It’s Home Week!


There is just something about spring that makes me, and I’m sure you,  think about projects around the home. Of course, I want to do a spring clean and shake out all the cobwebs from the long cold dark winter, but it’s more than just that. My thoughts turn to fixing stuff that needs fixin’ up, rearranging the furniture, changing up the art on the walls, switching out duvet covers and other projects to freshen up the house.

In that spirit, I will be sharing posts all about the home this week. Already this week, I’ve already featured Rachel Rappaport of Coconut & Lime’s home for A Peek Inside: indie home tours and added some new Feed Your Soul: the free art project downloads…you know with over 25 free prints to download, you could fill every room in your home with new art!

Later today, I will be sharing some art for the, buzz. I will also be sharing a crafty home tutorial as well.

I hope you enjoy this series. Tell me what you think!