She’s got moxie: Moxie & Oliver giveaway!


I shoulda known that Caitlin of Moxie & Oliver was a former professional photographer because her photographs of her leather tooled and embellished accessories are awesome.Β  And although it was the perfect staging, lighting & quality of her photos that caught my eye, it was the colors, detailing, motifs and fresh approach to western-styled leather that kept my attention.

Caitlin’s work is an incorporation of traditional leather techniques, but given a modern twist.Β  Made with thick tooling leather, which is stiff at first but does soften, her goods will last a lifetime and as a result are meant to be fashionable but not ‘trendy’. Choose from belts, bags, watch bands, wallets, clutches, flasks, phone cases and more. Good to treat yourself or for a special gift for either a guy or girl!

Head on over to Moxie & Oliver and pick out your favorites…you could be entered to win a moxielicious winner’s choice wristlet from the selection below!

How to win!

Visit the Moxie & Oliver shop, choose your favorites from the shop and leave a comment with your favorite products from the shop. One random commenter will be chosen to win their choice of the wristlets shown below. Since I am quite sure that you will not be able to pick just one favorite, you may share each of your faves, but please leave a multiple comment for each one. That will increase your chances of winning! This giveaway will end Friday, July 10th at 11:59 pm EST.



  1. hello!
    I really love the smokey wallet with the antique handwriting, and the tweet guitar strap which I might buy actually, quite pretty!

  2. Funny, your intro says “Better Late THan Never” and I JUST stumbled upon this webiste about 10 minutes ago! I have been looking for a really cool wallet for my fiance who lives in the UK. I reside in NE and really gave up hope on anything cool by his standards! I love the rockabilly quality in your style!! I was looking for a personal gift, a wallet, and a flask all at once and stumbled acroos your beautiful trifold wallet that I can add verbiate to. So freakin’ cool. And the flasks will be for the both of us as we have 7 kids between the two of us!! πŸ™‚ Beautiful stuff.

  3. I adore the Ko-Ko Wristlet – Leather in White, Silver and Antique Black.

    The design makes me feel the buzzing dry wheat that wisps my bare feet.

  4. Royal Koi Purse – Leather in Black, Sage, Burgundy, Gold and Antique Brown seems like the perfect companion piece for my purple Koi messenger… hehe!

  5. The Perfect Cowgirl – Ginger Belt in Sage, White and Antique Black, and Buckle in Silver and Copper — This belt is awesome!!!!!! LOVE the buckle!!!!

  6. I love, love this wallet!! : Ginger Owl Wallet – Leather in White, Gold and Green Tea.

  7. I loooove Moxie and Oliver. If you haven’t worked with Caitlin, you should know that her customer service is amazing too.

    I am so loving the Old Koi Purse! It’s my current fave.

  8. Ok, so I love them all. But my top three faves are the ginger wristlet (sage, white, and antique black), the fireworks wristlet, and the poppies checkbook wallet.

    They are all so beautiful!

  9. The Hanoko locket is to die.. fab stuff just found you guys through etsy twitter… what a community.THanks!


  10. I decide between the ginger wallet and the smokey trifold wallet. The ginger wallet has a unique and feminine flair that is hard to find, but the trifold has the personalization option which is really neat.

  11. I love the Ginger Big Big Big purse! Great colors and design…
    thank you for including me in the giveaway. lora

  12. Ooooh to be sipping Irish Coffee’s every morning on the way to work in that Irish Coffee Belt!

  13. Love the Ginger collection – first selection is the Ginger leather Sketchbook – beautiful!

  14. I am in love with the idea of a Bookworm Clutch! Besides being gorg, it’s so practical!! *sigh*

  15. Oh my, I don’t know how I missed the Woody Laptop Messenger Bag before! It’s even designed for a 15″ MacBook! Is it possible to swoon this much??

  16. I’m going with the Oh Deer Wallet – Leather in White, Silver and Antique Black.

    I need a new wallet and I need a gift for my wife…so this could be a win/win situation πŸ™‚

  17. I love the Smokey Sakura Guitar Strap – Leather in Blue, Green, Red, Silver and Antique Black. I can picture a blonde hair beauty sitting on a stool, guitar strapped on, bearing her soul for anyone who will listen.

