She’s Crafty: A decoupaged wall plaque


I’ve been crafting up craftaliscious storm, my friends. This week I’ve finished up 3 projects that I will be sharing with you for She’s Crafty in the upcoming weeks.

Today, I am sharing a decoupaged wall plaque that I made using some wallpaper scraps Mr. Indie Fixx bought me  from Freshly Blended (Blog) and some of the lovely wallpaper from Smock (Etsy Shop).

If you sell crafty supplies and want to get in on the action, send me an email.




1. Decorative papers and/or wallpapers like the ones I used from Freshly Blended & Smock.
2. Mod Podge
3. Paintbrush
4. Ready made plague from the craft store
5. Scissors
6. Blade cutter
7. Ribbon
8. Pencil
9. Ruler
10. 2 thumbtacks—the ‘flat’ kind
11. Acrylic paint  (optional)



  • Trace the outline of the wall plague onto your background paper.
  • Use a paintbrush to apply the Mod Podge in a thing layer to the back of the background and then affix it to the plague. Make sure to stick it on good. You don’t want it to bubble.
  • Wait about 15 minutes for it to dry and then use the razor cutter to trim the paper edges where is overlaps the plague….that is if you didn’t do a good job tracing it like me.
  • Apply Mod Podge to the  front and make sure to overlap it onto the plague to help it stick. If you have never used  Mod Podge, it does dry clear.
  • Repeat the Mod Podge application with your detail papers. Making sure to dry in between steps or it may rip the paper.
  • Cut a length of ribbon after determining how much ribbon you want to show. Include an extra inch of ribbon when measuring.
  • Fold the ribbon ends over onto itself about 1/8″ at least 3 times.
  • Measure where to place the thumbtacks, you want them to be even from the ends of the plague. Stick the thumbtack through the ribbon end and stick it all the way into the wood. Do the other side and you are done.
  • I plan on painting the frame black, but I didn’t have any black acrylic paint…I will get around to it at some point.



Here are some of the gift wraps that are available from Smock (Etsy Shop). It’s sustainably offset printed on 100% post-consumer recycled heavyweight paper.  You get 2 sheets sized 24″ x 36″ for $8. They are double-sided too!


$2 wallpaper scrap packs from  Freshly Blended and all the proceeds are donated to the SPCA!


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