It’s my birthday & I will give away shiznit if I want to!!!

Today, I am old. I am as old as mom. Well, not how old my mom is today, but how old my mom was when I thought she was an old lady. She wasn’t an old lady though, but just a young mother, and I am not old, but I used to think that the age I am today was so ancient and so far away that I would never be that old. Well, I was wrong…today is my birthday and I am that old.

I’m not going to say that ‘O’ word anymore, but instead I’m just going to share a bit of wisdom I’ve learned over the years….which is that time flies whether you are having fun or not. You better make the most of things and have some fun goddammit, so you don’t wake up one day, when you are actually old (like 84), and wonder what the hell happened. That’s enough preaching for today, on to funner things.

In Indie Fixx tradition, it may be my birthday, but today I am giving away the presents! I have TEN PRIZES to give away to TEN WINNERS!Β  You can see the prizes below as well as visit the shops who donated them.

How to win?

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post wishing me some birthday cheer! Also, make sure to share your top 3 shops from all the prize choices below and tell me what you would put your gift certificate (or winner’s choice) towards for each of your top three shops.

I will choose 10 random commenters to win and hopefully it will work out that each winner will be able to win one of their top three prize choices.

This giveaway will end Monday, June 22nd at 11:59 am EST.Β  Good luck to all of you and Happy Birthday to me! I hope I get some birthday loot that’s as wonderful as all these prizes!



  • Win a $25 gift certificate from Able Mabel. I think this Stash N Go Pouch is quite nice, don’t you?





  • Win a winner’s choice (8×10 or smaller) photo from Hilary Hitchcock. You are gonna have trouble choosing just one…


  • Win a $25 gift certificate from Berd & Bee. I fell in love with their candles, but these embroidery mugs are pretty freakin’ cool too.


  • Win a $30 gift certificate from Panopoly. Wee ceramic wonder indeed!


  • Win a $25 gift certificate from Brooklyn Soul. Earrings or a necklace…I’d go with some earrings!


  • Win a $25 gift certificate from Up Up Creative.Β  Hmm, paper. It does a person good. I like this ‘I’m sorry your _______ sucks so much’ card!

237 thoughts on “It’s my birthday & I will give away shiznit if I want to!!!

  1. Happy belated Birthday, have a good one =). Your website is fantastic, it has all the coolest stuff.

  2. The entry period for this contest ended June 22nd at 11:59 am EST.

    You may continue to leave birthday wishes for me though. πŸ˜‰

  3. I love Something Blue at Hilary Caroline Jewelry- well, I love a ton of the things at Hilary Caroline Jewelry, but that’s standing out today. I have a similar difficulty deciding from lilyella’s collection; the garden branch bracelet? The Waterlilly Landing necklace?

    At panpoly I would absolutely stock up on those gorgeous buttons- I’ve never been able to resist buttons.

    And I know it’s only supposed to be three, but my love of labradorite demands I give Mazie’s Searchlight earring a mention. Gorgeous!

  4. Many happy birthday wishes.

    #1. Berd and Bee
    #2. Up Up Creative
    #3. Hilary Caroline Jewelry

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful! πŸ™‚

    So hard to choose just 3 favorites! But I love Maizie Designs, especially the necklace you pictured and the In the Navy lariat. I also love the Oak Leaf bangle bracelet at BrooklynSoul and the Tree Serving Plate at Berd and Bee. Thank you so much for introducing me to such fabulous shops!

  6. How could I ever choose just three items?! I love all of them! The necklace featured from Hilary Caroline Jewelry is gorgeous! And I love the purse featured too! Wow, very hard to choose just three …. I could list items all day long …
    Of course, who wouldn’t love a personalized mug!!!

    Thank you for the giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday !
    I love all these shops and would be happy to receive from any of these shops but my top three favorites are:

    Hillary Caroline
    Vintage Red Bird Cameo Charm

    Olive Sally Bag

    take a long calender

  8. Happy Birthday! You are growing wiser! Thanks for the nice giveaways!

    My top 3 choices:
    1. Maizie’s Solstice Necklace
    2. Panopoly’s Ceramic Buttons
    3. Able Mable’s Stash N Go Pouch

  9. Birthday’s should be filled with happiness no matter how ‘old’ you are!! Happy birthday!! Actually, I wish I was older so I could create my own blog just like all you creatively cool people do!

    My choices –
    1) Hilary Caroline Jewelry: Bluebelle Necklace
    2) Berd & Bee: Soy Pear Candles
    3) Lillyella: Spring Morning Necklace


  10. Happy BDay indiefixx!! Hope it was grand! Here’s how I would spend my BDay GCertificates:
    1 – Berd & Bee typewriter monogram mug
    2 – anything Lillyella!
    3 – Up Up Creative Papergooods!!


  11. Happy Birthday! You are in good company, as my son turned five on Saturday. : )

    I will be happy to win any of the lovely things I see on this fabulous site!

  12. Happy Birthday!
    We all get older, unfortunately…
    But I learned when I hit 40 that all we can do is ignore the numbers & just be the best we can be right now!

  13. Wishing you a wonderful and memorable Birthday..and many more to come !!

    My choices of the vast selection of lovely shops would be:
    1. Brooklyn Soul…Citron Earrings..stunning!
    2. Maizie…Pomegranite Punch !!
    3. Hilary Caroline…Under Lock and key Necklace..very talented artist !!
    Thankyou for sharing on this special day for you!

  14. I love birthdays. Hope your is great.
    these pics are my fav:
    up up creative
    berd and bee
    abel mabel

  15. HEY! Happy Birthday!!!! Hah well at least you didnt have your old age crisis like me when I turned 21! LOL! yes thats right…21. I realized i could never get away with the stuff i used to, and that I was an official adult. I don’t refer to people as being old anymore unless they ARE say…90! You can offend so many people that way! I work with woman in an OR who are majority over 45 so I know when to be careful! LOL!

    I purchased jewerly from Lillyella and Hilary Caroline yesterday, so those two shops are a definite fav! I LOVE THEIR stuff!
    My third choice would have to be Berd and Bee, cute mugs!!!!

    Thanks! and Good Luck to everyone!!! πŸ™‚

  16. I hope you had a great birthday! (Or birfday) πŸ˜€
    Able Mable — the exercise magnet is awesome…and cute headbands too.
    Berd & Bee — all of those candles look fantastic – especially the tree ones.
    And the feelgood cards from Up Up Creative are so cute.
    Hope you gave yourself some good stuff too!

  17. Jaded Roses – Carved Olive Jade Flower Beads with Thick Gold Plated Chain Bracelet from Hilary Caroline

    Garden Branch Bracelet from LilyElla

    Red and Black Set of 4 Coasters from Able Mabel

    So fun to pick!

