Earth Day Giveaway – Win a Polarity and Jessica Gonacha Collaboration Locket!


To celebrate their great new collaboration, Cat from Polarity and artist Jessica Gonacha are sponsoring an Earth Day Giveaway!

The ladies have teamed up to create a recycled steel locket with three magnetic interchangeable lids on a ballchain necklace. Two of the lids feature Jessica’s soulful paintings (Bird Lady and Backyard Swing) and the other lid features the definition of the word SIMPLIFY. Just perfect for Earth Day and everyday! The lockets are just great to add your favorite little picture to or store a little treasure inside.

Visit Jessica Gonacha’s shop to see all her wonderful art pieces and you can also visit Polarity’s shop to see all the artist collaboration lockets.

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WinΒ  your own Polarity Simplify Locket with Jessica Gonacha artwork and a matching Jessica Gonacha print !

Leave a comment on this post with how you plan on commemorating Earth Day this year. Are you planning on starting a compost pile, signing up for curbside recycling, reducing the amount of food you buy by planting your own garden, reusing some ofΒ  your coffee cans to plant some marigolds on your balcony? Whatever it is, share it below. Multiple comments will be counted!

This giveaway will end Saturday, April 25th at 11:59 am.Β  One random commenter will be chosen to win the locket and print.

P.S. Winners for the artgoodies giveaway will be announced soon!


  1. This is great! I plan on celebrating by reducing the amount of garbage that I put in the landfill by recycling as much as possible as well as planting my own fresh vegetables using the upside down vegetable baskets! If I need vegetables that I am not growing, I plan to continue to use the small vegie farm stand just down the road rather than the big supermarket.

  2. So fun!! Thanks for the give away!

    I try my hardest to use only reusing water bottles, to always reuse plastic bags and to generally make sure i have a bag to put everything in so i don’t even need a bag when i shop.

    I am always trying my hardest to support small business in every way i can ,and to make sure i buy my veges from the local farmers market.

  3. I am growing a vegetable and herb garden in containers this year! It will definitely save us money and trips to the store for things like tomatoes, herbs, peppers, etc. I am even growing my own loofahs!

    Most things are planted by now.

    I am also trying to reuse more and buy things that are secondhand.

    And we’ve recently been shopping at the local co-op. Fortunately, it has a tasty food bar that supports local farmers, etc.

  4. In honor of Earth Day I have requested all my birthday gifts be recycled, sustainable, or otherwise eco-friendly. My birthday is the 25th.
    I also plan on making a small victory garden on my third story balcony full of herbs and veggies.

  5. I’m going to start an herb garden this year. Hopefully I can manage to keep it alive! (I have a terrible track record with plants)

  6. For Earth Day my 5 year old daughter and I fixed up the garden by moving our herbs to a new bed, planting our potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a fresh bed of sweet peas. It was a lot of fun and a bit messy, but she gets a kick out of seeing things she plants sprout and grow like her.

  7. oh these are adorable!! very very cute little lockets πŸ™‚
    Earth Day this year is the decision to start a compost heap, and start growing my own mini veg garden in some old vintagey plant pots that have been hanging around. Also to start revamping old clothes to give them a second lease of life!

  8. ohmigoodness. i love love polarity and Jessica’s prints.
    I always always recycle – Earth Day or not. I also love to use food bottles like coffee bottles to keep things in – buttons, crafty things =)

  9. I made the decision today that I want to make my own paper. I am obsessive about recycling all my paper products, but this way I can actually reuse them a second time before recycling. Heck, maybe I cai reuse it over and over!

  10. I am reducing the usage of plastic bags during shopping. I always forgot to bring my own shopping bag, so I just carried the grocery without the plastic bags.

  11. I’m also going to stop buying new notebooks and make them from recycled paper (junk mail, bills etc.)

  12. My roommate and I started growing eggplant, tomatoes, and herbs in some pots on our balcony yesterday! Yay earth!! Here’s to gardening in apartments! (and to darling prints & jewelry)

  13. I am going to use my huge collection of plastic grocery bags to start making fused plastic reusable bags and other things. should be fun.