  18. GUH! Your Ginger Belts are also really gorgeous. I particularly like the one that’s “Sage, White and Antique Brown.”

  19. i LOVE the Tweet Guitar strap, alas I do not have a guitar (aside from guitar hero) but would love to see the same artwork on a belt or bag!!!

  20. love love love the Poppy Checkbook Wallet – Leather in Red, Orange, Yellow and Burgundy. the poopys are so cute and the colors work so well.

  21. I just love everything in this shop! It’s been a fav for a long time! I absolutely love the Sakura Garden steampunk Watch!!!!Love the detail that goes into every pice and the colors are fabulous!!!

  22. The Byzantine Cadillac Purse Wallet is quite awesome. It shows that it doesn’t always have to be flowers. πŸ™‚

  23. Love the Tweet guitar strap!! It’s got a real retro feel, but very current with the tweet bird. So fun!

  24. I think my favorite would have to be….the Ruby July wristlet I think. they’re all so awesome!

  25. I love the Rebecca Wristlet – Leather in White, Pink, Gold and Green Tea, so adorable! I’m blown away by the craftsmanship and design, it doesn’t even look like leather! WOW!

  26. Actually, I love both the koi flask and the Ginger Leather sketchbook cover…I picture myself sitting in a park sipping out of the flask whilst writing Deep Thoughts… πŸ˜€

  27. The Andes’ Poppies Belt with Sparrow Buckle is insanely gorgeous too. And how awesome is it that she has custom sizing on her belts?! <3

  28. I love all the designs, but I would have to say the cuffs, for the beautiful use of mix media and the catch all display are my favorites. So lovely! thanks for the give-a-way!

  29. Wow, what gorgeious stuff. That old koi cadillac wallet is lovely, but it’s hard not to lust over the divine woody messenger/laptop bag. Wow! I can only imagine what a fab possession that would be!!!

  30. All of these pieces remind of sketchbook drawings caught in the rain & etchings on a treehouse floor. So coarse & friendly!

  31. I heart the Smoky Sakura Guitar Strap! Well, really, I heart all of them. It looks like there’s a guitar strap in my future (my current one is made of cheapie blue nylon. ugh.)

  32. I am a fan of the belt bags. I realize they sort of straddle that “hip-dorky” line, but I like both of them. I’m willing to risk it!

  33. I also love The Perfect Cowgirl – Ginger Belt in Sage, White and Antique Black, and Buckle in Silver and Copper. Timeless with jeans.

  34. i love the poppy belt in turquoise, purple, yellow, etc. i need a new belt. i hope it looks like that. πŸ™‚

  35. I love everything about the Margarita Clutch!! The pale pink flowers, the aged-looking leather…I could see myself carrying this on a daily basis.

  36. I love the Duomo Pattern Cuff Watch watch too…not too girly, but still detailed enough to catch your eye. Fabulous.

  37. Okay, so I need a new watch and the Ginger Cuff Watch is everything I could possibly want in one. The red floral design on the cuff is gorgeous, and I love the thickness of the strap. Perfect!

  38. wow wow wow! this stuff is incredible!
    The Sakura Steampunk Garden Cuff Watch is sooo beautiful!

  39. Oh my! I didn’t see this before! I need the Songbird iPhone Case for my iPhone! Right now I just have one of those silly plastic cases for it…this is just SO much prettier!

  40. My change always just ends up all over the bottom of my handbag!! I need the Hanako Coin Purse to control it AND keep it in a pretty case πŸ™‚

  41. I love the Poppy Purse because it’s sturdy in shape and looks like a good handbag for day to day life, but it has that extra “something”! Such a cute design!

  42. The Ginger Leather Sketchbook is perfect for me…I am an artist and have a sketchbook with me wherever I go. Even better if it’s a pretty one like this!

  43. The poppy purse sends me into a mad mad swoon, only to be sent into another by the pink poppy pouch.

    Lovely work and the colors knock me out!

