Guest Blog: Yellow is the Color of Summer from Amy of Pikaland

Amy from Pikaland shares some summer inspiration from the land of eternal summer – Jen!

By guest contributor Amy Ng

Hi everyone! I’m Amy and I run an art and illustration blog called Pikaland, and I’m so thrilled that Jen has asked me to fill in for her while she’s away for a vacation!

We don’t have summers in Malaysia, where I live. Actually, come to think of it, it’s almost summer all year long over here – the weather is hot and humid, with bouts of rain sometimes when the clouds are ripe and heavy!

But I do know that everyone else is celebrating summer, and I do detect a shift in mood when the season changes (thanks to having a lot of online friends!) When I think of a mood, I think in colors, and I think yellow is the perfect color when I think of summer. It’s also a favourite color of mine, and here are my picks that encapsulates how I feel about the season of joy!


1. Hello Giclee print by Leah Duncan

2. This is the Moment print by Jessica Gonacha

3. Girl and Cookie Jar original collage by Cabin

4. I want to dive into you print by Yael Fran

5. Mum, an original painting by Holli

6. Dark Sea with Colorful Beach, an original abstract oil painting by Siiso

7. Bournemouth Beach Huts – Embroidered Art Canvas by Gillian Bates

About the contributor:  Amy Ng is the self proclaimed mayor of Pikaland. Pikaland is a blog about art and illustration and is a collection of beautiful things and inspirations that Amy stumbles upon. It’s a wonderful place to visit.  Amy also coordinates the PikaPackage project—a monthly collection of goodies from illustrators and artist. She also writes and edits the Good to Know project—a zine filled with advice + inspiration from illustrators, artists and designers.

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  • August 11, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    I LOVE the Siiso painting (#6). THe colors are amazing. So beautiful.

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