  14. Starting a garden! wanted one forever but never could get around to clearing a space in the overgrown backyard.

  15. i’m going to make myself reusable produce bags today. i’ve been using my reusable shopping bags for the past year, but still using plastic for veggies. no more!

    also, i’m going to put recycle bins in the other bathrooms in the house. i’ve had one in mine for ages, but the other bathrooms don’t have them. you throw out a lot of cardboard in the bathroom!

  16. I have a horrible case of bronchitis, so I cant get out and enjoy earth day this year…. but I am celebrating anyway by joining the Arbor day Foundation! Plant Trees, Plant Trees, Plant Trees!

  17. we’ll be planting our seedlings in the garden today – they’re far too big for indoors now, but they had to wait until I prepared the vegetable beds!

  18. I am participating in a walk, litter pick up, and flower planting for Earth Day.

  19. I’m going to make an effort to remember to actually bring my reusable grocery bags into the store!! I also hope to get out and plant an herb garden this weekend!

  20. I’m finally moving to a place with a big backyard and a flexible landlord, so I’ll shortly be starting a flower garden to attract birds and butterflies and an herb garden to spice up my food.

  21. I’m making a better effort at using up my leftovers and not wasting so much food. It makes me ill to think of all the food that has been thrown out because it went bad before I could finish it all, so I’m going to do better!

  22. We reuse our large tomato/fruit/etc cans for kitchen and art supply containers. We had an herb & vegetable garden last summer, which was great, but are moving this summer, so no garden this year. πŸ™ But, once we relocate, we are getting chickens for fresh eggs, which has long been a dream of mine. Hooray! It was great fun reading through all these suggestions!

  23. What great ideas! I have started doing several things around my place: For starters, the reusable bags no longer find themselves left in the trunk, I no longer shop with those plastic produce bags, recycling~hello!, and my fiance and I are on a quest to fill our apartment with used furniture we find scattered in alleys and streets. A little elbow grease and none the wiser! So far we have refurbished a clothing rack, a side table and a head board!

  24. I plan to do the following to celebrate Earth Day:
    1. Shop more often at the local farmer’s market (going back this wkend again).
    2. Join a CSA if possible.
    3. Buy and refurbish older things for home this summer instead of creating more trash by continuing to buy new things all the time.

  25. ooh. beautiful.
    i will be celebrating earth day by continuing my one year on the compact, a vow to buy anything new for a whole 365 days. i am on month 11. yay!
    handmade and used for me!

  26. love all these comments! i’m not entering the giveaway, ha ha, but thought i’d share my plans, too! i’m going to talk to the people who run my apartment complex to see if they’ll get a recycling program going. right now i have to collect all my recycling and drive it 20 minutes away to the recycling center, and it’d be so great to be able to do it here, as well as educate people who live around me about why it’s important to recycle.

  27. I have already sown some things and have tomatoes, chillies, salad growing and radishes sprouting…I’d love to do something today to make it more I am hoping to plant my potetoes!!! Also I sowed some sunflower seeds last week and the first one came up just today!!! So its nice coincident and nature itself celebrates the earth day!!! πŸ™‚

  28. Well, I guess this locket is perfect for me – I’m all about simplicity!
    So, this year for Earth Day, I think I might do a little gardening and plant a native tree! Yay. All nice and simple. πŸ˜€

  29. I am going to start my own herb/veggie patch in my mum and dads yard. I am going to plant carrot, rocket and beetroot seeds and also the two potatoes that we accidently let sprout!

  30. oh, and btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lockets. I’m also going to try to purchase more items that are recycled or reuse materials

  31. I’m going to start carrying a travel mug with me for my frequent coffee shop stops instead of going through paper cups like a madwoman!

  32. I want to reduce plastic bag useage so I use and reuse the ones that come with the merchandise but I will not buy new ones. You can wrap veggies in your fridge in paper towels (reusing) and aluminum foil, that can be used over and over. The paper keeps it from getting dirty.