  18. Hey Happy Birthday IndieFIXX!
    IF I am chosen
    I would like to donate my winnings to 3 deserving people of your choice. after all it is YOUR Birthday! Live LARGE and PROSPER! Rock on

  19. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Nice giveaway!
    Top three (actually I love them all!!)
    1-hilarycaroline, peace dove necklace (I’m loving yellow these days!)
    2-panopoly, wee petal cup
    3-BerdandBee hand painted tree mug
    I want it allllll! πŸ™‚ Awesome shops.
    -Christina, coffeeandcream on etsy

  20. Happy Birthday!! Two things to always remember:
    1- We didn’t get old, we just learned how to act in public.
    2- Girls like us NEVER look bad. πŸ™‚
    Enjoy every moment of YOUR day.
    My three picks for your giveaway are:
    Lillyella – Sweetpea Trellis Earrings
    Maizie – Solstice Necklace (I have a thing for rutilated quartz)
    Able Mabel – can’t decide between the Blue Flower Half Apron or Sparrow.
    Who doesn’t love presents???
    esty: TheSilverAcorn

  21. Happy Birthday to you!

    Lillyella- Nouveau & pearls necklace
    Berd & Bee- mongram coffee cup
    Brooklyn Soul- Honey Child{necklace}


  22. I hope that your birthday was wonderful! You are so generous to give away gifts.
    My favorite shop is Up Up Creative. I would pick her Feelgood List. That is such a wonderful idea to be able to check off the stuff that makes you happy instead of chores.
    Next is Maizie and I’d love to have her Solstice Necklace also. I’m copycatting you, I guess.
    Lastly, Able Mable, I am really liking the Poppies Sign. Its so sunny and happy.
    thanks for your generosity,

  23. Happy Birthday!!
    Giveaways are soo fun, and it feels better to give than receive i think πŸ˜‰
    although I’m not dissing receiving hahaha
    I really like all of lillyella’s shop! If I had to pick one thing, it would be lilypad landing !
    Able Mable’s shop is also pretty cool, I like her grey and yellow Stash-N-Go pouch, but the one you picked is also neat!
    Lastly I would pick Mazie’s Bring May Flower necklace…Although its hard to choose!
    Good luck everyone!
    etsy: DominiqueD

  24. Happy Birthday!

    I would choose Lillyella-Garden Branch Bracelet
    Brooklyn Soul-Noveau2 earrings
    Berd and Bee- Handpainted Tree Coffee mug

  25. Happy Birthday! What an awesome give-away, thanks for the chance to win some seriously awesome stuff. Here are my top 3:
    1.Ablemabel:Red Birdie Blanket
    2. hilarycaroline: Kiwi Babe
    3.Maizie: Bring may flowers necklace

  26. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating don’t worry about getting older. i look at it like every year i get wiser and less prone to do stupid stuff : )

    Ok so my top 3 shops are:
    Up Up Creative – I love the suck so much cards but the printable recipe cards would be so useful as all my recipes are on random bits of paper!
    Panopoly – I love the ceramic poem pendants, such a sweet idea.
    Berd & Bee – the doily pillow is my fave (love the color and pattern) followed by the embroidery mug.

    Thanks for doing this fab giveaway!

  27. Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini!

    Boy do I need a pair of earrings! With that in mind my choices are…
    Brooklyn Soul
    Berd & Bee cause that mug is AWESOME!

  28. I hope you celebrated your birthday well! My favorites…hmm, there are so many to choose from! I suppose if I absolutely have to pick three, here they are, and what I would choose from their shop πŸ™‚

    Lillyella – Uncaged earrings
    panopoly – Tulip Vase
    BrooklynSoulJewelry – Citron earrings


  29. happy happy birthday!!!

    hard as the choice was to make for top three and then further to pick a favorite from each of those, i’ve finally got it:
    1. lillyella – drop of sunshine necklace
    2. maizie – solstice necklace
    3. up up creative – personalized stationary & suck, font and merci cards


    ps – that’s not old :o)

  30. Have a wonderful birthday. I do love the Personalized Stationery Set from UP UP Creative.

  31. Happy Birthday! Live it up and pursue all of your birthday dreams! I hope your wishes come true!
    My three:
    1. Able Mabel- Dreams Double Light Switch Cover
    2. Lillyella-
    Spring Morning Necklace
    3. Berd & Bee- Handpainted Tree Coffee Mug

  32. Happy Happy Birthday to You!

    My 3 favorites are:

    Lillyella – love the Blossom Cluster Necklace in silver

    Maizie – Perfect Union necklace

    Berd&Bee – Embroidery Mug

    Have a great day!

  33. I love the Solstice necklace by maizie, the buttons by Panopoly, and I totally love the “I’m sorry your—-sucks card by Up Up Creative.

    I hope your birthday is great and gives you a year’s worth of happy memories.


  34. Happy Happy Birthday! I find the trick to aging is pick an age you like and stick with it! Hope you get lots of great love and presents!

    My top three picks would be:
    I totally dig the citron earrings at Brooklyn Soul.
    berdandbee’s shop tree coffee mug is fresh and pretty!
    At Panopoly I’m having a tough time choosing, I like the wagon wheel and clover buttons, but the sky planter is totally cute too.

  35. happiest of birthdays to you!!!

    1. up up creative- love the recipe cards!!
    2. hilary caroline-oh that bird cameo is adorable! mable-i want to cuddle with one of those baby blankets!

  36. I hope you had a happy, fun-filled, decadent, cake-eating day.

    My top three shops are:
    1. Penelope Rakov (I’d put that certificate toward the small red slice necklace)
    2. Able Mabel (I’d get that flowered stash and go pouch)
    3. Berd and Bee (the handapainted tree platter though those embroidery mugs are awfully cute.)
    Anna S.

  37. Although it isn’t close to your 100th, its something to aim for
    One Hundredth Birthday -by Kim Bridgford

    Your birthdays now are lit with irony,
    And years build up like tombstones on the cake.
    You use one candle for simplicity.

    Anticipation mixes with an ache
    That makes you wonder how you got this far,
    And when. At thirty, things became a blur,
    And then the weary nonsense of the rest.
    One hundredth birthday bash! It’s a mistake,
    You say, and they count out for you, alike,
    With rapid fingers all your days. No test:
    You can’t believe you are three numbers strong.

    You’ve become a span of time where people go
    To reevaluate where man went wrong.
    Time’s diplomat, you smile, and then you blow.

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN; And you are not old. At my age I can say I’m old as dirt!. As my children ask me about coming across the prairie in a ‘covered wagon’. I have to admit the pony express was here befor I arrived. But as I keep this saying hanging by computer I’ll share it with you. You have most likly seen and read this dozens of times already:”Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving saftly in a pretty and well preserved body,but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and proclaiming ‘WOW, WHAT A RIDE”!! That is my motto in life. (I’m almost 70).
    The three things I like best are (although I like them all:
    #1 PANOPOLY love the ‘twee bowls and spoons.
    #2 BERT AND BEE Embroidery cup. LOVE IT.
    #3 BROOKLYNSOUL, the gold rush necklace is lovely.

  39. Happy belated!

    My top three:

    1. upup: so many things! maybe the stationery
    2. berdandbee: embroidery or monogram mug
    3. maizie: solstice necklace

  40. Happy Birthday to you!

    Wow, hard choices, but my faves are

    1. Berd & Bee-embroidery mug with an A

    2. Able Mable-Flower Cascade Double Light Switch Cover

    3. Panopoly-CUSTOM — ceramic ring

  41. Happy Birthday Day!!!

    My top three are
    Brooklyn Soul: flutter {earrings}
    maizie: Just the Basics Necklace
    lillyella: Honey Blossom Bracelet

    Hope you enjoy you day.

  42. Happy Birthday! Great picks as always.
    My top 3:
    1) Maizie – the Solstice Necklace rocks!
    2) lillyella – Reversible Locket Necklace
    3) Brooklyn Soul – oceanus necklace
    All about the jewelry πŸ™‚

  43. Happy birthday… and many more!
    UP UP – cherry blossom notecards
    AbleMabel ` Red Birdie Blanket
    Berd & Bee – Beeswax Pinecone Candle

  44. Happy birthday!
    Able Mabel-Blue throw pillow with green trim
    Lillyella-springtime sparrow necklace
    berd & bee-hand painted serving plate

  45. Wow, free things, NICE free things, and a Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

    #1 I love lillyella, gorgeous designs
    #2 Panopoly, I would def. make some cool stuff with those!
    #3 Brooklyn Soul, is a must wear!

