Feed Your Soul: the free art project – March Round 5!


The last of March’s Feed Your Soul: the free art project downloads!  March was ‘in like a lion..’ but it’s going out like a bunch of birds! This is just lovely and I’ve already printed mine out to hang.


About Nancy Mungcal – Nancy is the artist behind Pretty Little Thieves. She draws, cuts, pastes, colors and prints. She loves the tools of her trade….Helvetica, Kraft and graph paper, Pantone colors, black pens, 05 pencils, markers and notebooks. And also, illustration, graphics, hand drawing, patterns, art, nature, animals, travel and especially music. She also believe that one can never have too many books. You can see more of Nancy’s lovely and intriguing work her on website, in her Etsy Shop, on flickr and on her blog.

1. How do you describe your work?

Through drawing, painting, cut and pasting, I tend to explore recurring themes of duality, duplicity, heartache, loss and friendship. Repetitive patterns, organic shapes, girls (often times conjoined), and animals (especially wolves and bears)  express the images in my head.

2. What are your inspirations in your art and life?

This list is endless, but the short list would be the usual suspects of family, friends, art, music, literature, travel and nature.

3. What do you do to help feed your soul?

Doing things for others; staying hopeful, positive and optimistic; listening to a lot of music; reading; traveling as much as I can; and making things.

Download Nancy Mungcal’s Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!


  1. This is so far my favorite print!! My gosh, I really love this one..I didn’t mean the previous ones are bad, they are all gorgeous, but this is my favorite! Thank you soooo much!

  2. Oh, wow…is it really the last week…that makes me a bit sad. I have loved being able to share in all of this gorgeous artwork. Thanks again for putting this together. I love Nancy’s contribution!

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