Feed Your Soul: the free art project – March Round 4!


More Feed Your Soul: the free art project downloads!  I’ve added a ton of new contributors to the Schedule page and I am booked all the way through July!


About Mandy Sutcliffe – Mandy studied illustration at Leeds Metropolitan University, during which time her love for illustrating children truly blossomed. To date, Mandy has had three books published, one of which she wrote as well as illustrated. Like a child Mandy never stops drawing and developing and now spends her time building her Belle& Boo collection in London.

1. How do you describe your work?

A contemporary twist on vintage charm. My work is deceptively simple and stylish images capture vividly those precious moments in time enjoyed by children. Whether it be feeding the birds and animals, hugging a tree or simply sharing a story with a friend, the experience conveyed is always pure, and often set in natural environments. To that end, I created Belle and her adorable bunny rabbit companion and confidant Boo.

2. What are your inspirations in your art and life?

All the old favourites, E H Shepherd, Joyce Lankester Brisley, Jessie Wilcox Smith & of course my friends’ children who constantly entertain and inspire me.

3. What do you do to help feed your soul?

I love to take long walks on beautiful beaches & share good food with family & friends.

Download Mandy Sutcliffe’s Feed Your Soul contribution HERE!


  1. I love Belle & Boo! thank you so much for the free-download Mandy – I feel like I have ‘stolen’ something, so will now go back to Etsy, and buy another enchanting item.

  2. I adore this print so much. It is now in the cover of my binder and will soon be framed. Thank you so much for sharing!

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