    Thanks for the great contest!!

  46. Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I completely agree with your advice by the way. And P.S. I am getting “old” too.. but don’t tell anyone.. and I recently heard I might soon be uncool as well.. but I am dealing with it. Hope you have a wonderful bday. πŸ™‚

  47. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s great!

    All of the shops are really lovely! Here are my choices

    1. spoton – really red ring necklace
    2. ablemabel – olive sally bag
    3. upup – β€˜I’m sorry your _______ sucks so much’ card!

  48. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift on the occasion of your birthday. I would have to say the Hilary Caroline’s soaring rose necklace, Lillyella’s nouveau lily and pearl necklace or a soy pinecone candle at Berd & Bee.

  49. Thanks for the chance to enter these contests, and hope your birthday was enjoyable.

  50. Happy Birthday may all your days have warmth, love, and health.
    I am going to be different.
    Penelope Rakov Hilary Caroline Jewelry Lillyella

  51. Happy Birthday! You’re only as old as you feel. My age is probably twice as old as I actually feel, so I’m a spring chicken!

    I love your choices! My favorites are: Maizie, Lillyella, and Able Mabel. Looks like I need to do some on-line shopping.

  52. Happy birthday!!! I hope you get to do something great.

    I love the polaroid transfer prints from Hilary Hitchcok.

    The embroidery mugs are rad, but I also really like the tree candles from Berd and Bee.

    The Mum’s The Word ring from Able Mable is quite gorgeous. I would definitely add that to my collection.


    I want it known that this should be song loudly and very off key. More fun that way.

    Fun goodies:
    1) lillyella’s Springtime Sparrow neclace in silver with blue lustre flowers
    2) maiziedesigns Rustic Pearl earrings
    3) BrooklynSoul Chaos Ring {2}

    Seriously, have a Happy Birthday! Do what you want and wear a cheesy plastic tiara πŸ˜€

  54. Honey…old is just a state of mind. From what I see from your work…I’d say you’re 21 years old!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! πŸ˜€

    It was hard to choose, such great collections!! Anyway, here it goes: I would love anything from Berd & Bee (such a lovely shop) especially the tree printed serving plate or the botanical coasters. Two: ABEL MABEL’s stash, especially the yellow circles one and her Birdie magnets. Last: LILLYELLA’s Silver Garden Branch Bracelet.

    Thanks Lady!! Party hard…doesn’t matter what others said!!


  55. Happy Birthday Jen!

    You are NOT old! (I should know – this year is a big birthday for me, with a six and a zero in it – and I’M NOT OLD EITHER!)

    I hope you have the most wonderful year of your life.

    I love this throw pillow from AbleMabel:

    Also, this Tree Mug from berdandbee:

    And, these Verdigris leaf earrings from Brooklyn Soul:

    You always show the most wonderful things! I just wish I had more cash in hand these days, but I still try to buy handmade whenever possible!

  56. Odd. I wrote out a huge dealio yesterday but didn’t immediately see it posted to the comments. I guess it didn’t work!!! *sigh*

    Happy Birthday yesterday!!! I hope you had a fantabulous day!!!

    1) I’m in so much love with lillyella’s shop. I dare say I might drop a bit of $$ on it before I find out if I win this!! I’m in complete and utter love with her Forget Me Knot Bracelet!!! I also love her Waterlilly Landing and Broadleaf Buttercup necklaces!

    2) I’m lusting after Hilary Caroline’s Jewelry! I’d buy Posie – Pink Chrysanthemum and Vintage Speckled White Beads on Gunmetal Chain Necklace and the Navy Lady necklace in a heartbeat if my purse would allow it!!!

    3) I liked the painted mugs and plates on Berd and Bee but what had me at hello was the Modern Doily Pillow!! I don’t know where I would put it if I bought it but I know I’d have to buy at LEAST 5 more just to keep that one pillow company!!

    Again I hope you had a happy birthday!!!

  57. Happy birthday. I just celebrated my milestone this month. sigh. But my mom is turning 65 and i would love to get her something from my three faves:
    up up creative
    Berd & Bee
    able mabel

  58. I adore everything you have here! But if I was tortured and forced to pick three

    I love the Ivory Floral Stash and Go purse from Able Mable
    I love the handpainted mugs at Berd and Bee (especially the one you picked)
    I love Up Up’s personalized stationery set

    Very happy bday Jen! I think you look sprightly and youthful and fabulous.

  59. Happy Happy Birthday! Great website.

    My favorites are:
    Berd & Bee
    Brooklyn Soul

    Have a great birthday!

  60. Happy Birthday. I always thought that June would be a better month to have a birthday..than December. (It sucks).

    I really liked the Honey Blossom Bracelets at Lilyella. In fact, a number of her bracelets caught my eye.

    I am a scrapbooker and the buttons at panopoly are georgous! Dare I use them on a page instead of a dresss?

    And I love serving pieces so the addition of the Handpainted Tree Service plate from Etsy would be nice.

    Celebrate out loud, girl!

  61. Happy happy bday-you are still a youngun’! Try being my age {almost 44 shhh}-Celebrate all weekend!

    Fav shops & what goodies caught my eyes:

    Brooklyn Soul-those romantic Nouveou2 romantic earrings!
    Panopoly- a mix of the blue-green star buttons with the desert sand star buttons to use for scrapbooking and altered art
    and lastly BerdandBee’s ultra cool Handpainted Tree Coffee Mug-I’d like to have gc towards a pair…very very cool stuff

  62. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jeeeeennnnn, happy birthday to you!

    my choices
    1. maiziedesigns, solstice necklace
    2. panapoly, a pendant and a wee bowl
    3. Berd and Bee, the tree coffee mug and serving plate.

    such a hard choice to make!

  63. May your day — and live — be filled with joy!

    I love that solstice necklace so even though everything is beautiful, I’d go with that. Oh my, she’s got some pretty earrings, too. The frozen lemonade ones are fantastic.

    Second? How can anything so beautiful be second? So second first: lillyella’s garden branch bracelets and Secret Life of Bees earrings.

    Third first: abelmabel’s Sparrow collage. Sweet but more than sweet; simple but complicated. Wonderful.

    Why oh why haven’t I been doing more shopping on etsy? Thank you for bringing these artists to my attention — I just needed a little push!

  64. Happy birthday hope its great πŸ™‚

    1)panopoly is way cool, those buttons rock to no end!
    2) Hilary Caroline Jewelry is way to AMZING!!!
    3)Lillyella is extremely neat too

    thanks, i hope you have/had a fab birthday πŸ™‚

  65. Happy Birthday Jen! I think old ladies are cool, but old to me is like 70. I’m actually in a couples group and we call ourselves the “Pre-Old Couples!”

    I love this stash pouch from Able Mabel:

    Berd & Bee’s handpainted monogram mug is a great item:

    Up Up’s printable calendar is like the paper pda that I always wanted:

  66. Hi and happy birthday! My favourite ones (although I like all of them) are:
    -Panopoly: as a knitter myself, I always love beautifull buttons for my handknits. And Panopoly has lots and lots of them!!
    -Berd&bee: I like all their mugs… but what really catches me is the vintage metal pear.
    -Able Mabel: their stash-n-go purse or any of their minky blankets… and yes, I have a little girl who’s willing to use them ;).

  67. I hope you had a great birthday! I didn’t feel old until I found my first gray hair last week. Is it normal to start getting gray hairs at 34? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Pretty soon my grandmother and I are going to look like twinsies. Happy Birthday!!

