Etsy Pixx: Can I spend my whole tax refund on these goods?

 Over the weekend I was browsing around Etsy and found so many stunning things. Here are my favorites. I haven’t done my taxes yet, but I am sure hoping that I get a refund!


a. Flare scarf from York Town Road, $42 ~~~~  b. Organic wool jersey wrap from Econica, $85 ~~~~  c. Capelet from Fringe ~~~~  d. Felt brooch from Accessoire, $20 ~~~~  e. Stack rings from India y la luna, $55 ~~~~  f. Lace shrug from Bayou Savage, $100 ~~~~  g. Edward’s window necklace from Clevergirl, $125 ~~~~  h. Puzzle piece heart necklace from Silver Garden, $42 ~~~~  i. Autumn elegance bag from Walking Wardrobe, $65 ~~~~  j. Textures photo from Resurrection Fern, $12~~~~  k. Hello Bird card from the rabbit and the duck, $3.75 ~~~~  l. Garden save the date card set from Inky Livie, $42.50 ~~~~  m. Love photo from Jennifer Dennis Potter, $15 ~~~~  n. Dwell postcard set from Petite House, $10 ~~~~  o. Dala horse drawstring bag from Design Night, $5 ~~~~  p. Wooden owl art from Maple Shade, $9.50 ~~~~  q. Kindred photo from Simply Photo, $20 ~~~~  r. Handthrown bowl from LM London ~~~~  s. Personalized owl family card set from Chick Print, $20 ~~~~  t. Notebooks from Le Paper Studio, $14 ~~~~  u. Tuxedo coffee mugs from Owl at the Moon, $35 ~~~~  v. Bursting with love cards from Perch, $20 ~~~~  w. Lotus tumblers and tea pot from Urban Soule, $74 ~~~~


  1. OMG, I love your etsy picks and I have a friend’s birthday coming up too so this is perfect! The econica wrap is so to die for… sigh. Check out this neat beard-hat I found the other day, the username is zanyzebra.

  2. love the lil cutie maple shade. And actually it´s a great idea for mom´s to keep their kiddies away from boredom: let you pre-teenager do some handicraft

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