Win a Currant necklace from Prismera Design


Win this necklace from Prismera Design and help me raise more money for Feeding America.

There are 2 ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Prismera Design pieces. I will donate $1 to Feeding America for each comment left (up to $100). Only one comment per person will be counted towards the contest.

2. Donate to Feeding America through my First Giving page. Any amount from $1 on up will count towards an entry and will go towards feeding people who need a little extra help. You may also Paypal me at if you prefer to use your Paypal funds (First Giving only accepts credit/debit card payments) and I will donate to Feeding America through First Giving for you.

I will choose one random winner from both the commenters and those who donate, so you will increase your chances if you comment and donate! This contest will end April 3rd, 2009 at 11:59 pm. I will notify the winner via email.

About the prize: Delicate pink flowering currants are captured in a modern silhouette from Prismera Design. It is made from 14k gold plated steel and has a beautiful gold filled chain. It it really stunning in person!

About Feeding America: Feeding America is a really great org. They are actually the parent group for most of your local food banks. They help feed hungry kids, people who are just can’t make ends meet with their minimum wage jobs, the elderly, those who unexpectedly find themselves without a job and many more people who need extra help to keep from going hungry.


  1. I love Prismera designs. Her mimosa earrings are gorgeous. I bought a pair on my honeymoon last year and they make me so happy whenever I wear them. This necklace is just as pretty!

  2. They are all so elegant! I suppose I’ll have to choose the Blue Spruce Necklace.

  3. I love the Fushia Necklace and Earings. I lived in Ireland for a bit during college. Fushia blooming was a sign that Spring was here to stay. It brings back wonderful memories for me.

  4. It’s really a tough call because it is all just great! However, I love the color in Citrine Honey Locust Necklace and there is just an attraction to “the moment” necklace.

  5. I think my favorites are the Mimosa earrings and the Embrace rings.. the Cherish bangles are lovely too. So many pretty things!

  6. Everything on that site is amazing! It’s so hard to choose, but I think my favorites are the Rosemary Necklace, Blue Spruce Necklace, Honey Locust Necklace, and the Geranium Necklace. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. this is such a gorgeous necklace!
    i have priserma design bookmarked funnily enough, love to look at the gorgeous jewelry πŸ™‚
    i know exactly who i would give this to if i won, it’s her birthday soon too!

  8. My favorite Prismera piece is the Cherish bracelet!

    love that you’re donating to Feeding America!

  9. I love the Honey Locust earrings! The design is so beautiful. Now, if only I had my ears pierced…

  10. I actually really love the displayed necklace- currant!

    THis is a wonderful idea. You are really supporting a great cause.

  11. What a wonderful cause. The need in food banks is greater than ever right now. The necklace is lovely too.

  12. I love these! They are one of my favorites of the pieces. I also love the mimosa design for the simple yet delicate nature design. But really, they’re all lovely!

  13. i LOVE the whole embrace series. those rings are exactly what i was looking for when i got married. too bad it’s 2 years too late…

    maybe mother’s day… πŸ˜‰

  14. I’m a huge fan of Laura’s! Her Flora and Folium pieces are just amazing. I especially love the Fir Earrings; so delicate and the length is long and fun.

  15. my favorite is definitely the Embrace Ring with Stones. so lovely! i’ve never seen a ring so rough and yet so delicate.

  16. wow, that is really neat that you are donating to that feeding america. i love the pieces, they are just stunning. today my favorite is the lapis woodruff necklace.

  17. Oh! This is so difficult, they’re all so pretty. But, I think I definitely love the Hopewell Necklace because of how stunning it looks every time you see it.

  18. Tiny Moment necklace is definitely my favorite … mostly because of the description!

  19. good heavens. they are all so gorgeous. but i really adore the ‘tiny moment’ necklace and earrings. so graceful and simple.

  20. Prismera is making more and more lovely work each day! My favorite is the Black Pyrite Hopewell Necklace. I make jewelry too, so I can attest–her hand piercing work is excellently done!!!! Beautiful work.

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