    Berd & Bee: Handpainted Tree Serving Plate

    Able Mabel: Blue Flower Half-apron

    Lillyella: Silver Garden Branch Bracelet


  68. singing….Happy Birthday to you, and 100 more! Very generous gifts. I am actually entering for my niece. Her birthday is 6/20 and she loves jewelry! I love the Brooklyn Soul, Penelope Rakov and Hilary Caroline shops.
    Come on over to my house sometime. I can offer free sample kits of Mary Kay Cosmetics if you like. I will be making some things this year to giveaway and sell on etsy as well.
    Big hug, Deborah

  69. happy happy birthday!!!!!

    1. abel mabel! love her wares. i would have to go with sharing the love with my friend who has taken on guardianship of a great niece, a flower lovie, or for myself the purple flower stash.

    2. maize!!! oh those one fine day earrings, need some red.

    3. up up creative….those sympathy cards are hilarious. and some personalized happy stationary!

    hope you have a grand day!


  70. Hello, and happy birthday! I read your words of wisdom about getting out there and enjoying your life instead of watching it go by, and today I’m going to go out and have some fun goddammit!

    My favorites are:
    *Abel Mabel’s Olive Sally Bag (beautiful)
    *lillyella’s Flutter Necklace (this was a hard choice – her jewelry is amazing)
    *Berd & Bee’s Vintage Botanical Coasters (I love collecting eclectic random things for my future dream house)

    Best wishes!

  71. Happy happy birthday!! Keep up the fabulousity!

    My top 3 shops:

    Lillyella–reversible locket necklace

    Berd & Bee- scented soy pear candle

    Panopoly-So many stars ceramic pendant

    Thank you so much and sending birthday blessings your way!

  72. Hi love, happy birthday! enjoy your day and have fan today and the rest of the year. Travel, eat, craft and have your friends close to you πŸ™‚
    All goods are fantastic, but I have to choice, so…
    *Up up creative
    thanks for being so generous

  73. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Jen,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    I enjoyed checking out each and every shop!! They are all wonderful and unique,so i cannot pick a favorite!! I did find many great things including:
    The Blossom Cluster Necklace made by Lillyella. I love Lillyella!! I have discovered her shop recently and love the concept of “Jewelry Inspired By Nature”.
    Next was the adorable Tree(handpainted)coffee mug at Berd and Bees!! I think i am still going with the Nature theme;)
    I also found the Vine Necklace that i Love at Brooklynsouljewelry!!
    Great post and shops!!
    Thank you and CHEERS;)


    Hope you have a wonderful one… even tho you’re “your mom’s old age.”

    Here are my top 3 picks!!!
    1. maiziedesigns: sweet sea earrings. totally cute!!
    2.upup creative: LOVE the cards you found. those are hilarious!! but i also like the green leaf print. cute. on: field of greens pendant. πŸ™‚

  75. Happy Birthday again…I posted earlier with all my picks but I can’t find it in the comments….????

  76. Happy birthday! When my Gramma was my age she already had four kids…not so much over here.

    I love:

    1. Brooklyn Soul Jewelry’s nouveau2 {earrings}

    2. lillyella’s Broadleaf Buttercup Necklace

    3. berdandbee’s Handpainted Tree Serving Plate

  77. Happy birthday! May your coming year be full of happiness & good times with friends and family:)

  78. Happy Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini!!! Aren’t Geminis the best? πŸ™‚

    Here are my top 3:

    1) Berd & Bee – I *love* the Typewriter Monogram mugs!
    2) Maizie – the Solstice necklace is beautiful.
    3) hilarycaroline – the Aqua Bella necklace is gorgeous.

  79. Happy Birthday!!
    I’m just over the midnight mark so I guess I should say Happy Belated Birthday. I hope your day was wonderful!

  80. Thank you for such a great opportunity!

    Many many blessing for YOU, little magnificent Birthday Girl!
    My 3 favs are :
    Hillary Caroline
    Up Up Creative

    have a wonderful night now!

  81. Happy Happy Birthday!!! MY birthday is coming up on the 26th and wouldn’t it be cool is we could both benefit from your birthday giveaway?

    My top three shops!
    1. Panoply. The Buttons! MY goodness, I have so many knitting projects in need of awesome buttons and that’s what I’d use my gift cert. for.
    2.AbleMabel has some fantastic pouchs as well as a gorgeous lightswitch plate.
    3.Berd & Bee β€” I have to agree, those mugs are awesome! The avid tea-drinker in me squeals with delight.

    Thanks again for an awesome contest and as they say it in Hebrew, yom heledet sameach!

  82. Happpy Birthday!!!! πŸ™‚ Sending glittery wishes your way!

    My top 3 favorites:
    Berd & Bee embroidery mugs! so cute!
    Lillyella necklace is just lovely!
    & love the Able Mable stash n go pouch!

  83. happy Birthday!!! I love your website and the way you think. I always try to give back to my parents on my birthday, but I think it’s awesome of you to share your day with others. ^_^

    This is so tough to pick.
    1. hilary caroline= either the rosalie necklace or the sedona because it’s so bright!
    2. berdandbee embroidery cups are adorable!
    3. up up creative- all of it!

  84. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s lots of fun!

    And if I was lucky enough to win, I’d love:
    the handpainted tree coffee mug from Berd & Bees
    the volcanic blue vase from Panopoly
    and the Green Flowers stationary set (and several of the wedding invite sets – my baby sister is getting married and I’ll probably point her there as another option) from Up Up Creative

  85. My birthday is on the 17th!!!! WOOWWOWWWWW!! Happy birthday to us!!! No, we’re not old, sister! Hahahaha it’s so much fun to have a birthday friend, aren’t we two lucky geminis?

    now now, If I were lucky enough to get picked, I choose

    Brooklyn Soul…
    Hilary Caroline!

  86. Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    What wonderful presents.
    my top 3 are:

    berd and bee: Embroidery Mug
    wee tea cup — french vanilla
    up up creative: Feelgood List — Custom Printable Life List

  87. Have yourself a happy little birthday and through out the years may this day always bring you love and cheer. So have yourself a happy little birthday time.
    Please sing to the tune: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Although I make no guarantees… it worked out while I was singing and typing it.
    I love any and all crafts. I do think the polymer work of Penelope Rakov is cool – I also like the Berd & Bee mug.

  88. Happy birthday, my dear! I hope you end up giving yourself a gift as well! As for my favorite little gifties, I’m diggin’ on the…

    1. Nouveau Lily and Pearls Necklace at Lillyella

    2. Leaflet Earrings at Brooklyn Soul

    3. Sedona Necklace at Hilary Caroline

    Thanks!! =)

  89. Omedetou <– Japanese!

    Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    My favorites:
    -hilarycaroline: moonbeam (and I really loved 4 others there, too!)

    – lillyella: infinite garden (reversible locket is lovely, too)

    – maizie: urchin necklace

    Love the stuff you post!

  90. Happy B’Day to you!!
    Wow, how to choose from all these wonderful shops but here goes:
    June Shin – Leaf earrings
    Maizie – Solstice Necklace
    and last but not least actually my favorite right off the top is
    Berd & Bee – Give me, give me, give me-Mugs, Candles, and everything else!!
    Awesome giveaway and awesome list of shops to come back to time and again.
    Thanks for the great info and thanks for the chance to win on your Birthday too!!

  91. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you’re so generous, giving away stuff on your birthday, this is when people are supposed to be giving you stuff!

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would love some jewelery from
    -Hilary caroline (the bring in spring necklace!)
    -brooklynsoul (the flutter gold bracelet)
    -lillyella (the same necklace that you would get, it’s so gorgeous!)

