She’s Crafty: what to do with fabric scraps? Make fabric scrap bud flowers!


When she heard about my the new She’s Crafty feature, Jan of Daisy Janie asked if I’d like to receive some Daisy Janie fabric scraps. I said , “Heck, yea!” I think Jan’s line of fabrics are just dreamy and I was looking forward to playing.

After getting my crafty loot, I was sitting at my kitchen table thinking about what I wanted to do and my eye came upon these 3 Ikea bud vases that I’ve been keeping filled with stuff from my yard (mostly marigolds, black-eyed susans & chamomile). Then I remembered about that pile of sticks Mr. Indie Fixx picked up the other day and I thought I’d make some fabric flowers to fill my vases with.


These were super easy to make. Just use some leftover fabric you have already have or buy some Daisy Janie fabric for another fun project (get around to that chair that needs covering, sew a few throw pillows, make a lovely quilt) and use the scraps.

Fabric Scrap Buds

Fabric strips


  1. Use your fabric strips from other projects or cut some fabric into strips approximately 6″ long by 3″wide.
  2. Start at one corner and roll the fabric diagonally towards the opposite corner. Then about halfway switch directions the other corner. Roll fairly loosely, but keep the bottom of the ‘bud’ pinched. Leave enough room for the stick.
  3. Slide a stick (mine are about 10″ long) through the bottom of the flower bud to about halfway up.
  4. Tie some ribbon around the bottom to affix it to the stick. Trim ribbon to desired length.


Here are some of my favorite Daisy Janie patterns. They are so fresh, clean and lovely. Plus all the fabrics are organic and are available in cotton sateen (or a cotton linen blend) and for a limited time in canvas. Choose your favorite pattern and your favorite colorway and mix + match!


I have some more Daisy Janie fabric and I am planning another project that I will share, but I haven’t quite decided what I will do yet. You guys will be the 1st to know when I come up with something.


  1. That’s a fun idea 🙂

    If you haven’t thought about it, you might enjoy making fabric-covered buttons. Then I use the buttons to make hair accessories, thumbtacks, magnets, and other cool stuff.

    I happen to sell some of the tools on my Etsy shop:

    Anyway, covering buttons with fabric scraps is totally addicting and VERY easy to complete. Yay for prompt satisfaction!

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