Guest Blog: The Best of Etsy by Wende Oates Larsen – Can You Really Contain Beauty List


Travel Spa Pillow from Wende of Mireio

Wende Oates Larsen is back to share another edition of The Best of Etsy here on Indie Fixx. Wende posts The Best of  Etsy every Wednesday on her blog Evidently and on Twitter, which is where I see her selections. Also, her deletable Etsy shop is called Mireio.

by guest contributor Wende Oates Larsen

Hello again, Indie Fixx readers. It’s great to be back. Jen asked me a few weeks ago if I’d put together another The Best of Etsy (#tboe, for those of you on Twitter!) for Indie Fixx and I jumped at the opportunity. I’m always excited to share the depth of talent that can be found on Etsy. I’ve been saving the good stuff just for you!

Last time I was here, I had a themed list. Everybody loves a theme, right? Themes inspire clever quips and pithy titles, which in turn creates a tidy little package. And Wende loves the packaging! (there I go again talking in 3rd person. I blame Facebook!) But I’ll confess I’ve been having a hard time settling on any one idea this week. It’s been difficult enough narrowing down my choices, but this list is refusing to be contained or labeled. Beauty is like that sometimes and you just have to go with it!

The Best of Etsy: 10 June 2009—The Can You Really Contain Beauty List


Is it possible to have too many handbags? I don’t think so. And if you check out LaTouchables, you’ll agree. I’ll take one of each.


I wasn’t kidding. You really cannot have too many. I’m digging this bag from Dazzling Lanna. So quirky and artsy cool.


I’m such a huge fan of Porterness. Her work has a great urban edge to it. Simple clean lines punctuated with fabulous color. Her most recent listings feature vintage glass. One word: Amazing!


One of the things I love about the designer for Jane BonBon is that she creates for curvy girls and real women. Check out her new dresses for summer.


Armour sans Anguish is as unique as you are. And this dress requires no words.


Sugar and Flour make Itty Bitty Cookies. Something so cute and tiny couldn’t possibly have calories. Right??


Every wardrobe should have a tunic from I Heart Fink. It’s the perfect summer staple!


Ok, these had me at orange. But vintage and mid-century chic? I’m sold!


These make me want to do a little artistic vandalism. I can think of several public bathrooms that would be greatly enhanced with better signage. Promise you’ll bail me out of jail, m’kay?


Jen Hewett’s work appeals to me for its whimsy and color. If you haven’t discovered her work yet, you really should take a peek!

Whew! See what I mean? If you can sense a theme or find a pithy name for the list I’d love to hear it in the comments! And I hope you’ll join me on Twitter each week to get The Best of Etsy Scoop.

 About the contributor: Wende Oates Larsen is a mother, writer, and Twitter addict. When she’s not doing those things, she’s busy working in her studio creating beautiful housewares out of vintage textiles for her store Mireio or doing laundry. She does a lot of laundry!  You can also find her abusing comma rules on her blog Evidently—where she writes about her life living in a tiny wind-blown town on the coast of Oregon.


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