How are you using your Feed Your Soul free art downloads? Shari Bonnin shares!


How are you using your Feed Your Soul: the free art project downloads? Well, Shari Bonnin of  Bonnin Designs used some of the free downloads to add art to a powder room in need of some decoration. You can see the before picture as well as more art to come on her blog. Thanks for sharing, Shari!



  1. I love this idea! I just love looking at the them and enjoying the beautiful work created by these artists. I keep thinking how I would love it if these prints could be printed in black and white and be made into a coloring book for children (and adults like me who love to color). Looking forward to the next download.

  2. I’ve been printing the downloads on sticker paper (sizing them smaller, most of the time) and putting them on envelopes that I’m sending out to friends, family and blogging acquaintances. I never remember to photograph them first…I must do that.

    I love these downloads. I appreciate the gift these artists are giving. Thank you.

  3. OOh, I love all of the art on that wall—I really want to do a wall like that with tons of art—there’s a term for it—when you plaster the wall with art—can’t think of it right now, but that looks great!

  4. eye spy one of my prints! second pic of this post, top right corner, gray square looking one is my “Ben and banana take care of business”!

    your bathroom wall is looking really cute Shari!

  5. I loved the Feed Your Soul downloads. Amazingly talented artists. I printed many of the prints out on velum on my computer and backed them with scrapbook paper so textures or designs showed through. It was an interesting affect. Thanks for featuring this. It’s an ongoing project.

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