    I hope you’ve had a lovely birthday!
    (ps, I am following you on twitter!)

  92. Happy Happy Birthday!! And never think you’re old – ‘you’re only as old as you feel’! πŸ˜›

    I’m SO in love with Hilary Caroline…so right now I don’t have a favorite. I’d have to sit and really think on that! lol
    I think I’d probably go with the solstice necklace as well from Mazie Designs, or the Bring May Flowers necklace.
    Also, I think I’d definitely put the GC to the Modern Doily Pillow from Berd and Bee – so pretty!

    I hope your birthday is great!!

  93. My top 3 shops and designs are:
    Berd & Bee – The Embroidery Mug
    Brooklyn Soul – Choas {ring} in copper
    Up Up Creative – Cherry Blossom Time – Note Card Set

  94. Well Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! And many thanks for the giveaway!!!!

    I like:
    the silver garden branch bracelet from Lillyella.
    Across the great divide necklace from Maizie.
    Personalized stationery from Up Up Creative.

  95. Happy HAPPY Birthday!
    Enjoy your day and may that year that follows exceed whatever you could have wished for!
    My top 3 pick-er-oos:
    *hilary caroline
    *brooklyn soul

  96. I hope you are having a great birthday!

    My favorite shops/items that I would get if I won are:
    Lillyella – Broadleaf buttercup necklace
    Brooklyn Soul – Flutter bracelet
    AbleMabel – Purple flower stash n go pouch

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday filled with all you love.

    Lovely giveaway too, I would choose:
    any of the gift certificates from:

    Up up Creative,
    Hilary Caroline Jewelry

  98. Happy birthday!
    I love berd and bee’s candles too, but i am SO in love with those mugs! Here’s hoping I win something!

  99. may every part of your birthday have happy in it!!!

    first, i would choose the peace dove necklace @ hilarycaroline.

    second, the yummy drop of sunshine earrings @ lillyella and. . .

    third, the pomegranate punch necklace @ maiziedesigns.

    these are all sooooo much goodness!

  100. enjoy your b-day and the year ahead!
    my favs are
    lillyella: moroccan moon necklace
    Maizie Designs: bring may flowers necklace
    brooklyn soul: tribal horns earrings

  101. Happy Birthday, lady!

    I think my favorites would have to be:
    *ablemabel – yellow circles stash-n-go
    *lillyella – springtime sparrow
    *berdandbee – handpainted tree mug

  102. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! πŸ™‚ *throws confetti everywhere*

    My top 3 shops are:
    1. lillyella (I love the Blossom Cluster Necklace in Silver –

    2. Berd & Bee (These Vintage Botanical Coasters would be lovely in my kitchen –

    3. Able Mabel (This Ivory Flower Stash-n-go pouch would match beautifully with my summer purse –

  103. Happy Birthday!!

    First: Penelope Rakov
    Second:Able Mabel
    Third: Maizie

    Fabulous. All just wonderful.

  104. Happy birthday – I’ve only recently discovered your website and it is wonderful! You’re only old if you think you are :0)

    Berd and Bee is my fav, though it is so hard to choose! I love the handpainted tree serving plate.

    Abel Mabel is fantastic too! I love the birdie magnets and the flowing circles coasters.

    Hilary Hitchock’s photography is fab! I love the flora many leaves pic.

    :0) enjoy your birthday.

  105. HAPPY WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! My 3 picks are
    1-Lillyella-everything is good!
    2-Panopoly-LOVE the beads and buttons!
    3-Maizie-simply silver necklace
    Love all the stores!!!

  106. You’ve had another birthday, a happy one we know.
    We’ll join in celebrating because we love you so.
    Happy, Happy Birthday, we’ll sing loud and clear.
    May you have God’s blessings in the coming year!

    That’s the song my husband’s family sings on birthdays, and as many times as I’ve heard it, I’m still not sure of the words or the tune!!

    Adjustable Full Apron from Ablemabel.
    Handpainted Monogram Mug from Berd and Bee.
    Flutter Earrings from BrooklynSoul.

    That was hard!!!

  107. I just celebrated mine and I hope you have as nice of a birthday as I did! Happy Birthday!!! Think of yourself as a fine wine – only getting better with age!

  108. Happy Birthday! June Birthdays for the Win!

    my faves:
    Berd and bee: I need my own Monogram Mug
    Brooklyn Soul: vine necklace, i love vines
    lillyella: mossy garden branch bracelet

  109. Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini.
    My choices would be #1-Berd and Bee (the apple candle) #2- Up Up Creative (feelgood lists) #3-Able Mabel (light switches)
    Enjoy the day!!!

  110. Happy Birthday!
    May your special day be filled
    with things that bring you joy!
    My favs:
    berdandbee – beeswax tree candle
    Hilary Caroline Jewelry –
    black hanging blooms earrings
    lillyella – honey blossom bracelet

  111. I hope you have a delightful birthday full of surprises and cake.

    My 3 favorites from your list are:

    – Berd & Bee (love the mugs!)
    – lillyella (the purple posy earrings are gorgeous!)
    – hilarycaroline (the hairbuds are adorable!)

  112. It’s so sweet of you to share with us on YOUR special day! πŸ™‚ I hope it’s a sprinkle-coated, delightful-donut day!

    I have fallen hard for these:
    1. Maiziedesigns’ “Moonbeam” earrings
    2. Lillyella’s “Starling Plume” bracelet
    3. Berd and Bee’s “Beeswax Pinecone” candle

    Here’s crossing my fingers!

  113. Woo – happy birthday! This is a long link, but it is my FAVORITE birthday e-card out there! Enjoy:!&n=DEFAULT&st=%2Fproducts%2Fecards%2Fnfg1794_120.jpg&productId=127300&tabOn=ecards&catalogId=10051&sn=Birthday+Fiesta!&cardType=free&e=DEFAULT&storeId=10001&date=DEFAULT&mid=7000000000000000051&nv=true&template=o&CatIDsList=147551%3B-102001%3B-102270%3B265068

    And here are my top 3 shops (they were fantastic!)
    1)hilarycaroline: I love the hot pink flower studs, the rainbow babies studs, & her keep it simple leaf earrings
    2)ablemabel: I would snatch up that purple flowers pouch as well!
    3)berdandbees: I’m totally crushing on the tree plate; it’s adorable!

    Thanks for the awesome give-away & for introducing me to so many amazing stores — Happy Birthday!

  114. Hi, and a great big Happy Birthday!
    Wow such super giveaways and so generous. Have to go with Lillyella Moroccan Moon necklace, or sweet pea trellis ears. Maize tiny berries in champagne necklace. HillaryCaroline silver filigree ears or carved jade bracelet. BirdandBee pineapple soy candle.
    Have a “SWELL” day.

  115. Happy Birthday!!

    my favorites are,
    Hilary Caroline Jewelry – same necklace as you, it’s beautiful!!
    Up Up Creative – the Feel Good List
    Brooklyn Soul – Chaos Ring

  116. Happy Birthday!!!
    how wonderful you are for sharing the love on your special day!

    My favs:
    1) Hilary Caroline – Summer Sky necklace
    2) Able Mabel – Sparrow collage
    3) up up creative – I love their wedding invitations!!

    –so hard to choose!

  117. Happy birthday to you, fabulous lady! πŸ˜€

    I like, in no particular order:
    Hillary Caroline
    Berd and Bee
    Up Up Creative

  118. From Abel Mable-love the Trees Coasters
    From Maizie-gorgeous Pure Hoop Earrings.
    From Berd & Bee- lovely Vintage Botanical Coasters.

