Inspiration? What to do when you don’t have it?


So, today I am not feeling very inspired to do much of anything…write, draw, craft, cook or anything. There’s a lot of reasons that I am feeling inspiration blah right now. It could be that I ran out of hard drive space and I had to copy of a bunch of files to our server, which took forever and is a job that could suck the joy out of anyone. It could be that I’m still in weekend mode, especially since I didn’t work at all this weekend, which is very unusual for me, and it was a fun-filled one at that. Or maybe, it’s because my arm is killing me…I have mouse/wii/workout elbow…and being on the computer is not really all that comfortable for me right now. Or maybe, it’s just that nothing is speaking to me today.

Whatever the case may be, I need your help. Help me get my mojo back this Monday morning and share with me what you do when you are not feeling inspired or share with me some of your inspirations. Maybe your suggestions will give me the kick start I need to get out of this inspiration-less bubble I’m stuck in today.

P.S. I will be sharing the latest Feed Your Soul downloads later today.Β  Right now, I’m going to rest my arm and go work out at the gym…only on the treadmill, not anything involving arms.


  1. This may not sound so exciting, but it works for me. I start by cleaning and organizing my studio. It reminds me of what materials I have and quite often fall in love with a fabric all over again.

  2. I have blah days as well. When I feel “blah” I head outside and play around with my Roses in my garden. After an hour of fresh air, I always feel better. It clears my head. Maybe you should go for a nice walk outside to get rid of your blahs. πŸ˜‰

  3. I always feel so blah when I am not inspired to create. I love the burning feeling I have most days to get into my studio and create something lovely. I believe Etsy is having a virtual lab later this week about this very topic and I am looking forward to hearing what is said.

  4. When I have that roadblock I usually turn to one of two things…the best motivator for me is to spend some time outside, observing and opening up the senses. (best place for me is anywhere near water!) Finding the intersting in the dull. I especially like to sit outside at night and take in the quiet!

    I also like to read blogs or check out the web to make me start processing things a bit!

    Hope you find some inspiration! I recently blogged about this and how someone who’s inspired me in many ways, including my creativity!

  5. I spend some time outside the studio! A nice long walk in the park will do wonders for the creative spirit πŸ™‚ But you know, sometimes you just need a day away from everything. When I get that feeling, I just take a day to myself and do whatever makes me happy: walking in the park, visiting the bookstore, checking out the antique shops, just something fun that makes me happy. always works πŸ™‚

    Hope you are feeling better!

  6. I’m having one of those days today too. Been trying all day to pick myself up too. I have decided to just call it a day. Tomorrow is a new more inspiring day!

  7. I have to make myself step away from the internet. Go out and doodle in a coffee shop or something where temptations at home won’t distract me. Just leave my apartment basically and go do something else to get my train of thought back and focused. If I’m feeling blah on ideas, that when I’ll go wander around a museum or small galleries by myself. It always puts me in a happier mood. Sometimes I’ll go wander around in Anthropologie or something too. I like their decorating style and feel like maybe I’m absorbing some good vibes by wandering around in there. πŸ™‚

  8. Inspiration for me rides on water…
    The ocean is my first choice, windy Newfoundland creates the most spectacular visual and auditory experiences. If it’s not the ocean, it’s a bath with essential oils (lavender, peppermint and rosemary), a good read (magazine or book) and a cup of tea (water with benefits;)…
    I think the trick is just relax and wait for it to come to you.

  9. I just look at other beautiful things and enjoy what they’ve created. “And I saw that all work springs from one man’s envy of another” Eccl ch 4. I’m not implying to get jealous of other works, but I’d try to look at fresh pieces to freshen up your ways of thinking.

    I hope that came out correctly.

  10. Whenever I’m having a “blah” moment or I’m stumped on a project, I check out your blog! I’ve been reading for more than a year now, and while this probably doesn’t help you out now, I thought you might like to know how much you’ve helped me. πŸ™‚ I also read and check out TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design – frequently to get outside of my normal mode of thinking. I love the kids and history I get to work with at my museum, but listening to quick talks about how bacteria communicate or purusing the latest alt culture art and media offerings keeps me fresh. is also a favorite for tuning into period music when I’m working on a period-specific project – maybe you’ll find some inspiration there?
    Good luck, and thanks again for all you do! πŸ™‚

  11. I put on a ska record and dance my arse off!! This always helps me gain perspective and get my silly back. I can’t be inspired without my silly so that’s what I gotta do. Good luck!

  12. So my full time job is as a web/graphic designer, and I do a bunch of work on the side too… which usually means I’m not only dead tired, but creatively tapped.

    When it gets really bad, usually I try and do some small crafty project using my hands to recharge.

    Almost all of my work is digital, so there’s something really great about just being MAKE something fun and pretty and easy in just an hour or so with no clients or deadlines or expectations.

    For example, last week I took a plain wood box we had been using to store sewing supplies and decoupaged it with a bunch of papers and cut-outs from magazines.

    A little while ago I found this site and spent some time putting together the awesome bunnies. It’s sitting on my desk at home, now.

    The point is just to be creative in an entirely different medium than you usually work in, make it short, make it easy, and make sure you don’t have any expectations other than fun.

  13. When my inspiration runs out on me, I find it rushes back if/when I put my head in a completely new space. Gardening, day job work, blog browsing to find new favorites, reading the new Vogue Knitting πŸ™‚ … I usually rush back to the needles and yarn with new energy and ideas. Or I sometimes push my way through it. Pick up a yarn and just start knitting until I’m done. I think the act of creating despite myself helps kick start my mojo. I’m usually full of new ideas by the end. πŸ™‚

  14. when i’m lacking the inspiration bug i will either crank up the music to try to “shake” it into me. or on the extreme side- i’ll head to the thrift store just to look around. tons of inspiration is waiting to happen there!

    i hope your mojo returns!

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