My recession garden: when slugs attack!

My Recession Garden is coming along…it’s loving all this rain we’ve been having in the Mid-Atlantic region. Unfortunately, I think the slugs have been loving all this rain as well and I’m starting to see some slug damage on my plants. Well, not on my watch, I tell you. I started setting out bowls of beer in the garden as slug traps. And, after just two nights, I’ve discovered almost 50 slugs floating in a nasty slug stew in the morning. Gross, but very effective.

Other than the slug problem, everything is doing wonderfully. We harvested our Boston Lettuce and took what we couldn’t eat to our local Food Bank. They have a special program called Plant a Row encouraging gardeners to donate their extra fresh produce. Your local Food Bank may have a similar program, click here to find one near you.

Here are some of the latest pics from the garden. Pretty soon we are going to have a shitastic amount of tomatoes! And the grass is tall because we are leaving the clover for the bees until we absolutely have to cut the grass…e plan on putting out more clover seed.






  1. I’m having a slug problem too. Urgh!! I set-up some beer traps but I’m not sure if it’s too late for my basil or not. Those beets look delicious 🙂

  2. I too have had issues with slugs invading my territory, namely the sidewalk into my back door creating an obstacle course when returning home in the dark. I have outline my sidewalk with crused eggshells that I saved and it has eliminated the need for any fancy steppin. Hope this helps you! The garden looks great!

  3. That’s quite a garden! Impressive! I believe Japanese beetles are giving our garden some trouble—so i have to get on that.

  4. your garden looks beeutiful. we have a container garden going b/c we live in an apt. complex, but have a big deck. we have 7 kinds of tomatoes growing, but as of now only 5 are starting to fruit, i think i planted the other 2 too late. but the ones that are big are totally amazing – i can’t wait til all the green tomatoes turn red and yellow and orange and striped!

  5. Picked some beets last night and they were a little smal, but oh so good.

    Hmm, not sure what I’m going to do with the beets besides just cook ’em up and eat ’em! I do like to flavor them with dill. Will also eat some of the greens as well.

    I do only have 6 plants.

  6. wow! i am jealous of your beets. mine are little wimps compared to yours.

    out here in seattle we of course have slug issues. we have huge banana slugs. i’ve outlined my garden with sand to keep those thieves away and it works too.

  7. Yum!! Wow! Your garden looks great!

    We just harvested a couple of our radishes yesterday, but the rest of our garden has a ways to go…

    We kinda got a late start on it.

    We use the beer bowls for our slug traps too! Works great! However, every once in a while, we’ll come out and the beer will be totally gone…weird…

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