Thanks for nothing cookies


Jenn from Just Jenn Designs and Just Jenn Recipes sent me some cookies over the weekend. She wrote on her blog

Look. Let’s have a talk. We’re all on hard times right now, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it. I believe that if you send out good vibes, good things will come back to you. It’s not a zen thing or a religious thing, it’s just…a positivity thing. Some people are haters or just plain old mean, but I think it comes back to you in the end.

So I thought I’d try to spread a little happiness. I boxed up a few sweets and sent them out into the world. Some to people who have been very supportive of me and some to people that I barely know at all. Hopefully it will make people happy and inspire them to spread the happiness to others.

I totally love Jenn’s sentiment and she’s a real sweetie. This is not the first time she has sent me sweets in the mail either….I really owe her some return treats!

I also just love the card she included with the goodies. You can buy a set or a single card here.




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