A Peek Inside: indie home tours with Monica of Sugarie Paperie


Monica Stroter of Sugarie Paperie shares her home today for A Peek Inside: indie home tours. A little birdie (Shawna from Pinkkiss) told me that Monica’s home might be an interesting one for A Peek Inside and once I saw some pics, I agreed. Monica, who lives in Baltimore,  loves to add vintage elements to her home for to create juxtaposition against her more modern decor. She is also an avid collector and her collections include: vintage pin-up illustrations,  milk glass, maps, dishes of all sorts and more.

Please enjoy my interview with Monica and drool over the images from her home.

*please note* Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx will return on August 20th.  Just taking a break for a couple of weeks to gather some more interviews for all you fans.


1. How would you describe your designing style?

I would say that my style is both modern and fresh, yet classic with a few surprises.  I really love rescuing old things and have many collections that are the framework of our home’s decor.  If I see something I love, I will snatch it up in a minute and decide where it will go later.  I think that a home should never be finished, but always evolving in a way that reflects your life, loves, and interests.


2. Why use vintage decor?

There are so many reasons that I love vintage pieces.  I am drawn to  the design, color, form and quality of vintage decor.  But the nostalgia makes it intriguing as well.  I love the hunt and am thrilled when I find a piece that makes my heart sing.  I like to give these objects a second life.

3. List a few of your treasures and share if there is story behind them.

My husband and I have started collecting vintage maps of places we have been or dream of traveling to.  I also have started a sultry collection of pin-ups for my honey, but I secretly adore them too!  One of my most prized possessions is a white teapot that I found when I was about sixteen at a flea market in the Midwest, where I grew up.  I fell in love with its sexy curves and brought it home for a mere $14.  Later I learned that it was by the designer Eva Zeisel, a mid-century artist that is still creating pottery and is well into her nineties.  Its form is beautiful and timeless.

4. What’s your favorite room in the house and why?

Our den is by far my favorite room.  It has large windows, lots of books, and no TV.  When I am in there I feel calm, dreamy and intellectual.  I guess that has to do with all of the books.  As a child, I always dreamed of having a library and wanted my dad to build one of those rolling ladders.  He’s built a number of beautiful pieces in our house, including the book shelves and bar in the den.


5. What was your favorite project in decorating and designing your house? What would you do differently?

Hmmm.  So far, I’ve loved decorating every room.  I very patiently acquire what I love, put them together, and see how they get along.  It’s a slow process, but that’s how I work.  Our home will continue to be adorned and I have plans to paint and hang more art, prints and photographs this summer.  And I plan on hitting up some flea markets too.



  1. Thank you for letting me share our home with you! And your comments make my heart sing. Thank you, Jen for this fabulous feature.

    P.s. The shower curtain is from the sale bin at Anthropologie.

  2. I have been lucky enough to see Monica’s house in person and it is truly lovely! I’m so happy you were able to share this with us. Monica’s cards are also so thoughtfully put together, just like her home!

  3. I really loved seeing this house! I adore the bedroom and the pin up girl picture on the wall. I must know where the shower curtain is from. I adore it! thanks for sharing such a great tour!

  4. I’m so jealous. I have always wanted a den with sunlight and lots of books (and definitely no TV)! The same dream applies to me with lots of books and rolling ladder.

    Beautiful house! You can see the hard work and love put into it.

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