  44. The Old Koi Purse is quite beautiful. Then again, everything is so lovely it’s hard to choose.

  45. these are all beautiful! i think my favorite must be: Jasmine Cadillac Purse Wallet – Leather in Yellow, Pink, White, Orange and Antique Black

  46. Oh MY GOD , I’m a little choked up, these pieces of Art remind me of my grandfather…

    I love the Poppy Purse, Sakura Steampunk Garden Cuff Watch, love it all!!

  47. Last one, I promise. I just saw the belts…the andes poppys belt and buckle are beauitful!

  48. OH, and ALSO LOVE the anchor wallet….love anchors and they have done a very good job of making this one original and good looking too!

  49. Not only do I think the name is AMAZING, but what a fun collection of items! I really had a hard time picking a fav from the wristlets…they were all beautiful,but if I HAD to choose it would be between the Spring Tara and the Rebecca wristlets.

  50. As I said, I love poppies, so it goes without saying that “Pink Poppy Purse Wallet – Leather in Pink, Peach, Yellow, Green, Brown and Antique Black” is also right up my alley. :o)

  51. Oh, my, I am loving every single item in this Etsy shop!
    I absolutely adore poppies, so I also a-DORE the “Poppy Purse – Leather in Pink, Orange, Green, Peach, Yellow and Antique Mahogany”

  52. last one, Dante Belt – Leather in Antique Brown. Simple and beautiful. This one looks like it would hold your pants up for years and years…

  53. Tequila Flask – Leather in Green, Red, White and Antique Brown. This flask would make me want to drink Tequila every day… awesome

  54. the ginger cuff watch. I love watches but hate wearing uncomfortable watches and this one looks like it would feel good on my wrist

  55. Such unique items! I love the anchor flask because, like the designer, I have always had a penchant for anchor designs, and this particular one is pulled off with such perfect stylized design with an authentic sea-worn feel – and it’s on a flask that I know my hubby would just love!

  56. The Pink Poppies Pouch – Leather in Pink, Green, Brown and More PINK is so sweet looking and I love how the flower stems wrap around the purse!

  57. Old Koi Purse – Leather in Coral, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gold and Antique Black

    The colors and flowers are so beautiful!

  58. Mezcal Flask – Leather in Gold, Brown, Red, Green, White and Antique Brown

    My little brother collects flasks and this would be a funny super cute addition to the collection.

  59. Ginger Pattern Purse – Sage Green, White and Antique Brown

    I love it!! The shape, the colors, the craftsmanship! Oh my…..if my hours haven’t been cut I would have to buy it!

  60. Love the Smokey Guitar Strap (in Antique Black)! I could just imagine how awesome it would be, as a musician, to have lyrics from one of your songs on your guitar strap.

  61. the “Koi Play in the Dark Purse – Leather in Pink, Black, Gold and Antique Black” is insanely gorgeous!

  62. and this to hold it all: Poppy Purse – Leather in Pink, Orange, Green, Peach, Yellow and Antique Mahogany. Mmm..I have never bought anything from Moxie and Oliver but it has been one of my fav Etsy stores for some time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. and the Poppy Coin Purse Wallet – Leather in Red, Orange, Yellow, and Mahogany Poppy Coin Purse Wallet – Leather in Red, Orange, Yellow, and Mahogany…

  64. Oh my. How to choose? I love it all but the poppies really catch my eye. I like the Poppy Pouch – Leather in Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown and Antique Black….

  65. I used to collect journals, and I’d love to add the Windy Owl journal to my collection! But would I write in something that nice? hmmm πŸ˜‰

  66. oh my word, the saddlebags. Can humans wear them? Or should I buy a horse just to get those lovely things? Woot!

  67. I’ve got my peepers all over the Koi Catch-all tray. How could a normally “blah” accessory look so damn cute!

  68. Am also loving the Ginger Tote – super roomy to stuff my university papers in there, and so beautiful as well πŸ™‚

  69. ohmigod. the store is super awesome!
    I love the Jasmine Coin Purse Wallet. The bird detail is gorgeous πŸ™‚

  70. The Ginger Catch All Tray would be a beautiful addition to my antique vanity table…and the perfect place to display my favorite jewelry pieces when not in use.

