What I’m doing on Saturday…Philly Buyers Market & Handmade Nation

On Saturday (Aug 1st), I am going to the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft show.  The Buyers Market is a wholesale show which features over 1,500 artists showcasing their work for shops, galleries and members of the press. I am  just super excited to see some new work as well as finally meet some of my favorite artists in person.

After the show on Saturday, there is a screening of Handmade Nation, the documentary about the the rise of craft and diy in the US, which I will also be attending. The screening is open to the public and tickets are only $5.

WHAT: Handmade Nation Documentary Screening and Director’s Q&A with Faythe Levine
WHEN: Saturday, August 1, 2009, at 6 pm
WHERE: Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Room 103 Philadelphia, PA
TICKETS: Only $5. Buy in advance at Art Star, the craft gallery, at 623 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, or at the screening, while supplies last. Seating is limited!
FOR INFO: See www.indiecraftdocumentary.blogspot.com or call 800-432-7238, ext. 218

Here are just a few of the artists whose work I am looking forward to seeing in person at the Buyers Market.


1. Happy Owl Glassworks ::: 2. Arin Arthur ::: 3. La Contessa ::: 4. Freshie and Zero :::  5. Modern June ::: 6. Foundling :::  7. Rocks and Salt ::: 8. Jenny Gaynor :::  9. Dovetail ::: 10. Daa Glass


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