Guest Blog: New Year Resolutions & Happy New Year Cards from Samantha Hahn!


I’m still on holiday today, but Samantha Hahn is stepping in for me today with a post for the Guest Blog. She is sharing some resolutions and a few Happy New Year’s cards. I do hope you all had a nice holiday, I sure did and I will be back soon to share my Christmas goodies with you!

by guest contributor Samantha Hahn

Hello Indie Fixx readers, Samantha here, just visiting from my blog Maquette. I was happy when Jen asked me to share my new years resolutions (personal and professional) with you. Resolutions are important to me. I think artists are hard on themselves so new years is a good time to reevaluate and think of modifications in life that could help us personally and professionally in the upcoming year. I thought it would be interesting to share my resolutions and those of two other illustrator/surface pattern designers I’ve become friends with through the blogosphere, Jessica of Treasuring and Yasmine of a print a day.

I wish you the happiest and must fruitful year! Please enjoy these FREE downloadable cards I made for you! Just click on the links below or the images themselves to open larger printable files.

Happy New Year Darling – Large

May the new year bling you joy – Large

Happy New Year – Large


Now for resolutions:

Samantha Hahn’s resolutions
PERSONAL: Positive thinking! I need to try to feel good about who I am, and what I’ve achieved instead of being hard on myself. I need to work on accepting compliments without embarrassment or self effacement and just absorb positive sentiments. I also resolve to try and enjoy each moment, recognizing how lucky I am to have family and friends who love me and who I love.

PROFESSIONAL: To be more organized! To allow myself downtime without constant guilt. To work hard when I’m working, and relax when I’m not working, instead of always feeling guilty. I’d like to achieve a better balance between work and play and the way I feel during both periods of time. The major goal is to cut the anxiety out and work efficiently and keep good records! I’d also like to be more focused and choose a few areas to attend to rather than trying to do everything and spread myself too thin.

Jessica Gonacha’s resolutions
PERSONAL: I am setting an intention to transform my negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, each negative though can be reframed– if I’m thinking about something I don’t want, I can reframe it to focus on the opposite– what I do want! I want to say a big YES to life. 🙂

PROFESSIONAL: I intend to be less obsessed with checking my email. I think it can be a creativity destroyer, yet I obsessively check it all day long. I think it will help me focus more on
getting into the creative zone.

Yasmine Surovec’s resolutions
a.) To be nicer and generous to people and animals in
general. I think it makes living a bit easier when
there’s one less crabby person.
b.) To spend more time with my husband, family and
friends (and my 2 cats and 2 dogs). I sometimes find
myself lost in work and making things that I
oftentimes forget that the reason why I’ve been
working really hard is for the people I care about.
c.) Volunteer more.
d.) Give myself more vacation time.

a.) Open my own online store!
b.) Regularly contribute a portion of my earnings from
the said store to non-profits.

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