Beth Pohlman Jewelry Giveaway…win a necklace and earring set


I love Beth Pohlman’s jewelry. In fact, I love it so much that I own a couple of pieces from her new Geometric line.  The Geometric line features stunning structural pyramid shapes in silver. Both necklaces and earrings  are available and that’s what I have…a pair of the single pyramid earrings and a single pyramid necklace—it’s quite a dramatic set.

I also love Beth’s more organic pieces, like the Double Lotus Necklace and the Single Cellular Earrings.   I’ve also had my eye on the Silver Bromeliad Earrings for some time now, but I am not sure that I can pull them off…I think really just need some talking into it.

Anyway, you could win your own Beth Pohlman jewelry. Beth is giving away a  Dangle Pyramid Necklace and a pair of Pyramid Earrings to one Indie Fixx reader!

How to win!

Visit Beth Pohlman’s Shop, choose your favorite pieces and leave a comment on this post. You may share each of your faves, but please leave a separate comment for each one…that will also increase your chances of winning! One random commenter will be chosen to win and this giveaway will end Friday, August 7th at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be chosen and announced after I come back from vacation on August 20th.



  1. I love the Dangle Pyramid Necklace.
    I saw Beth’s jewelry at Artscape in Baltimore a few weeks ago and just loved it! 🙂

  2. I met Beth at Renegade NY (she’s super nice!) and got a triple pyramid necklace which I absolutely love. I now really want a maple blossom pendant, I think it is my new love!
    Rain (aka lusterbunny)

  3. All of the designs are so cool!! The pyramid necklaces are my favorite,and i also love the Black Bromeliad unique;)

  4. OK, finally, my last favorite (I couldn’t decide, I’m glad you didn’t make us pick just one) are the mini silver sphere earrings.

  5. I’m such an earring junkie, and the granulated blossom earrings will definitely help my collection. I’m definitely picking those up!

  6. That should say that the Granulated *Blossom* earrings have been a favorite of mine for a long time…

  7. ok, my very most favorite piece is the granulated line necklace! …hmmm or wait, the three pebble mini hoop earrings… or both! or ALL of them! :o)

  8. wow, i’m so glad you shared this shop with us. her work is amazing! i love the maple blossom pendant.

  9. Love all of it!
    But if I had to choose, I’m liking the loopy bud burst.
    Only caveat, if I win, my ears aren’t pierced! oops.

  10. Beautiful work! I like the Black Swag Earrings, they are so unusual! The dark color on the silver makes it look like leather.

  11. I love these pyramid pieces, but I also love the hinged necklace & the silver pine needle earrings. Some beautiful stuff in that shop!

  12. The cell hoops are interesting and pretty. I like the way they look, but I’m curious how they would actually look on ears.

  13. Thanks for sharing this wonderful artist! My favorite is the granulated urchin necklace.

  14. The flower necklace is also great – would look perfect with a black dress or white button-down.

  15. Amazing! I love her granulated seed earrings and the Triple Pyramid Necklace, but truly- the giveaway items are probably my fave favorites from her shop!

  16. As for other pieces I enjoy, I like the Granulated Blossoms earrings, since I am sucker for abstract blooms and I love the interplay between the two metal colors. Just lovely!

  17. Such beautiful and interesting pieces! I especially like the Dangling Pyramid necklace because of the unexpected combination of shapes and their three dimensionality! So cool.

  18. What a beautiful giveaway everything in the shop is gorgeous. My favourite piece in the shop is the double lotus necklace.Marian

    my fingers are crossed

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