Which color should I get?


I need a hat and I found these News Boy Buckle Hats from Two Seaside Babes  (via Cool Mom Picks) and I want to get one.  The problem is I’m not sure which color I should go with.  My coloring is similar to the model’s and I have a chocolate corduroy jacket and a black coat that I would be wearing it with.

So, which color should I get? I’m leaning towards Chocolate Brown or Plum. I’d also be wearing it with my Lavender scarf from Supermaggie.


  1. i like plum, it will go with either brown or black coats as well as your scarf! i love the hat. i’ve been looking for one just like it.

  2. I picked plum, but I very recently made a commitment to all shades of purple as my primary wardrobe color:) Seems like the weather is drab enough here in Michigan that I don’t need to bring even more shades of grey, black, and blue into my life, lol!

  3. I recently asked my mom if she wanted to live in a brown purse world or a purple purse world. I ask you the same sort of question.


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