An Indie Holiday Story: Marisa of Creative Thursday


I just love the artwork of Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday fame.  In fact, I have a few dozen of her prints on my Christmas list and I sure hope Mr. Indie Fixx was paying attention…

Anyway, Marisa found this clever idea for making tree ornaments from Starbucks cup sleeves on the Internet and decided to add some of her tiny prints  to make the cutest ornaments ever!  She was selling them in her Etsy shop, but they are all sold out now. You can read about their creation on her blog though.

You can also read about Marissa’s most treasured ornament for her An Indie Holiday Story submission.

Every year I open a little brown box that holds an ornament I made in the 3rd grade.  And every year I’m still so excited when I open that box and every year I love it a little more. Considering what it is made of I can hardly believe it has held up as long as it has, and hasn’t gotten crushed in all of the many, many moves I’ve made since the third grade.  It is made of a white Styrofoam egg carton. We basically cut all the egg “cups” out of the carton and then cut thin upside down triangle shapes all around the edge of each cup, to make it look like the edges of a star. Then all the cups are attached to a white Styrofoam ball with a long pearl tipped pin that also holds a couple of blue and white beads and a blue metallic snowflake. The pin presses through the center of the egg cup and holds all of the baubles in place. When it is finished it resembles a big white snowflake with touches of silver and blue. I’m still so impressed by the ingenuity my teacher had in coming up with this idea for such a pretty ornament, that I have to say is also a timeless design 🙂 ! And as the story goes with ornaments, when I unpack it every year, I’m reminded of my childhood, the dreams I had and the dreams I have, and I think about how my life has turned out and what my child self would think about my life now. And I think she’d be very happy.