  33. We recycle most items. We use reusable grocery bags,Ride our bikes a lot to different places,use a water filter,compost are food into soil,planting a garden this year.

  34. My daughter told me that Nickelodeon is closing down for one minute at 9pm, so we’re planning to shut everything off too. Maybe we’ll make that a weekly event.

  35. once my little stock pile of cards depletes itself, i’m going to return to making everyone handmade cards again, with bits and pieces of this and that, recycling papers and found objects to make lovely mixed media notes. (despite the haters out there that think handmade means cheap!) i’ve always loved handmade cards. they are the best, and obviously made with much love and thought of the person, and time! πŸ˜€ i esp. the heart the ones my children give me.

  36. I’m going to bike to my local farmers market to pick up some lettuce starts, bike back, plant them in my [incredibly well-composted] garden. i’ll pack a picnic and bike to the lawn of my university to listen to my favorite band and plant a tree with my little sister. i’m exshhiiiited!

  37. This year for Earth Day, we’re planting a garden but in addition to that, my brother recently purchased 40 acres and we’re taking a few of the seedlings he has to thin off of his property and planting them in our yards.

  38. we plan on FINALLY buying a water machine and stop using plastic water bottles. The washable metal bottles have been purchased, and the water machine delivered tomorrow!

    baby steps right?!

  39. This year I’m finally getting around to planting a few veggies in the yard. I hope to have an abundance of zucchini & yellow squash.

  40. What a great giveaway! I just planted 4 trees in our yard and I’ll be planting my vegetable garden and going to my local farmer’s market. I also love shopping our local thrift stores.

  41. we have our garden growing and have decided to try and eat vegetarian. We are doing really well so far. Not only has it opened our eyes at how much meat we consume, but has caused us to spread our wings on what and how we cook. it is great!

  42. We already recycle everything possible and have a compost pile but we don’t have a veggie garden. We are planting some tomatoes on our porch and are going to do some beach cleanup.

  43. awesome giveaway!!!

    I always try to be environmentally conscious, but there’s always something more I can do. Now, I’m going to consciously use as little electricity as I possibly can!

  44. For earth day I’m going green around the house! I just bought a book “the naturally clean house” that teaches you to make a lot of your own household cleaners. I keep all my old bottles and try and reuse them for other things, so I won’t have to get new containers to hold my green cleaners in! Out with the chemicals and in with the green! =)
    Currently, I reuse old bill envelopes. It’s never fun getting all those bills in the mail (you know they send you statements even if you request paperless bill service??) so I like to feel a little better about all that money I just spent…I turn the old envelopes into new ones by turning them inside out. There are some really pretty patterns inside and I never buy stationary to send mail to friends and family. For the paper, I use old magazines that I’m going to get rid of with interesting pictures and tear out the pages. I write on them with sharpies so it’s easier to read, but it really makes a cool letter to receive!
    Also, my friends and I try and clothes swap a couple times a year (we all buy almost exclusively vintage, so it’s reloved again and again! Although sometimes I can’t resist Anthropologie, it’s just too lovely…) to reduce buying new.
    I’m in an apartment, so it’s really hard to grow my own herbs and veggies on a minerature porch with no sunlight, but I aspire to one day!
    Hooray for the earth!

  45. For Earth Day this year, my boyfriend and I are re-instating the No Drive Zone. We’ve established a zone of about two miles around our house, and whenever we go anywhere within the zone, we either walk or bike. With rain and cold, it’s a little difficult to keep it throughout the winter, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

    Happy Earth Day!

  46. This is great! What beautiful art!
    This Earth Day, I plan on attending my school’s celebrations on the quad. I also, in general, will be tending to my recently expanded vegetable garden, composting, and trying to consume less by wearing hand-me-downs and thrift store scores. I also hope to eat less non-local/conventional meat.
    Happy Earth Day!!

  47. The plants in coffee tins is a good idea – I’ve also been reusing cardboard boxes of all sizes (cereal, cracker boxes etc) by turning them inside out, gluing them back together and cutting them to make magazine holders and small containers for my desk drawers.