  71. The imperfect star details on the Stardust Pouch give it an almost punk-y vibe. I love that!

  72. I’ve never been a belt person, but the Andes’ Poppies Belt and Sparrow Buckle is making me change my mind…the bright colors are fun and the little sparrow detail on the buckle is great.

  73. The Sugar Skull Pocket Purse looks big enough to hold all of my stuff, which isn’t an easy feat!! The pretty pattern makes it even better.

  74. Aw, my little pooch needs the Charger Pattern Leather Dog Collar! She’ll be the prettiest girl on the street!

  75. I never thought a flask could be pretty…that is until I saw the Margarita Flask (leather in Pink, Green, Blue and Gold)! Makes me want to carry one!

  76. I think I’ve died and gone to handbag heaven! The Alaska Handbag (leather in Purple, Sage, White, Silver, and Mahogany) is beautiful! Bohemian and luxe at the same time.

  77. I’ve always had a thing for birds, so the Jasmine Locket Necklace (Leather in Silver, Pink, Sage Green and Antique Brown) is perfect for me! The little hummingbird makes me think of the one that is constantly buzzing around our feeder in the backyard.

  78. The Ginger Silver Cuff (leather in White, Sage and Antique Brown) is absolutely gorgeous…the kind of bracelet that I’d wear each and every day, no matter what my outfit was.

  79. I don’t know how I missed the Pink Poppies Pouch my first look through the shop’s items…pink and orange is probably my favorite color combo. In fact, I am attending a wedding in three weeks, and my dress is a floral print with lots of pink, orange, and coral shades. This would go perfectly!!

  80. How beautiful is the Hanako Locket (Leather in Pink, Red and Silver)?? I love unique jewelry, and this is just stunning.

  81. The Winged Heart Divided Pouch is also calling my name…I’m imagining the cute outfit I could put together around this!

  82. What an amazing Etsy shop!!!! I love just about everything, but the Sakura Steampunk Cuff Watch (Leather in Pink, White, Red and Antique Mahogany) is my favorite item!

  83. I love books and journals, so this caught my eye:

    Jasmine Journal – Leather in Yellow, Sage Green, White, Gold and Antique Mahogany

  84. Incredible designs-reminds me of my favorite place to be-next to my KOI pond!
    Koi Play Upstream – Leather in White, Silver and Blue

  85. Big Leather Poppy Pouch – Orange, Red, Yellow, and Green

    I love the colors and the design-this caught my attention the moment I clicked on it!

  86. My 19th birthday is on the 10th of July, what a nice day for a contest! I adore the old Koi purse, I love how the fish pays homage to retro tattoo culture!

  87. Kitty Purse – Leather with Dogwood Flowers in Pink, Orange, Gold, Tan, and Green -I am loving the colors and the design. Awesome!!

  88. Fabulous work on this site! I want everything-the designs and colors are fabulous! A favorite: Ginger Tote – Leather in White, Blue and Antique Brown

  89. Fabulous work on this site! I want everything-the designs and colors are fabulous! A favorite: Hugs Cuff Watch – Leather in Silver, White and Blue

  90. Fabulous work on this site! I want everything-the designs and colors are fabulous! one of my favorites: Hugs Journal – Leather in White, Silver and Blue

  91. i cannot just pick one thing that i love over at moxieandoliver’s etsy shop! however, the winged heard divided pouch caught my eye. a winged heart was my very first tattoo, and it has my last name in it. i’ll always be my father’s daughter, and having my last name on my body is a symbol of that.

    and i also love the woody flask. :o)

  92. The poppy coin purse wallet I love it. And I love poppies there one of my favorite flowers!

  93. Sakura Steampunk Purse!

    I am such a sucker for Japanese sakura blossoms… they bring back lovely memories of traveling to japan

  94. I need a little place to store all my random bits of paper and post its (I have a lot of ideas! sorry! lol), so the Spring Tara Purse Wallet would be nice to have. πŸ™‚

  95. Oh my, there is some serious craftsmanship going on here! The Ko-Ko wristlet is my fave!

  96. Oh My Gravy! Picking a favorite is really hard! I am totally in love with the ginger silver bracelet.. and the laptop messenger bag… and all the wristlets. Oh, it’s all so pretty!

