Indie Fixx’s 3rd anniversary & a contest!


Today is Indie Fixx’s 3rd Anniversary! I posted my very 1st post back on August 6th, 2006…you can see it here. Back then, I strictly just featured indie products, but over the years the blog has evolved into more than just that. I still feature indie goods and shops, but now I share crafts, food, behind the scenes with makers, tutorials, stuff about me, art, free downloads and a whole lot more.

This blog has definitely come to be more than just a product review blog…it’s about celebrating the indie design world, craftiness and the diy ethos. I like to think of it as my indie life. What I mean is, every day I share with you those things that I find interesting and important…you guys know me better than some of my friends & family…and I spend my whole day thinking up things to share with you…hence my ‘indie life’. It’s sure one I am loving living and I want to thank you for making it possible, my wonderful readers.  You are all dearhearts! I seriously have the best job ever and here’s to another action packed year!

In case you want to send me some anniversary good wishes (because who doesn’t love some good wishes), you can email me or snail mail me at:

Jen Wallace
Indie Fixx
P.O. Box 291
Newark, DE 19715

Also, in true Indie Fixx spirit, you know I have a wowtastic contest lined for you—with not just one, but with FOUR prizes!


How to win: For each prize, choose your favorite contest participant and leave a comment on this post below.  Your comment(s) should include the name of your favorite shop as well as what prize it’s for, i.e. sample comment—Artgoodies prize #1.

This contest will run from August 6th until August 20th. You can enter 4 times a day (once for each prize) every day (every 24 hour period) between now and the contest ends. Entering every day for all 4 prizes will seriously increase your chances for winning!

I will choose 4 random commenters to win the prizes and will notify the winners via email after August 20th.  International entries are accepted. Good luck to all!

*** Important Note*** I will be going on vacation starting August 7th and will not be able to moderate comments. That means your comments may not not show up right away.  I will not have regular Internet access and will moderate comments when I return from my vacation.


Tee from Alison Tauber ~~~ print from Melissa Moss ~~~ kit from Subversive Cross Stitch ~~~  coin purse & barrette from Art School Dropout ~~~notecards from Things Are Better With a Parrott ~~~ cards from Sprout Studio ~~~ tea towels from Artgoodies ~~~ earrings from Prismera Design ~~~ bag from Cathy Peng ~~~ necklace from Leaves of Glass ~~~ bookmarks from Beacon Bookmarks


Prints from Melissa Moss ~~~ prints and cards from Lila Ruby King ~~~ napkins from Jessica Gonacha ~~~ placemats from Alison Tauber ~~~ print from Brownington Forest ~~~ necklace from RubyGirl ~~~ notecards from 12fifteen


Print from Brownington Forest ~~~ print from Berkley Illustration ~~~ print and cards from Lila Ruby King ~~~ earrings from Sofia Masri ~~~ brooches from Sprout Studio ~~~ tea towel from Artgoodies ~~~ pincushion from Retro Mama ~~~ bag from Showpony ~~~ necklace from Prismera Design ~~~ kit from Subversive Cross Stitch


Print from Melissa Moss ~~~ kit from Subversive Cross Stitch ~~~ earrings from Sofia Masri ~~~ bag from Showpony ~~~earrings from Carolina Bleu ~~~tea towel from Artgoodies ~~~ cards from Lila Ruby King ~~~ notecards from Pistachio Press  ~~~ stickers & jewelry from MauStudio ~~~earrings from Jezabels Jewels ~~~


  1. and finally – last, but certainly not least – artgoodies, #4. here’s to winning! hooray and happy anniversary! thanks for hosting such a great giveaway and guest blogs during your vacation. 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Prize #1 – Sprout Studios…

    Prize #2 – Rubygirl…

    Prize #3 – Showpony…

    Prize #4 – MAU Studio

    Michelle B.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful achievement…congratulations!

    Love all of the prizes, of course….but to name one would be

    Retro Mama Prize #3

  4. Should I still keep commenting?
    1. kitty bag from Cathy Peng Prize #1!!!*
    2. print from Brownington Forest Prize #2
    3. print and cards from Lila Ruby King Prize #3…
    4. stickers & jewelry from MauStudio Prize #4*

  5. ..and lastly, I would also love to win the stickers & jewelry from MauStudio Prize #4!! It’s right up my alley!

  6. Hello,

    Prize #1 – Sprout Studios…

    Prize #2 – Rubygirl…

    Prize #3 – Prismera Design…

    Prize #4 – MAU Studio

    Michelle B.

  7. notecards from Pistachio Press from prize #4

    What adorable prizes! I would be honored to receive any of them! Good luck to everyone. Thank you for the contest, indiefixx!

  8. If you haven’t noticed already I would REALLY REALLY love to win the kitty bag from Cathy Peng Prize #1!!!

  9. Hello,

    Prize #1 – Sprout Studios…

    Prize #2 – Rubygirl…

    Prize #3 – Prismera Design…

    Prize #4 – MAU Studio

    Michelle B.

  10. I’m a self-confessed bag addict. I love the print on this Showpony tote. It’s tempting me to pull out my translucent fabric markers and make it all mine.

  11. Ooo that’s so wonderful that you have been doing what you love for three years. And the contests are wonderful, too. 😉

    Here is my favorite from Prize #1:
    Things Are Better With A Parrot (notecards)

  12. napkins from Jessica Gonacha Prize #2. I actually like all the prizes in this group, but the blue drew my eyes.

  13. Ooo – the prints and cards from Lila Ruby King are tempting as well. I guess I have a thing for prints. The whimsical style is so attractive to me!

  14. Brownington Forest Prize #3
    I think that the Love Tree and Knotty Heart Love drawings are so cute!