Indie Style 101: Winter Style Poll

Periodically, I put together an outfit for the feature called Indie Style 101. I came across this sweater dress from replica, which looks so soft and warm, and I added a few punches of color. Whatcha think?

Vote in the poll below!

1. That Gorgeous Grey Dress from replica, $60 ::::: 2. Damask Shoulder Bag from Christy Studio, $28 ::::: 3. Seaweed Scarf from Marshall Arts, $110 ::::: 4. Seahorse Necklace from Odette, $105 ::::: 5. Earth Ring from Lunasa Designs, $70 :::::


  1. Karen, great comment. I’m gonig to see if I can’t include some more plus-sized indie fashions.

  2. I love all the styles but being a plus sized girl I can’t waear tight dresses and the such. I think it’s really hard for us curvy gals to keep it fresh, cool, and funky, we have to search really hard and nothing in the indie world is really aimed at us really.

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