be cute and sassy]. I try to remember to have fun every day, but I think it would be lovely to have a visual reminder in my midst. Plus, isn’t everything printed on a letterpress just divine?


This one speaks directly to my soft spot: i heart bunny by Corky. I’m always saying I’m not one for jewelry, but that’s clearly not the case. I can’t resist the bunny and I’ve got a vivid mental picture of me wearing said bunny and looking all the cuter for it. And wouldn’t it make a great gift?


Here’s a greeting card that pulls together the ’70’s vibe of the bunny, live what you love spirit, and the angular shapes of the Hong Kong print (and for goodness sake, all the colors of the Lifesaver bowls.) Totally serendipitous, my friends. Let’s get together sometime by In-Vita Paper Studio has got a great color palette and layout. Aren’t those mix tapes so sweet? I never had a flair for making a mix tape (so fussy and time consuming!) but no one has to know that, right?

About the contributor: Linda Yesline is the artist/designer behind Aster and Sage where you can find bags, accessories and jewelry made with recycled material. Find her blog about life as an artist/designer (like, what does artist/designer mean?) at Here