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Easter Basket Goodies! - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Mar 19, 2009 in Holidays, Kids, Plush, Toys | 3 comments

Easter Basket Goodies!


Fill up your Easter baskets for the kiddos with these goodies instead of a bunch of candy and crap from big box stores! Easter is coming up on April 12th, so there is still plenty of time to fill those baskets with indie love.

Prudy Blue Bird Plushie from Chestnut Farmer – $12  :::::::::: Fat Chick from Zooguu – $37 ::::::::::

Little Pink Love Bunny with Mushroom from The Cupcake Girls – $15 :::::::::: Pink Polka-dot Stuffed Rabbit from Wonderfully Sew Knit – $15 ::::::::::

Crack Myself Up Easter Egg Plush from Dog Bone Art – $6.50 :::::::::: Ivory Bunny- Eco Friendly Plush from Stitchface – $24 ::::::::::

Small Wooden Jeep from chubbas ‘n boop – $12 :::::::::: Pink Flower Stacker from Small Town Toys – $32 ::::::::::

Wooden Bunny Family from Imagination Kids – $30 :::::::::: Large wooden pull toy- Dezzy the Rabbit from BB Crafts $20 ::::::::::

Hear Yo-yo from something’s hiding in here – $8 :::::::::: Artist Coloring Books at Romp -$21 ::::::::::

Wooden Star House Easter Egg Family from Star House – $26 :::::::::: Decorated Egg Notecards from Mary Rudakas – $9.99 ::::::::::

Jack Stuffed Rabbit Faux Fur Plushie from Zygopsyche – $33 :::::::::: Spring Chick no.3 from Little Love Blue – $34 ::::::::::

Flower Barrette from Sprout Studio – $10 :::::::::: Snow White Chrysanthemum Hairpin Set from Ben & Oliver -$8.75 ::::::::::


  1. I want the hair pins and the barrettes in my easter basket. How old is too old to wear them….wait, how old is too old to get a basket?

  2. Love the Easter toys! They are a great addition to any Easter basket!

  3. I adore every one of these picks! They all signify Easter and springtime.

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