Guest Blog: Crafty Tutorial – Petite Spring Nests by Vicki Shields

Vicki Shields of Three Wheels Design shares a fun little spring craft suitable for both big and little folks. These little nests would look just lovely as a centerpiece on your table. You could even line them with tissue or parchment paper and use them to hold your dyed eggs or jelly beans. 

by guest contributor Vicki Shields of Three Wheels Design

Spring is the season of renewal, and what better way to beckon it than with these lovely little eco-friendly bird nests? It’s a perfect craft for hands big and small.


Paper grocery bag
Small twigs and blades of grass (a few large handfuls)
White glue (1T)
Water (1T)
Small bowl
Cotton balls (optional)

Cut two circles just a bit larger than your bowl. Paint the inside of each circle with a mixture of water and glue (50:50 is perfect). Put the sticky sides of the circles together and while still wet, place them into the bowl and press into place.

Press your clippings into the bowl, adding glue if necessary. You may want to cut some of the thicker twigs into smaller pieces to make them more manageable (especially if little hands are helping). When the glue has dried (wait at least an hour), remove the nests from the bowl.

For the finished product, add painted eggs, little felted chicks (like these from Bossy’s Feltworks), or simply wet some cotton balls and shape them into small eggs (as pictured).

Display your petite nests in small groups for a spring centerpiece, at individual place settings for an Easter brunch, or on the window ledge to help welcome spring.

About the contributor: Vicki Shields is the owner of Three Wheels Design and mother of two based in Baltimore. An inveterate doodler and crafty mama, she writes about motherhood, craftiness, and her paper and design business at her blog, Three Wheels Turning.


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