  119. Happy birthday to you. It is my belief that everything you want should go your way for the week before and the week after your birthday, if not the entire month! So have fun and use it as much as you can.
    So many pretty things, but I would narrow it down to:
    lillyella– garden branch bracelet
    maiziedesigns–across the great divide
    berdandbee—typewriter monogram mug

    Such treats!!

  120. Have an awesome birthday!!! Here’s my 3 choices:

    1 – Brooklyn Soul
    2 – Berd & Bee
    3 – Lill Yella

    Thanks!! Any Happy Birthday again!!

  121. Hope this is the best year yet!

    My favorite sites:
    bird and bee- modern dolly pillow
    lillyella- lily of the valley necklace
    ablemabel– olive sally bag

    thanks for supporting esty!

  122. happiest of birthdays! i just had one last month, so i know they’re pretty awesome πŸ˜‰

    top three choices:
    oak leaf bangle from brooklyn soul
    ingenue necklace from maiziedesigns
    hanging blooms in white from hilarycaroline

    thanks so much! πŸ˜€

  123. Happy birthday!! Go buy yourself something pretty. πŸ™‚

    My first choice would be the “Sucks Sympathy Card” from Up Up Creative. I love those sarcastic cards!

    My second choice would be Lillyelle’s Silver Garden Branch Bracelet. That is gorgeous!

    And my third choice would be the Rosalie – Double Layer Gunmetal Chain Necklace from Hilary Caroline Jewelry.

  124. Happy Birthday! It doesn’t seem quite fair that you’re the one celebrating, but the gifts are going to others πŸ™‚ Hope you get some fun goodies, too.

    I think I’m in love with all these shops, but I’m especially fond of lillyella (the Drop of Sunshine earrings), Maizie (the Everyday Staple Necklace in Verdigris), and Up Up Creative (I like the Shopgood list, but the “sucks so much” card is awesome!).

    Have a great day!

  125. Happy Birthday! Here is my second attempt to win some love!

    1. Maize – Bring May Flowers
    2. Abel Mabel – Mod pouch
    3. Spoton – Bright Blue slice necklace

    Thank you for the giveaway on your day!

  126. Happy Birthday to you!
    Panopoly – I love this:
    wee petal cup β€” turquoise and
    french vanilla
    The shops are all lovely!

  127. A VERY happy birthday to you! I hope goodness and love and happiness are doubled for you this year!

    What a difficult selection, but here is mine:
    1. ablemabel – I’m getting that olive sally bag!!
    2. berdanbee – ohhh that metal pear…
    3. lillyella – I must have that locket!

    Wow that was hard..

  128. Happy Happy day. hope it is a good one, yay! love lots of jewelry..but especially the:

    Bridal Collection – True Love – Swarovski Crystal Pendant and Pearls on Silver Chain Necklace from hilary caroline

    Silver Garden Branch Bracelet, choose a flower from lillyella

    nouveau2 {earrings} from brooklyn soul

  129. Sweet Sweet The Cheat,
    Today is the day on your fake ID!
    Now get upstairs (uh!)
    And make me some breakfast.

    Happy birthday!

    My faves are:
    HillaryCaroline- Bridal Collection: Eternity
    Ablemable: Paradise necklace
    Maiziedesigns: In Key Necklace

  130. Happy Birhtday Jen!!! Remember you can always lie about your age, no one will ever know πŸ˜‰

    Here are my top3:
    From HilaryCaroline’s shop: the beesknees necklace

    From LillyElla’s shop: the blossom cluster necklace

    From BerdandBee’s shop: the handpainted monogrammed mug.

    Thanks for the great contest

  131. happy birthday! mines right around the corner, but today is all about you!
    my 3 shops are
    hilary caroline jewelry
    penelope rakov
    able mable

  132. “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Jen, Happy Birthday to You!” { And Many More )…
    I wish you many more happy and healthy
    birthdays. Mine is coming in a few days and I bet I am older mom than you are! LOL!!!!! All of these shops are fabulous. I love handmade! Here are the three that I chose ~
    1.) Able Mabel: Trees Set of 4 Coasters.
    2.) Berd and Bee: Handpainted Tree
    Serving Plate.
    3.) Panopoly’s: Illustrated Plate ~
    A Glimpse and Gone Forever.

    I would be honored to enter in your birthday drawing.
    Many thanks….. Cindi

  133. hey jen! happy birthday! my birthday is this saturday…yay us!
    …i love love hilary caroline’s hanging blooms earrings
    …any of the soy candles from berd & bee
    …and the lovely noveau earrings from brooklyn soul

  134. These are such great shops! How exciting!

    I have a dress that would be perfect with this necklace from Hilary Caroline:

    My sailor boyfriend would LOVE this switchplate from Able Mabel:

    I love ALL the cards from Up Up Creative! Especially this one:

    More importantly… happy birthday! I hope it’s wonderfully amazing! πŸ™‚

  135. Happy, Happy Birthday! As you are being so kind hearted and generous, my gift to you is a wish of good karma for the rest of the year and life! I hear you about wondering where the years have gone to. I looked in the mirror to comb my hair this morning and wondered how in the world my mother got into my mirror! But then I figured that as long as I have good eyesight to be able to see, then maybe there’s still a lot of life to go! Happy Birthday!!!

    Hilary Caroline Shop-Sweet Mums Bobby Pin-Reminds me of the age of Flowers in your hair

    Maizie Designs-I love the twinkle necklace!

    Berd and Bee- I love those candles! I would choose the Pinecone candle as I love pinecones and here in the South the only ones we have are the frosted ones at Christmas in stores.
    Happy Birthday again and enjoy the day by celebrating the fact that you share it with the Beatle who I have had a crush on for about 100 years!

  136. Happy Birthday to you & many blessings for you this year!

    How nice of you to honor others on your special day with free goodies!

    1. Berd & Bee
    I just love the simplicity and elegance of those mugs!

    2. Lilyella
    How gorgeous is the Garden Branch Bracelet!?

    3. Hilary Caroline Jewelry
    It’s all so cute, colorful, and fun!

    Thank you!

  137. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!
    These are my picks:
    1. Hilary Caroline’s peaches and honey necklace
    2. Lillyella’s broadleaf buttercup necklace
    3. Berd and Bee’s candles

  138. Happy, happy birthday! I hope your birthday is filled with presents, cake, and lots of smiles!

    My favorite 3 shops are:
    ablemabel (the sparrow collage is adorable!)
    lillyella (a pair of pretty posy earrings)
    maiziedesigns (a pair of refined earrings)

  139. Bonne Anniversaire!
    My favs, in no particular order:
    – maiziedesigns: simply silver necklace
    – berdandbee: scented soy pear candle
    – brooklyn soul: nouveau2 earrings
    Alll of the shops are lovely!

  140. Happy Happy to you!

    All of these shops rock my socks off!

    My favs are definitely:
    *hilarycaroline has a gorgeous peaceful twist necklace
    *the funky yellow circle stash-n-go purse by ablemabel
    *the refined earrings in the everyday staple collection by maiziedesign

    love it… have a fabulous day!

  141. Woohooo! Cause for celebration indeed!!
    Ablemabel-Mod stash-n-go
    Lillyella- Pretty Posy Earrings in fuchsia
    berd and bee- tree coffee mug

    Have a beautiful, fun filled birthday!!

  142. Happy Birthday! When I hit a big “O” birthday, I just start counting backwards for the next nine! πŸ˜‰

    Up Up Creative – I have to agree with your choice of the β€˜I’m sorry your _______ sucks so much’ card!