  97. Wow! I am *loving* this store. My favorites are the punk watch with flowers, and the wristlet with the black bird. However, what leaves me gobsmacked, albeit with no use for them whatsoever, are the saddlebags…again, wow!

    Thanks for bringing this shop to my attention.

  98. I would have to say that my favorite piece is the Poppy Belt. The Turquoise, Yellow, and Purple flowers are perfectly in my color palette–this is one belt I would always wear, every day πŸ˜€

  99. Another fave is the Ginger Owl purse. I love owls and since my name is Ginger, this choice is a no-brainer!

  100. Oh my goodness! This shop is my new fave and i’ve got my eye on the Sakura Steampunk purse. Good luck fellow swooners!

  101. This stuff is gorgeous. The Winged Heart Divided Pouch is so pretty. It reminds me of the type of stuff I would graffiti my folders with back in school. πŸ™‚

  102. I’ve been looking for a taxi wallet for a while but couldn’t find any I liked. The ID wallet is perfect!

  103. No way! They were my first favorite etsy shop!! I LOVE the grace backpack. I’m not in school but I would totally wear this instead of a purse when going on daytrips, etc.

  104. i am love love loving the “Smokey Sakura Guitar Strap – Leather in Blue, Green, Red, Silver and Antique Black” nevermind that i don’t have a guitar. or play a guitar. or am not musically inclined in the slightest. i love it just the same!

  105. Oops! I suppose you are wondering why a belt needs a ‘bucket’? Buckle. A plain buckle.
    So I’ll throw this into the favourites too…Ginger Belt – Leather in Sage, White and Antique Brown. Beautiful.

  106. And Since I wear a belt everyday…I could use this one too…Poppy Belt – Leather in Turquoise, Purple, Yellow and Antique Black. Just a plain bucket to let the belt do the talking. So cool.

  107. I love the “Andes’ Poppies Belt and Sparrow Buckle – Leather Belt in Pink, Lime Green, Aqua, Silver and Antique Black with Silver and Copper Buckle”…
    I have a long standing love affair with Poppies. I have hundreds planted!

  108. I love tooled leather soooo much!

    I think my favorite right now is the Spring Tara Purse Wallet (Nut Trifold Wallet – Leather in Brown and Antique Brown), but I also saw a really neat backpack in there somewhere. They are tied for my favorite, absolutely.

    I think I’m gonna save my pennies and get that Nut Trifold Wallet for my boyfriend’s dad.

  109. I’m all over this giveaway- I love her stuff! I have a little poppy motif change purse and a notebook. Now I’m eyeballing anything with the Rebecca motif and those gorgeous golds- thx for the opportunity!

  110. *swoon* i am drooling over EVERYTHING! caitlin has the most amazing stuffs ever and so choosing a favorite is nearly impossible… one of them would have to be the “Sakura Steampunk Cuff Watch – Leather in Pink, White, Red and Antique Mahogany” because it’s just too awesome for words!

    thanks so much for the opportunity!

  111. I love all of the pieces! My favorite wristlet is the Ginger Wristlet – Leather in Sage, White and Antique Black. The colors are beautiful and the pattern is perfectly balanced. So incredible!!

  112. If only I had a Mac to go into this:
    Woody Laptop Messenger Bag – Leather in Antique Brown and Silver

  113. This is just what I have been looking for!
    Ginger Silver Cuff – Leather in White, Sage and Antique Brown

  114. I LOVE….Rebecca Cadillac Purse Wallet – Leather in White, Gold, Pink and Green Tea

  115. I love all their purses, they are so beautiful! Ginger Wristlet – Leather in Sage, White and Antique Black is My FAVORITE!!


  116. Whoa! I’m so in love with these wristlets…and I just looked over at the site – get ready because you’re about to get a few hundred comments from me! πŸ˜›

  117. I really like the Sugar Skull Pocket Purse. It does remind me of Dia de los Muertos, as its name implies!

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