  48. 1. Join a CSA
    2. Join a coop
    3. Change most of our backyard into a garden.
    4. visit weekly our farmers market
    5. get out the bike and trailer for my kids.
    6. my daughter (age 5) would like to get trash bags and walk around picking up trash in the neighborhood. (we will be doing this on earth day)
    7. continue to collect things from outside for our nature table.
    8. I hope to be able to hang our clothes outside in the fresh air (instead of on the drying rack inside)

  49. I am going to use the new pitcher I just bought to make lemonade instead of buying the pre made stuff – that should keep some plastic out of the landfills!

  50. I go to a college that tries its best to be as environmentally conscious as possible- we have mini recycling centers in every dorm, boxes for paper and plastic all over campus, try to promote bikes & carpooling, and even have an environmental & sustainability club. I’m already a vegetarian, trying to eat more sustainably, but this year for Earth Day i’m going to try helping the other half of my diet- I already eat healthily, so why not help grow the food that I eat? This Earth Day, I will help friends to set-up and plant crops in my college’s small garden. It’ll be a good way to honor the earth:)

  51. We are half way through turning our Suburban yard into a Suburban Homestead,larger garden,more chickens,herbs and plants to benefit the bees.Oh yeah also compost composting and more composting!
    To celebrate Earth Day we are using as little power as possible,planting the second round of veggies and to wrap the day up we are having dinner in the garden.

  52. I am hoping to start some vegetable seeds inside this year to be planted in early June. It is still cold in CT most of the time and my little planties will freeze otherwise πŸ™

  53. I bought my own water bottles so I won’t ever run the risk of forgetting to recycle again! And I got my own coffee thermos to take when I buy coffee instead of using up paper cups πŸ™‚

  54. We have started composting and also plan to start a vegetable garden. I am looking forward to fresh veggies that I grow myself!!

  55. I’ve always thought of starting a worm compost, and just found great instructions – will do it this year for earth day!

  56. I ‘m committing to use my reusable coffee mug ALL the time, if I forget it at home – no coffee in a throw-away cup that day!

  57. i’m taking the plunge and starting my own veggie bed this year so i’ll be growing organic veggies and herbs and I won’t have to buy from stores and i’ll be using my own compost bed!

  58. Hi,
    Not exactly for “Earth Day” but this year I will be collecting all the extra veggies and herbs and flowers from my fathers farm. I will be bringing it to our local Farmers Market to sell for next to nothing (just to get rid of the fresh so it isn’t composted/wasted). What doesn’t sell will go to a local organization (who feed whomever shows up to the park where they set up) and the flowers to a seniors home.
    I am so excited to be able to do this!
    Happy Earth Day!

  59. i’m gonna grow some vegetables, and buy others by a local farm.
    and i’ll continue to make compost !

  60. I’m going to try to not buy any new clothes for a year for myself.
    Plus I want to just keep teaching my
    daughter about consuming lesss.

  61. Great giveaawy! I’ve started shopping at the secondhand store recently. Am really loving it. So far I’ve bought some vintage suitcases and baskets to organize my art supplies, an electric mixer, sculting tools, spice jars and so much more. Let’s not forget the great books I get for a few bucks Always a thrill to shop there. Cinzia

  62. We’re doing 2 things. 1- my fiance and I plan to go around and replace our light bulbs with longer lasting “green” bulbs and 2- I’m making local sustainable fresh food for dinner!

  63. what a beautiful give away!
    we have a teeny tiny patio, so everything is mostly in pots. we just planted sweet peas, strawberries, tomatoes, basil and cilantro.

    I also recycle 2-ltr bottles into birds feeders and plan to RAK some off on my blog on April 22nd!

  64. Those lockets are so lovely.

    My husband and I just finished a revolving compost pin and cleaned out the garden. We just found a local farm and we’ve decided to buy our eggs there.

  65. Wow – what an amazing giveaway – so beautiful!
    I am getting into gardening for the first time at the moment. I have also been recyclng a lot of old clothes and felting old sweaters to use in my crafty projects rather than buying new fabrics.