    Brooklyn Soul – chaos2 {ring}

    Lillyella – Lily Drop Earrings

    Now get out there and enjoy your day!

  143. happy birthday!!

    my top 3:
    1) berdandbee – love *love* the embroidery mug!
    2) hilarycaroline – i adore all the floral jewelry available here
    3) brooklyn soul – oak leaf bangle/green leaf necklace/flutter earrings; i can’t decide!

    wishing you health and happiness, and oodles of birthday cheer πŸ™‚

  144. First and foremost — HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! It’s good to be old…the other option is not great πŸ™‚

    My top 3 picks are:
    * Colorful stash ‘n go pouch from ablemable — too cute!
    * Scented pear candles from Berd & Bee – yummy!
    * Up Up Creative — I’d spend my gift certificate on personalized stationary and a few fun cards!

    Hope your giveaway goes well!! Happy Birthday, Jen!

  145. SyntymΓ€pΓ€ivΓ€onnittelut!
    That’s “Happy birthday” in Finnish.
    Don’t worry about getting old, all you have to be by the age you’re right now, is yourself!

    Here’s my top 3, it was really hard to choose.
    1 Lillyella’s waterlily necklace
    2 Brooklyn Soul’s Oak Leaf bangle
    3 stud earrings from Penelope Rakov, they are so lovely, I can’t decide, if I win I’d like Penelope to choose for me…

  146. I hope you have an awesome Birthday with as much generosity to you as you give to others. Hopefully many wishes will come true in the coming year.

    I adore:
    – Starling Plume Bracelet from Lillyella
    – Falling Leaves from Hilary Caroline
    – Shake a Tail Feather from Brooklyn Soul

  147. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love summer birthdays – they always seem so nice!

    my three faves are:

    able Mabel’s flower lovie – not for me, but for my lady friend who is having a girl:

    Berd and Bee’s hand painted mug –

    Brooklyn Soulds copper Feather necklace :

    Hope this birthday is a good one!

  148. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s amazing.

    I love Lillyella and the honey blossom bracelet, Hilary Carolina Jewelry and the Green Peace necklace, and so many of the earrings from Brooklyn Soul, although if I had to choose I’d probably pick nouveau2.

  149. Much happiness for a wonderful birthday!!

    My choices~~~

    HILARY CAROLINE JEWELRY (Peaches and Honey)

    LILLYELLA (Silver garden branch)

    Maizie (solstice necklace)

    Have a fun day! Everything is beautiful!

  150. Happy, happy birthday to you! I hope you have a super-special day.

    My three picks are –
    -Berd-and-Bee – Tree serving plate
    -Maizie Designs – Bring May Flowers necklace.
    -Lillyella – Silver leaf bracelet

    Birthday giveaways rock!

  151. Happy Birthday!!! (I’m older than you are, nanananana)
    1. Lillyella is one of my MOST favorite shops on etsy. I would pick the pretty posy earrings. or anything in her shop
    2. hillarycaroline – hanging blooms
    3. ablemabel – olive sally bag

    but there’s lots and lots of great items in all of these shops!
    thanks for the chance & have a great birthday!!!

  152. LOLZ @ “It’s my birthday & I will give away shiznit if I want to!!!”

    That Lillyella necklace just about made me wet myself with joy. Ditto for the Up Up Creative “Sorry your _ sucks” notes! Are these the same people who made my citizens’ parking tickets? Because those things make my life more bearable on a daily basis.

    Hope your birthday is absolutely awesome! You deserve it for having such a fabulous shop that makes so many people happy!

  153. Happy Birthday!!!

    My top 3 are:

    Able Mabel – Mod Stash N Go
    Brooklyn Soul – Citron earrings
    Up Up Creative – Number tree invites

    Thanks for the chance!

  154. Many happy returns on your birthday!
    I cannot pick just three. Everything you selected rocks!

  155. Happy Birthday and many more.

    My favorite shops…
    Berd & Bee
    Hilary Caroline Jewelry
    Up Up Creative.

    I would probably buy what you reccommended.

  156. All best wishes for your birthday! πŸ™‚

    My faves:
    Hilary Caroline Jewelry
    Able Mabel


  157. Happy Birthday!!
    My 3 fav shops are:
    Up Up Creative
    Brooklyn Soul

    Thanks for the Birthday giveaway….hope your birthday is wonderful!

  158. Happy happy birthday ^_^ I just celebrated mine on the 10th, go Gemini!!
    Here are my 3 favorite shops:

    1. lillyella
    2. maizie
    3. penelope rakov

    Thanks for the chance to win, hope you have an awesome day.

  159. Happy Birthday! I definitely love the solstice necklace — great choice there. I’m also imagining all the fun I could have with the Panopoly buttons! As for #3 — Brooklyn Soul, that gift certificate is good for a Chaos ring, which I am now officially coveting!

  160. I love when people feel generous on their B-day! Enjoy your day! Be generous to you! πŸ˜‰

    Here are my fav shops!
    1 Lillyella
    2 Brooklyn Soul
    3 Hilary Caroline Jewelry

    Every last one is beautiful and affordable! I love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  161. happy birthday to you! cheers! i just commented but it appears to not have taken πŸ™ so here it goes again:

    1. panopoly- love the poetic pendants & wee bowls.
    2. upupcreative- sucks sympathy card, for sure!
    3. abel mabel- peter light switch cover

    i could list so much more with so many cute shops with tons of cute items to choose from. thank you heaps for this super generous celebration giveaway. sending happy happy birthday wishes from one ‘ol broad to another ‘ol lady! ;D

  162. Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear Jen and Susan, happy birthday to us!
    Remember, June 18th is a cool date: shared with Paul McCartney!!
    My top three shops:
    Able Mabel
    Brooklyn Soul

    Have a great day, and age is only a state of mind
    Susan ( June 18, 1954)

  163. Oh, happy birthday. I wonder what you will tell us at the age of 84 about being old or not… πŸ™‚

    1.berd & bee botanical coasters
    2.panopoly ceramic love!
    3.can’t decide for just one in up up creative.

  164. Happpppppppy Birthday! You CAN’T be old with your taste! Of course now I am wondering just how old…

    So next week is my birthday too! I love being a June baby– lots of sunshine and pool time and bbqs.

    If I would win I would first go for Abel Mabel’s “a purse that blooms” I am dying for a summer purse with a floral print!

    2nd, I would go for the Frolic Necklace from Maize

    Finally, I adore the silver leaf garland bracelet by Lillyella

    Thank you so much!

  165. First off, Happy Birthday! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway on your special day.

    Here’s what I love:

    My favorite is Lilly Ella; I just love how the jewelry is inspired by nature. I would be exited to have the locket, any of the pretty posey earrings, or the starling plume bracelet.

    I’m also diggin’ Berd & Bee! A soy tree candle or any of their mugs would be nice in my apartment.

    Also… I love the stuff I see at Brooklyn Soul, especially the vine necklace.

    Good luck to me and Happy Birthday to you!!!

  166. Many blessings to you on your b-day!

    I love Hilary’s Photography, particularly the State Fair pics.
    I adore the millefiori Penelope Ralcov necklaces. Gorgeous.
    Finally the Brooklyn soul oak leaf bangle is to die for!!!

    I wish you lots of health, joy and peace this year. Much love.

  167. I really, really want the Solstice necklace maizie – it has been on my wish list for a while now!
    Happy Birthday … enjoy!

  168. Happy happy birthday!!!

    !. I’m so with you on that Solstice necklace by Maizie.
    2. I looove the typewriter mugs from Berd & Bee
    3. And I think the Summer Sky necklace from hilarycaroline is super pretty!

