Make up a holiday to convince someone to buy you these!

Oh, there are so many made up holidays that I could come up with to convince someone to buy me this Letterpress Recipe Cards & Box Set from One Canoe Two. Hmm, how about Crazy Cat Lady Day, which is today btw?! Or how about National Treat Your Favorite Blogger to Letterpress Day, which I believe is next month?! Or maybe International I Ate a Sandwich Today Day, which is just about every day of the year!?

Or maybe, today is actually Mr. Indie Fixx Should Buy These For Me For My Birthday, But Give Them to Me Early, Because He Likes Me to Be Happy and Also Likes to Eat Day!!!!!

What holidays can you make up to justify this purchase?



  1. How about a national quit your day job and be creative full-time day? Perhaps in this bad economy it wouldn’t be as popular as it should be, but I would love to celebrate that day. Quitting that crummy job would be the real gift, but these cards would be icing on the cake!

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