Some new art for my walls!

Yesterday afternoon I worked on framing some of my huge backlog of artwork that needs framing and hanging.  I didn’t get all the way through the pile…I need some more 11×14 frames…but I did get quite a few pieces hung. I thought I’d share them with you, since I was pretty sure you’d be interested to see what I bought as well as see some pics from my home (besides just the kitchen counter, which you sometimes see when I photograph prizes for contests).

First off in the kitchen, I put up the INK + WIT  Everything Counts’ poster.  I luuurrrvvvve Tara’s work and I already have plenty of it on my walls—in addition to more that still needs framing. I have finally have a complete set of her Aesop’s Fables prints, I have a couple in my office, but I want to frame the remaining ones and put them all upstairs above the desk in my bedroom….that will be for another day though.


I also hung these dreamy photographs from Tea & Brie. I got the photos as a gift for someone else, but forgot I had already purchased something for them a couple of months ago, so I kept them for myself!


In the living room, I have a lot of  Central and South American art…mainly prints from Diego Riveria, my molas and a painted coconut from Brazil…but I added the ‘In the Garden’ screenprints from Brainstorm Print and Design that I purchased last December. I think they complement the other art very nicely.


Downstairs in my studio/office, I put up another screenprint from  Brainstorm Print and Design called ‘Garden Girl’. You can also see some postcards from Susie Ghahremani of and another print from INK + WIT.


Also downstairs, I added the Owls of the Seasons by Stephanie Fizer to this little corner nook, which also features a poster from Jill Bliss.


That’s it for now. I will be sure to keep you informed when I finish up that pile of art!


  1. AHHH! This looks so gorgeous! I love seeing it hung up! Thank you so much for sharing these pics!! I’m so sad, my Garden Girl is almost sold out…but she may be getting a sister soon…:)

    Thanks again Miss Jen!

  2. It’s a painted coconut head from Brazil…I guess I should have included that one since it sticks out!

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