Tasty Bits: The Hot Cookie


I’m just loving this new feature Tasty Bits. People send their indie made edibles for me to sample and so far everything I’ve been sent has been just utterly fabulous… and the cookies from The Hot Cookie were no exception!

Karli and Sarah, the founders and bakers behind The Hot Cookie, sent me some delectable samples the other week. I was really intrigued to try them because in doing my research I discovered that Karli and Sarah are committed to using the highest quality organic and local ingredients and that sounded right up my alley.

I gotta tell you that I was not disappointed after trying my samples either (pictured below). My favorite was The Antioxidant, which is an oatmeal cookie packed with wild blueberries, dark Belgian chocolate and topped with a pecan. Such an amazing combination!  Mr. Indie Fixx, a cookie monster if there ever was one, just loved the White Chocolate and Cranberry.


I asked Sarah a few questions about The Hot Cookie

1. Tell me about your ingredients?

Here are a few specifics about our cookies:  Our two-bite cookies are made with the finest ingredients: Guittard chocolate, Belgian chocolate, local honey, local free-range eggs, organic peanut butter, organic butter, wild blueberries, Madagascan vanilla, etc. The cookies are also made WITHOUT preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones, and aluminum. (Who needs that junk in their food? Jeez!)

2. What is YOUR favorite cookie that you make.

Karli likes The Antioxidant and my favorite cookie is the Black Forest – our chocolate dough baked with dried cherries and rolled in walnuts.

3. How & why cookies? What made you decide to sell cookies?

How we got into cookies is rather strange because we both have Fine Art degrees.  We met at Ball State University.  Karli was earning her MA and I was working on my BFA.  After school, we both ended up moving to Indianapolis.  I had an epiphany about making artisan cookies, by hand, for the good of humanity one night in December 2008.  I came to Karli to see if she would do my graphic design work.  She was so excited by the idea of starting a cookie business, I asked her if she would like to be my partner.  We both are passionate about eating all natural foods.  We proudly use as many local ingredients as possible, as well as organic ingredients.  We feel that “going local” is very important because communities prosper where locals patronize locals.

Why cookies?  Cookies are my favorite dessert.  They can vary by texture, flavor, size….  They are so versatile and easy to share and easy to eat on the go.  They are comfort food, they bring back memories, and make people happy.

Ahem, sister!

The Antioxidant

Chocolate Lovers