June’s Feed Your Soul: the free art project Monday downloads: week 4


Three more June Feed Your Soul downloads for you today. Make sure to print them all out and enjoy! Also, read the mini interviews with the artists—I just love to hear about their inspirations and how they feed their souls.


Melody Seal – Melody Seal’s work deals with narratives of some kind and she tries to find different ways to create a story. Although primarily influenced by her own experiences, she also draws inspiration from her imagination, memories, the carnival, masks, things that are not quite what they seem as well as her childhood growing up in the depths of Africa. She mainly concentrates on drawing, painting and printmaking, particularly in a children’s book and editorial context, but she also enjoys prop making and puppetry. See more on her website, in her Esty shop and on flickr.

1. How do you describe your work?

I would describe my work as a blurred line between everyday reality and the make-believe, like a doorway.  Sometimes everything is completely normal, like a London street, and then other times I find unexpected things creeping in from my imagination.

2. What are your inspirations in your art and life?

My influences are: Things that are not what they seem, the circus, masks, the theater, puppets, mundane everyday life, reflections in glass and water, hidden things, people, diversity and differences.

3. What do you do to feed your soul?

To feed my soul I stare at the sky and the clouds for ages, daydream, talk to random cats and most of all, I draw.

Download Melody Seals Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!


flossy-p – flossy-p is an illustrator from Australia. A little while back she relocated from a big city to a very small village tucked between the beach and the bush. This move changed alot of things in her life, including what she illustrates. Through her city-girl eyes she is spying all sorts of new things, and now fills her pages with discoveries from her new garden and town. See more on her website, blog, and etsy shop.

1. How would you describe your work?

When I lived in Sydney I all my material came from people; overhearing conversations on the trains, watching people interact, the movement of a crowd. Since moving to a very small coastal village my work has become all about documenting and responding to all the new natural elements around me… I’ve brought people with me in the form of portraits, but I think they are more to keep me company.

2. Tell us about the inspiration for this piece.

I concentrated on the feeling of having a well fed soul, num num num; contentment, joy and an inner glow. It was also a big dash of wish fulfillment, it’s been raining torrentially here for the last few weeks. I was craving some bright colour, strong sun light, and being able to see something drift on a breeze, rather than being pummeled to the ground by giant rain drops.

3. How do you feed your soul?

By listening to good music, finishing tasks I set out to do, learning new skills, drawing painting sewing sculpting stuff, laughing at little things, getting up out of my chair and going for a good long walk, and doing nice things for other people. A little bit of sunshine wouldn’t hurt right now either.

Download flossy-p’s Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!


Heidi Burton – Heidi Burton is a 29 year old illustrator living in Cambridge, UK. She studied Illustration at Kent Institute of Art and Design and has continued to develop and exhibit her work since graduating. Heidi is a mischievous explorer-type with a love of the wilderness. These days she explores human nature; social interaction, overheard conversations, and the quirks of individuals – for concepts and character ideas. See more in her Etsy Shop, on flickr and on her blog.

1. How do you describe your work?

Although I thoroughly enjoy illustrating poetry and literature of a somber nature… a lot of cheeky, impish drawings for children seem keep eke-ing out.

2. What are your inspirations in your art and life?

Quirky facets of an individual’s personality that you only notice through closely observing them, tea-drinking in good company, psychedelic music festivals, and the imagination of illustrator/author Tove Jansson. I also really love the game ‘Samorost

3. What do you do to help feed your soul

I’ve reverted back to the underrated, forgotten art of letter writing, and I keep journals too. Writing is so much more personal than sending an e-mail, a letter carries presence, and I feel lighter for physically putting words down. My friends and family always receive handmade cards on special occasions too.

Download Heidi Burtons Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!


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