It’s all about the bees

I love honey bees…they are so cute and I love anything cute. I’m kinda like Elmira Duff in that respect. I also like honey and eating all the foods that honey bees pollinate. Foods like broccoli, cantaloupe, squash, string beans, coffee and strawberries among many others.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Colony Collapse Disorder, the illness that is killing off the bees. More info can be found here about what CCD is and what researchers think may and may not be causing it. One thing researchers think may be a factor is pesticide use and you can help the bees by limiting your use of pesticides, especially at mid-day when bees are out foraging, or even eliminating pesticides totally. You can also plant plants that are beneficial to bees. I have already planted & I am planning on planting some marigolds, black-eyed susans, basil, zinnias, cucumbers and cilantro, all of which I read are great to attract bees. There are lists all over the Internet about plants that are native to your area that will attract bees, check it out.

I am also really interested in beekeeping and always thought I’d like to keep bees someday, maybe at our next house. I also just love these beekeeping paintings from Kim Fox (blog). They are 5″x5″ and are painted on wood. I can really see a grouping of them hung in my home.



  1. Hi there! I just saw this on my reader as I am catching up and thought I would say hi! I do a weekly bee spotting post and feature great bee links, and art! It is my beelief the more we see the more there will bee! I also beelieve artists are a lot like bees, we work together to make things happen. I would love to share a link in my next post, usually every Tuesday. If you would like to check those posts out they are all here:

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