  169. Happy Birthday!! I love this blog and check it daily for new things πŸ™‚

    My top three faves:
    1. Ablemabel – Poppies sign
    2. Bird & Bee – Modern Dolly pillow
    3. Up Up – Personalized stationary

    Have a great birthday!

  170. Happy Birthday!!!

    So generous on your birthday when you should have other people give stuff to you πŸ˜‰

    Lets see… I love maizie designs… her jewelry is so beautiful! I also like Panopoly creations… Such awesome ceramic stuff that I normally wouldn’t treat myself to. And finally I love Up Up.. I think the cards and stationary are darling!

  171. Happy Birthday Jen! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    All of the shops would be great to shop from, but if I have to choose 3 I would choose
    Able Mable and I would buy this for sure

    Lillyella, not for sure cause I’m loving a few of the items

    Maizie Designs, love this necklace also, its beautiful

  172. Happy Birthday! I recently turned “that old” too. Major milestone birthdays never seem to bother me, but then I set up random milestone years that tear me up! But, here I am on the other side of the big number and you know what? The view is pretty much the same as it was on the other side! πŸ™‚

    O.k., lessee…

    I loved:

    1. Able Mabel — the light switch covers. I especially loved the Little Red Hen. It was my favorite story as a kid.

    2. Brooklyn Soul — Beautiful Oak Leaf Bangle!

    3. Up Up Creative — it was all so wonderful it was hard to choose! But I liked the personalized stationary and the Crazy Love Card III.

    Again, have a wonderful day!

  173. My fav 3 stores and my picks:
    – Lillyella: the Blossom Cluster Necklace in Silver
    – Brooklyn Soul: the Flutter earrings ($1 short, lol)
    – Hilary Caroline Jewelry: the Sunny – Almond Chrysanthemum Flower and Faceted Yellow Crystal Beads on Gold Chain Necklace

    And Happy Birthday to you.

  174. Happy Birthday!!!
    I am a gemini too πŸ™‚
    I hope it’s just the beginning of your best year!

    Brooklyn Soul
    Able Mable

  175. Happy Birthday to you. I want to wish you sparkling health, joy and stamina.
    Since you are a creative person, let me also wish you a happy creative flow to accompany you in your journey.
    About the giveaway, I love organic, nature inspired jewellery. I particularly like Lillyella’s silver Flutter necklace.
    I also like contemporary chic jewellery,that is easy to wear for work or pleasure, so I love Brooklyn Soul’s Gold Rush necklace.
    In my picks I must include the Modern Doilly pillow from berdandbee’s etsy shop. I simply love it;inspirational combination of old and new.

    Wishing you and your loved ones all the very best.

  176. Happy Birthday, dahling! I hope you have a…

    o decadent
    o relaxed
    o romantic
    o festive
    o fulfilling

    … birthday celebration.

    (I like the Up Up Creative, btw)

  177. I don’t need a prize to wish you a very happy birthday, so here it is:

    Happy Birthday!

    Woohoo. And you have some fun, too, goddammit.

  178. Happy Birthday to you! What great giveaways and such creative people!
    My top 3….
    (1) Hilary Caroline Jewelry-Posie Necklace
    (2) lillyella-reversible locket necklace
    (3) Maizie-sky blue sky necklace
    I hope your day is wonderful!!!

    Its my sisters birthday today too!
    -I am in love with lillyella’s necklace
    -Penelope Rakov’s necklace thats pretty
    -Brooklyn Soul’s earrings are sweet

  180. Happy Happy Birthday, on this your special day… Happy Happy Birthday, that’s all I have to say- Hey!

    OH- wait… that’s not all I have to say- my top three would be:
    – Brooklyn Soul (and definatly those exact earrings)
    – Able Mabel
    – Up Up Creative

    Have an amazing day πŸ™‚

  181. Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of cake and love πŸ™‚ I once read that today is a gift, thatΒ΄s why itΒ΄s called the present!
    My favorite shops and items are:
    lillyella – champagne pearls necklace
    maize – in the navy Lariat Necklace
    berdandbee – vintage botanical coasters

  182. Happy happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate your day. I too am at the age where I’m as old as my mom was when I thought she was OLD.

    If I were to win, I’d pick one of the following, but it was very hard to choose! Everything is so lovely!

    Abel Mabels’ blue swirly bag:

    lillyella’s waterlily landing necklace

    Berd & Bee handpainted tree serving plate

  183. Happy Birthday!!! Just remember, you are only as old as you feel you are! (Some days that makes me reallllllly old- ha ha!)

  184. This is so exciting! Happy birthday, lady! Here’s a song from Sealab2021, dedicated to YOU!

    “You’re one year older, one year wiser,
    Rock ‘n’ roll star, king, czar, and a kaiser,
    A room full of friends, a mouth full of cake,
    Every present is for you, and it feels pretty great”

    My delightful choices:
    1. Lilyella Starling Plume bracelet
    2. Berd and Bee typewriter monogram mug
    3. Brooklyn Soul leaflets earrings

  185. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Thanks for the giveaways. I hope you have a wonderful day! πŸ˜€

    Wow, it’s hard to choose!
    – I LOVE the Flutter Necklace from Lillyella
    – I would be happy with just about anything from Maizie!
    – The Stash-Pouch-Go from AbleMable is great too!

  186. Happy birthday!!!! Have some cake for me too:-) It’s only a number and I forget my number all the time. Still get carded even though I’m 13 past age. Here’s to living every day like you’re undestructable!

    I love all the above shops but would love the BERD & BEE tree print serving plate, ABLE MABLE’s Cow Chips and Hot Days or the solstice necklace from MAIZIE. Too many choices, so many great items oh my!

  187. Happy Happy not-old Birthday to you! I just had one of those this year, too! (The not-old kind. Obviously I had a birthday…everyone does. Anyway…moving on….)
    I am in love with AbleMable and would have to get the adorable blue half apron from that shop! I also really like Maizie’s shop and I think I would get the frolic necklace! For the third shop I would choose Berd and Bee for the fabulous typewriter mug! I love the tree plate, too!

  188. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    I love the baby stuff at Able Mabel, the rings at Lillyella, and everything at Maizie Designs. Love.

  189. Happy Birthday! I’m sure you’re not as old as you think you are πŸ™‚
    Tough choices, of course, but I’d go with the following:
    The Infinite Garden necklace by lillyella
    The Essential earrings by maiziedesigns (with extra $ left over for something else…)
    And a Poem Pendant (The Earth Bestows) and some buttons from panopoly.
    Happy day!

  190. Wishing you a very happy birthday. You are only as old as you feel. So live it up!

    Lillyella – I β™₯ this:
    Filigree Fleur Silver Ring

    Panopoly – I β™₯ this:
    wee petal cup — turquoise and
    french vanilla

    AbelMabel – I β™₯ this:
    Collage Single Light Switch Cover

  191. Happy birthday from a 17 year old trapped in an “older” body! I love all these shops! I guess if I had to make a choice it would be a silver chaos ring from Brooklyn Soul – beautiful!

  192. Happy Birthday! (Or in Chinese, ju ni shengri kuai le!)

    My top three:
    brooklyn soul


    First, without looking at anyone else’s, Berd & Bee is one of my top faves. Always wanted a monogram mug.

    Two would be Ivory Flower Stash-N-Go-Pouch by ablemabel

    Three is Elegance Necklace – Everyday Staple Collection by maiziedesigns, their jewelry is just my style.

    That was a hard choice, lots of fabulous stuff, you’re making us work for this!

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