  66. Well, I’m going vegan.
    I’m a little frightened about it to be honest. But I’ve read and planned, and now will do my best. πŸ™‚
    Happy Earth Day!

  67. I’m currently cloth diapering my son and have just recently started to line dry his diapers. I am also starting to make my own eco-friendly cleaners for cleaning the house. Hopefully I can start to do more!

  68. I just got a secondhand bike, and plan to drive much less. Win, win – plus I can keep fit!

  69. I’m so excited to have my first real garden this year. We live in an apartment but I’m all set to set up the containers and go for it. I’ll even have tomatoes in the hanging pots. So excited!

  70. I’m celebrating Earth Day by working on my garden and doing a bit of guerrilla gardening around my town.

  71. I actually plan on organizing a giveaway at work on Earth Day. We’re gonna give away a kitchen scrap keeper to use with compost bins as well as a composting cookbook, in order to promote the recycling of food scraps and growing your own veggies.

    The site is

    Anyway, other than that, I am going to collect cans and bottles at the office and bring them to the nearest recycling center.

  72. The one-year anniversary of my daughter’s blessedly successful bone marrow transplant lands between Earth Day and Arbor Day this year. I think we’ll also go to the Disney Planet Earth movie, but our main celebration of all things good and green and living will be dedicating to celebrating Marian being good and green and living.

    Amazing locket…really room for something special!

  73. I plan on turning out the lights for an hour, and starting a vegetable garden. That I will hopefully be able to move outside once it gets warmer. Would plant a tree but planted one the last 2 years and there is no more room!

  74. For Earth Day this year I plan on attending our city’s recycling/energy saving gathering at the electric company. They’re handing out energy saving light bulbs, providing a place for us to swap left over paint and donate any half-used things like cleaning supplies. I also hope to finish up two new outfits that are made by repurposing old clothes.

  75. This will be our second year of having our own garden. We started composting last winter and it will be fun to plant new flowers and use the compost fertilizer-though I am a bit hesitant because of all the creepy crawlies lol… and I am recycling more plastics than I had in the past and trying to buy more natural/organic household cleaners.

  76. I love Jessica’s art πŸ™‚ And this year I plan to teach my boys ( 5 and 10) more about why we only use organic fertilizers on our yard and garden and why we compost. I also would like to plant a row for hunger in our vegetable garden and have my sons help me with that. And trying really hard to buy things second hand. Lets all have a happy Earth day!

  77. Aaah! I’ve been coveting this locket! I think for Earth Day I’m going to make a homecooked meal from my CSA haul, which conveniently delivers on Wednesdays!

  78. I have started growing my own herbs and hope to start growing veggies soon… I work every day to clean up the earth (I am an environmental scientist) so I’ll keep that up! But I also plan on visiting the farmer’s market more this season (for the stuff I cannot grow or fail at growing!)

  79. i love the necklaces! this year for earth day, my little town is having a green festival! the town recently started a bike share and a composting program, so everyone will be out to spread the word and help make our town a little more earth friendly. should be lots of fun!

  80. These are beautiful! I am making a commitment to being one less car in the pick-up line at my daughter’s school… we’ll be walking instead! I have a pretty brown thumb, so instead of planting, I’m going to support our local organic farmers.

  81. We bought a water filter and some bpa free waterbottles so we’re no longer buying bottled water from the store. Even though we always recycled our water bottles, it’s even better not to be buying them at all!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  82. I have started a “Victory Garden”. I have a raised bed 4 x 10 with a square foot style of planting everything you need for a GREAT salad. I compost the trimmings, for a great garden next year too.I am adding 3 blueberry plants to the south side of our house.I send everyone who visits home with some produce and flowers. Great Earth Day!

  83. I just love Polarity and Jessica’s work and together it’s just awesome!

    -I plan on growing my own veggies πŸ™‚
    -Buying a composter to recycle my table scraps into soil for the veggies πŸ™‚
    -I’m also pledging to buy 2nd hand/vintage items as much as possible for this new year!

  84. I’m trying my hand at gardening this year! I have a feeling this is going to be a disaster…but hopefully a few carrots will turn up!

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